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Thursday, December 31, 2009


December 31, 2009.
Many things, from Carrie Prejean’s fall as Goddess of the Far Right to Sad Little Sewer Rat to Adam Lambert’s envelope-pushing performance on the American Music Awards (AMAs), made 2009 a year to remember—or forget, depending on your point of view! Enjoy the following videos as we relive the year’s
most amazing gaffs, triumphs, and laughs from the site that regularly brings you Rumor on a Queer Ledge and Humor with a Gay Edge because . . . . . . . . . . . . SOMEBODY NEEDS TO SAY IT! Happy New Year, Y'all!

Picture of Lady Gaga doing her part for equal rights. Lady Gaga not only gave the stirring speech of the decade in favor of equal rights for LGBT people, she promoted and marched in the National Equality March and declared her love of gays on the world stage over and over again throughout the year. She definitely walked the talk! Check out the video of her stirring National Equality March speech at the bottom of this post! It's our pick for the very best moment of the year! God bless Lady Gaga, our Hero of 2009! Visit her website and download her songs! 10-11-09 photo

Pictures of Adam Lambert doing what comes naturally, kissing and having fun with guys. Adam Lambert let Out Magazine, and other critics who said he wasn't gay enough, have it between the legs when he pulled out all the stops at the American Music Awards (AMAs) on November 22nd, much to the chagrin of ABC and bigots everywhere. We love Adam Lambert and applaud his courage. Long live freedom of expression and artistic integrity! Watch the awesome performance again in the video at the base of this page. Check out Adam's website and buy his records! 11-22-09 photos

Picture of Ester Goldberg with her image and her tag—That's Estertainment!—on the Time Square marquee. Ester Goldberg is a drag queen extraordinaire who delights in keeping us peons aware of Hollywood's darkest secrets and shenanigans. Visit her website to keep informed. Watch her funny year-end review below! December 2009 photo

Check out this video of the Top 20 Gay Moments of 2009! 2009 Rewind Part 2 from OURScene TV: “We’re looking back over 2009 to highlight the biggest stories, the larger than life personalities and the ground breaking news events. In part 1, we highlighted our first 10 favorite moments from the beginning of the year (See video after this one). Now here are the rest. These are OURsceneTV’s top 10 moments of the year in gay, Part 2. Rewind 2009!” Visit the OurScene website: http://www.ourscenetv.com:

Watch this video: Top 20 Gay Moments of the Year Part 1 from OUR Scene TV. “What a year! We’re rewinding 2009’s 12-months filled with triumphs and tragedies, gains and losses in the race for marriage equality, musical moments that brought down the house, and more. In fact, there were so many unbelievable gay moments in 2009, that we had to break up our countdown into two parts! Here's a look back at OURsceneTV’s first 10 favorite happenings of the year in gay. Rewind 2009!” Visit the OurScene website: http://www.ourscenetv.com:

Check out this video of . . . . . . . . . . . . SOMEBODY NEEDS TO SAY IT!’s top choice for Favorite Gay Moment of the Year, Hands Down or Should We Say Fist Up: At the National Equality March Rally on October 11 2009, Lady Gaga speaks for God and the Gays! “Obama, are you listening?”

Enjoy this video of Adam Lambert performing his sexy rendition of “For Your Entertainment” at the American Music Awards (AMAs) on November 22nd, one of the most talked about moments of 2009. The publicity it garnered was worth well over a million dollars!

Check out this Countdown video of Keith Olbermann’s Favorite Blunder of 2009 (and ours, too): "Carrie Prejean’s Fall From Grace. I don’t even like her earrings!”

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Watch this video of what was surely was one of our favorite moments of 2009, or was it 2008? Whatever, it still rocks! Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton, a Saturday Night Live (SNL) Digital Short:

Watch this video of Keith Olbermann’s Countdown 2009 Whack-Job Jamboree Number One Story of 2009: "The Whackjob from Wasilla, Sarah Palin":

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Check out this Countdown video of one of Keith Olbermann’s favorite stories of 2009: "Levi Johnston Goes Ricky Hollywood on Us." To see Levi's naked Playgirl photos, click here:

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Watch this Countdown video of one of Keith Olbermann’s Favorite Fools of 2009: "Rush Limbaugh Goes Greta Garbo on Us." We know the man is sick, but that doesn’t let the Far Right hypocrite off the hook for spewing bigoted hatred at gays, Obama, and other empathetic people all year long:

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Check out this Countdown video of one of Keith Olbermann's Whack Jobs of 2009 - FOX's Glenn Beck: "Fear Monger in Chief, the Grand Poo Bear of Whackjobs":

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Watch this hilarious and oh-so-true Bone-Ass Video: Ester Goldberