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Friday, February 12, 2010


February 12, 2010.
Today we bring you videos and images relating to Adam’s 38th birthday, which took place January 29, 2010 as well as his interview with Mario Lopez from yesterday's Extra. We are still working on the rest of Adam Lambert’s Canadian interviews, which which Adam gave on January 25 and 26, 2010. For our previous Adam Lambert clips and photos from the singer's trip to Canada, visit our ADAM LAMBERT STORMS TORONTO CANADA post, where you’ll find videos from Virgin Radio 95.3, Kiss 92.5, CBC’s Studio Q, 680 News, Canada’s ET, eTalk, MuchMusic’s MOD (Music on Demand), MTV Canada and more.

Photo of Adam Lambert and friends relaxing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 1-9-10 picture.

But before we get started, check out the above image of Adam Lambert on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Scroll downward to find a video montage of his tropical holiday photos that we’ll bring to you individually in our next post. They are camera phone pictures and they require quite a bit of tweaking. In the meantime, enjoy the video!

Picture of Adam Lambert being surprised with a birthday cake at a 104.3 MYfm radio interview during the early part of his special day. Check out the video of the event at the base of this page. 1-29-10 photo.

It looks like Adam had a gay old time in Mexico! Adam is due to perform in New York City today, Friday, February 12, 2010 at Ryan Seacrest’s Rock My Town Concert with Kris Allen and Allison Ireheta and on Saturday, he’ll be taping an acoustic concert exclusively for Vh1, so his vacation is over for now.

Adam Lambert sponsored his own birthday party at the Mandorian Hotel on Januaray 29, 2010 in Los Angeles and invited 170 people. He hired Samantha Ronson to D.J. and Lee Cherry as official photographer, so most of the photos are courtesy of Lee and his wife, singer Scarlett Cherry. Check out the pictures to see who all showed up!

Image of 89 year-old Isabel Piquette, perhaps Adam Lambert's "oldest fan." See story below! Video capture photo.

The following story has raised quite a bit of buzz. It’s about Isabel Piquette, an 89 year-old Adam Lambert fan, whose daughter posted a video on YouTube with Isabel singing “Happy Birthday” to Adam and talking about how much she loves his talent and how she wants to go to his Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino Concert February 27, 2010, which is being held in Indio, California near Palm Springs. You can watch the clip at the bottom of this post.

Photo of MYfm D.J. giving a birthday cake to Adam Lambert after their radio interview. 1-29-10 picture.

Read this story from KESQ.com: ADAM LAMBERT’S OLDEST FAN GOING TO INDIO CONCERT! By Erik Sandoval, KESQ.com Digital Content Director. Posted February 5, 2010 (after the photo):

Closeup image of Adam Lambert's 104.3 MYfm balloon-festooned birthday cake. Looks yummy! January 29, 2010 photo.

INDIO – Through a story idea submitted to us on Twitter, an 89-year-old woman in Green Bay, Wisconsin, has tickets to see her "idol," Adam Lambert. Isabel Paquette spoke to her daughter, who taped the interview, and put it on the Internet.

Picture of Adam Lambert after being surprised by his brother Neil (right) during an interview with DJ's Dave and Jimmy in Los Angeles on Adam's birthday. Listen to the video at the base of this post. 1-29-10 photo.

She told the camera that her family loves Lambert's music; they play it all the time, and the family gets quiet whenever it comes on the radio. With that, a campaign started online to get Isabel the chance to see Lambert in-person.

Photo of Drake LaBry, Adam Lambert's former love interest, and other party-goers outside the Mandorian Hotel in Los Angeles, where Adam's birthday party is taking place. 1-29-10 picture.

Friday morning, two tickets had been purchased for Isabel and her daughter to attend the concert at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino on February 27th. Now they needed to get here.

Closer image of Drake LaBry outside Adam Lambert's birthday party. Although Drake looks unhappy, Adam claims they're still friends who get along famously. 1-29-10 photo.

KESQ contacted Fantasy Springs, and told them about the campaign to get Isabel here. Public Relations crews scrambled to help.

Picture of Allan Louis with Adam Lambert at Adam's Mandorian Hotel birthday party, which Adam bankrolled. 1-29-10 photo by Lee Cherry.

Facing a weekend of sold-out rooms because of the concert, it was a daunting task, but they came through. This afternoon, Fantasy Springs contacted Isabel and her daughter, offering them a free night's stay at the resort the night of the Adam Lambert concert. Later, they bumped it up to two nights.

Photo of Adam Lambert being flanked at his 28th birthday party by Barry Weiss, Chairman of RCA Jive, and Simon Fuller, creator of American Idol. January 29, 2010 picture by Lee Cherry.

At last check, money was still being raised to fly the pair to Palm Springs to see the concert. Click here to see how you can help. END.

Image of Adam Lambert and Danielle at Adam's big birthday bash in LA's Mandorian Hotel Ballroom. 1-29-10 photo by Lee Cherry.

Go to the base of this page to watch KESQ.com’s video report, as well as the clip posted by Isabel Paquette’s daughter, Joy, with Isabel singing “Happy Birthday” to Adam.

Sean from SweetSexySean.blogspot.com printed an interview he had with Isabel Paquette on Thursday, February 4, 2010 he titled “ADAM LAMBERT, MEET YOU GREATEST FAN FROM THE GREATEST GENERATION!” as follows:

Picture of Adam Lambert hamming it up with Johnny at Adam's birthday party. January 29, 2010 photo by Lee Cherry.

Meet Isabel…
I had the opportunity to have a Q&A with Isabel and her daughter Joy. The following is the transcript of her replies to my questions and with her consent to share with all of you.

Photo of Leo and Adam at Adam Lambert's 28th birthday party in Los Angeles. 1-29-10 image by Lee Cherry.

Hello Isabel,

As you know my name is Sean. I have tweeted with your daughter Joy to have this Q&A set up. Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for me today. You are a true Adam Lambert Fan Favorite and many of us (if not all) absolutely love you.

[Isabel:] Well thank you, I am truly overwhelmed and flabbergasted by the response to my birthday video to Adam. Thank you all so much!

Picture of Adam Lambert at his birthday party with Lindsay Lohan, Ferras, Sutan Amrull, and Sam Sparro. 1-29-10 photo by Lee Cherry.

So a few questions that I have:

• What year where you born and where? I'm guessing 1920, yes?

[Isabel:] Yes, I was born in October of 1920, in Norway, Europe. Our family came over to the United States on a ship when I was 9 yrs. old. I've visited there about 15-20 yrs. ago, but have always lived here in Wisconsin. I still do have close relatives there

Photo of Noel being hugged by Adam Lambert at his birthday party in the Mandorian Hotel Ballroom. January 29, 2010 image by Lee Cherry.

• For 89 years young you have the spirit of a teen, how do you stay so young and vibrant?

[Isabel:] I guess by being optimistic and looking on the bright side of life. I keep myself busy with cooking and baking, cleaning my own apartment, doing my own shopping, and I try to keep my health my first priority. This, along with playing cards 3-4 times per week, listening to music, and having a good sense of humor...I love a good joke or laugh! Dirty or not! LOL All of this keeps my mind sharp.

Picture of DJ Samantha Ronson with Adam Lambert at his big LA birthday bash. Sam used to date Lindsay Lohan, so the evening must've been a bit awkward for the two women. 1-29-10 photo by Lee Cherry.

• You’ve seen it all from Elvis, to the Beatles, to Lennon, to Freddie Mercury/Queen, to Michael Jackson, to, well, you name it, you’ve seen them all…. and yet you said Adam had the best voice? That’s pretty amazing. So what is it about Adam’s voice and presence that beats out all of the rest for you?

Photo of Perla (Slash's wife), Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert, and Slash at Adam's birthday party. Image by Lee Cherry.

[Isabel:] His vocal range is sooo great, he can hold notes for a very long time, and does it so beautifully, and with such control. He's filled with charisma. When he performs on stage he's just fantastic and electrifying, and you can't keep your eyes off him! I just adore him!

Picture of Adam Lambert with The Zodiac Show's Carmit Bachar and Ameenah Kaplan, with whom he used to work, at Adam's birthday bash. 1-29-10 photo by Lee Cherry.

• Other then Adam, what are some of your other fun hobbies to do?

[Isabel:] I love music, so I play my keyboard by ear. Music has been a huge part of our family for years. My mother had a beautiful soprano voice. 'Max Steiner', from Hollywood, wanted to take her there when she was younger to make her a star, around 1898-1900; not exactly sure on the year. But, she was married to my father with one child at the time, and he didn't want her to go. Other than my keyboard, I love to sing, but with asthma, I can't really hit or hold the notes like I used to. As I said earlier, I also love to bake, cook, play cards, and go out to lunch with my friends.

Photo of Ferras, Adam Lambert, and Leila Lambert (dark hair, Adam's mom), and others at Adam's birthday party. January 29, 2010 photo by Lee Cherry.

• In 89 years you’ve seen Civil Rights come along way but Gay/Human Rights still not moving as fast. You however didn’t even mention a thing in your video about Adam being gay. This was very moving. We (The Fans) loved that it did not seem to be an issue with you as someone from the “Greatest Generation.” Would you mind talking a little about that now and how you feel about Prop 8 and Gay Marriage?

Picture of Adam's kissable band member Tommy Joe Ratliff flanked by two lady friends at Adam Lambert's birthday festivities in the Mandorian Hotel. 1-29-10 photo by Lee Cherry.

[Isabel:] 'There but for the grace of God go I '...a person that happens to be gay, could be in any family, and I think what's in their hearts is more important than people judging them because of their sexuality. We're all God's children. There are many good people that just happen to be gay.

[Isabel:] I would've probably been against 'gay marriage rights' years ago, but through the years I've learned to accept and respect other people's way of life...they have rights just like the rest of us; so, I feel that it should be their decision if they want to marry...we shouldn't try to stop them.

Picture of Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta hugging each other for the camera at Adam's big birthday bash. January 29, 2010 photo by Lee Cherry.

• You are a beautiful, opened minded woman. What is your advice to other people out there that have issues/problems with Adam?

[Isabel:] JUST LISTEN TO HIS VOICE!!...Especially the song he sang when he was in Brigadoon it made me cry, my daughter too; it was soooo beautiful. He can bring so much beautiful music to the world if they'd only give him a chance. His sexuality doesn't have anything to do with how talented he is, or what type of person he is. His personal life is his own; he doesn't judge us, why should we judge him? He wants people to be happy, get along, and enjoy his music...just like I do!

Photo of Adam Lambert hamming it up with his second birthday cake of the day at the Mandorian Hotel birthday party. 1-29-10 image by Lee Cherry.

• What is the secret to life as you see it?

[Isabel:] Be yourself, and love your fellow man for who they are. Show your love and affection to people. There is a higher being for all of us to believe in; be spiritual, and have respect for yourself, AND respect and compassion for others.

Picture of Adam Lambert making a face for the camera while posing with his round birthday cake. This image by Lee Cherry was printed in People Magazine. See next picture. 1-29-10 photo.

• At 89 you seem to have lived a very full and wonderful life. If you could have just one wish or do one thing, what would it be?

[Isabel:] As I said in my video, I would love to see Adam before I pass. Just to have a chance to see “my boy” on stage live and hear his beautiful voice live. That would be a true blessing.

Photo of a recent page in People featuring the aforementioned January 29, 2010 birthday picture of Adam Lambert by professional photographer Lee Cherry. Scanned image.

• If there is anything else you would like to add.... please do so.

[Isabel:] Thank you so very much for trying to get this out to Adam and others. I hope the people that see my video, my daughter’s comments with it, and this article, have a kinder understanding and view of Adam and his feelings.

Picture of Ellen's eBay page showing how Adam's signed underwear brought in $8,500 for the victims of Haiti's recent earthquake. Scanned 2-5-10 photo.

[Isabel:] If they haven't yet given Adam a chance, I hope this opens their minds to respect Adam, and enjoy his amazing talent.

Isabel, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and allow the fans of Adam Lambert to get to know you a little better… it has truly been my honor.
END of Interview.

Photo of Adam Lambert from his For Your Entertainment album cover photo shoot, the Behind the Scenes Video of which was just released. Scroll downward to watch it. Picture by Warwick Saint.

Sean then wrote: So what did I learn from this beautiful woman of 89 from this, the “Greatest Generation?” That she has more wisdom, more integrity, more insight, more knowledge and more acceptance in her soul and life then at anyone from the “Silent Generation (1925–1942)”, the peace-loving “Baby Boomers (1943–1960)”, more than my own “X Generation (1961–1981)” and can teach a whole new world to the “Y/ Millennium Generation (1982–2001).”

As for the upcoming “Generation Z (2001–)” they are the hope and if any of their parents are reading this… please save this and read it to them one day when then can understand that long before there time, there was a generation of people called the “The Greatest Generation”… why? Because Isabel is living proof of that statement… she is simply and truly… the greatest.

Another hot photo of Adam Lambert taken during the photo shoot for his debut album. Picture by Warwick Saint.


As of this afternoon, Thursday 2/4/10; Mtn Woman from AO has two perfect tickets and seats to the Palm Springs Fantasy Concert of Adam Lambert. Gifted with love from Mtn Woman from AO she is giving these tickets to Isabel and Joy. That’s right Isabel… you are going to see “YOUR BOY ADAM!”

Isabel and her daughter Joy have the concert tickets, now we need to help them get to Palm Springs. PLEASE HELP DONATE BY GOING TO PAYPAL: http://tinyurl.com/ks23mn and enter in the email of: isabel4adam@gmail.com and donate $1 or $100 anything you can give will help. We need to get two plane tickets, hotel and then for taxis and extras at the concert.

Photo-shopped image of Adam Lambert from his Picture Book, which is part of the Collector's Edition For Your Entertainment album. Image by Warwick Saint.

LETS MAKE THIS THE BEST CONCERT OF A LIFE TIME FOR ISABEL!!!! Thank you to Mtn, Kel, Rod, pflagmom and everyone for the set up help with PayPal. Love is a beautiful thing. Isabel restored my faith in hope and humanity and Mtn Woman from AO restored my faith in the kindness and love of a stranger.

You get back what you give away…

Tell a stranger that they're beautiful
So all you feel is love, love
All you feel is love, love ~Adam.

Photo from Adam Lambert's For Your Entertainment album shoot. Image by Warwick Saint.

On Monday 8th February 2010, @sweetsexysean said on Twitlonger:
@adamlambert FANS: #ISABEL4ADAM STILL NEEDS DONATIONS!!! We still need to pay for Meals for TWO (Lunch and Dinner on Friday, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Saturday, Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday + gratuity), rental for a wheelchair, taxi cab fare and then money to buy some programs and tee-shirts at the concert. WE ARE ALMOST THERE!!! We just need about $800 more dollars to make Isabel’s “Cinderella Moment” and dream come true! If EVERY Adam Fan just gave $3 to 5 dollars, we could do it!!! PLEASE donate at http://tinyurl.com/ks23mn and enter in the email of: isabel4adam@gmail.com. To learn about Isabel’s story please go to: http://sweetsexysean.blogspot.com/
Peace, Love & Adam Always,

Picture of Adam Lambert taken during the photo shoot for his first album. Image by Warwick Saint.

What a beautiful story! Follow Sean on Twitter for more information. As of 10pm February 11, 2010, Isabel still needed $380, so help if you can! Remember, all you have to do is go to Paypal, enter isabel4adam@gmail.com, and donate $1 or more. To sign a card with best wishes for Isabel Paquette before she sees Adam, go to this link. You can also leave a short message for Isabel to read!

Image of the Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino playbill with information about Adam Lambert's February 27, 2010 concert. Click photo to enlarge.

If you’d like to attend the Adam Lambert Fantasy Springs Casino Concert, tickets may be bought in person at the Fantasy Springs Box Office, by phone at (800) 827-2946 or online at this link. At last check, tickets were still available.

Check out this St. Valentine's Day Entertainment Special Offer! Still need to give that special someone a gift for St. Valentine's Day?? Why not go to iTunes and give that someone a real treat with Adam Lambert's album For Your Entertainment!? iTunes is now selling the full album for $7.99 in honor of this special holiday, so head on over and get it today for this rock-bottom price!

Visit Adam Lambert’s official website, Music Store, MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter pages.

For an unlimited supply of Adam, join one of the best fan sites on the ‘Net: the Adam Lambert Network. And check out a new Adam Lambert Fan Club Facebook Page while you're at it!

Listen to Ryan Seacrest’s January 22, 2010 interview of Adam Lambert on KIIS Radio in New York City and interviews by other radio stations (including the Canadian Chum FM interview from Monday, January 25, 2010), as well as songs by Adam via this Audio Player filled with Adam Lambert’s Radio Interviews and Music, courtesy of Vicky aka VickStiX and the Adam Lambert Network. It automatically updates as more items are added, so bookmark this page and check back often:

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Today we bring you videos relating to Adam’s 38th birthday, which took place January 29, 2010.

But before we get started, watch this video of Adam Lambert’s Cabo San Lucas Mexican Vacation—a montage of photos that we’ll bring to you individually in our next post. They are camera phone pictures and they require quite a bit of tweaking. In the meantime, enjoy the video! It looks like Adam had a gay old time! Adam is due to perform in New York City today, Friday, February 12, 2010 at the Ryan Seacrest’s Rock My Town Concert with Kris Allen and Allison Ireheta. On Saturday, he’ll be taping an acoustic concert exclusively for Vh1, so his vacation is over for now.

Just one more video of Adam before the birthday stuff: Adam Lambert was interviewed by Mario Lopez on Extra yesterday, February 11, 2010. Adam showed up wearing a “tail” and talked about Lady Gaga, Paula Abdul, and dating girls:

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It’s Adam Lambert’s Birthday! Check out this video as Adam talks about his birthday plans to Kevin Frazier of Entertainment Tonight (ET). 1-29-10:

Adam Lambert Spills Birthday Secrets to ET 1-19-10

Watch this video as Adam Lambert talks about his ET gig on the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards Red Carpet with 104.3 MYfm. The radio people from MyFM surprise Adam with a birthday cake and “sing” “Happy Birthday” to him. 1-31-10:

Find more videos like this on Adam Lambert Network

Check out this video: While in the middle of a radio interview with Dave and Jimmy in Los Angeles on Adam’s birthday, Adam gets a surprise visitor. His brother Neil had flown into town from Brooklyn the night before to surprise him for his birthday. Listen as they are both caught off guard since neither one knew they would both be at this public location. As Adam said, “It was clearly meant to be.” The DJs get a chance to involve Neil in the interview, and ask what it’s like to be Adam’s brother? Listen for Neil’s comedic gift in his response. Did you know he’s got a t-shirt that says “Adam Lambert Owes Me $20”? Do you think he’ll collect?
Dave and Jimmy on National Radio - Adam Lambert interview with a special birthday surprise from his brother Neil:

Dave and Jimmy - Adam Lambert National Radio Interview with Brother Neil's Birthday Surprise 1-29-10

Watch this video of 89 yr-young FAN singing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to ADAM LAMBERT-MUST SEE! From the YouTube site: “PLEASE, IF ANYONE SEEING THIS KNOWS ADAM PERSONALLY, HE REALLY NEEDS TO WATCH THE VIDEO AND THEN READ THIS. She adores him, and feels that he's been drastically targeted for unnecessary criticism. She'd like the world to know that even though she DOES know about his sexuality, watched his AMA performance, has magazines he's been in, and has his CD, that she still respects him for being the honest man that he is...and if someone her age, and her character makeup can appreciate his talent and personality, the rest of us can give him a chance. Too many of us hide behind closed doors, are dishonest, and are trying to be someone we're not. She is a good Christian woman, and prides herself on treating people with respect, compassion, and affection. She believes in looking at what's most important in each individual, and that is what's on the inside... the kind, generous, honest, true-blue, hard-working, and non-judgmental human beings that we all should be....and these qualities are what Adam is all about...we should all be so lucky as to have a family member or friend that resembles those precious and genuine traits that Adam Lambert has. He's not only beautiful on the outside, or is not only one of the world’s greatest voice talents, but he is truly a beautiful person on the inside. We all could learn something from his kind soul. Remember, he doesn't judge us and the way we live our lives, who makes us judge and jury to criticize his way of life. He has feelings as we all do. Give him a chance, listen to and appreciate his beautiful voice, we've been given a treasured gift named Adam Lambert. 'nuff said......”

Check out this video from KESQ.com, which was made in response to the above video: “Adam Lambert's Oldest Fan Going to Indio Concert!” Posted on February 5, 2010 (NOTE: This video may not load in all browsers. Try hitting refresh or click here to watch it on the KESQ.com site):

Watch this video sweetsexysean made in celebration of Adam Lambert’s birthday: “Breaking Free Video Montage.” Uploaded January 29, 2010. “This is an Adam Lambert Music Video Blog that goes with my weekly blog. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM, @sweetsexysean says... Please visit http://sweetsexysean.blogspot.com. I hope you enjoy and THANKS!”

Check out this video: In a promo for E! shows, Comcast is using Brad Walsh's remix of Adam Lambert's “For Your Entertainment” as background music!

Watch this video: Behind the Scenes of Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment Album Cover Shoot by Warwick Saint:

Check out this official Adam Lambert VIDEO: Adam's Track-By-Tracks - "A Loaded Smile" -
For this installment of “Adam’s Track-By-Track”, Adam breaks down “A Loaded Smile,” a song written by Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes fame. In the video he walks through the meaning of the song (and how its meaning is universal), Perry’s writing style, and the reasoning behind the falsetto. Check out the video to find out more about the song (and floating in space) from Adam himself in the video below:

Listen to the video Isabel Paquette talked about: Adam Lambert at 22 in Brigadoon. Adam Lambert gives a brilliant performance of "Come to Me, Bend to Me" from Brigadoon. There's no video, but we include some older photos of Adam that you may not have seen. The performance is from Houston's Theatre Under the Stars in 2004 - so Adam was about 22 years old. Amazingly, this is from a "live" stage performance, not a studio recording with multiple takes:

Watch this video: Revisiting the best of Adam on American Idol, Adam Lambert sings “Mad World” in April of 2009:

And check out this awesome video: Gay Marriage – “A Change is Gonna Come,” featuring the voice of Adam Lambert with the images of Martin Luther King and President Barack Obama:

Picture of Pink Silk Daffodil Narcissus Jonquil growing in Oklahoma's Zone 7 from the author's free flower photo website http://www.freefishcaretips.com/photos29

Also visit http://www.galechesterwhittington.com/ for free humor, short stories, poems, and book excerpts from the award-winning gay author

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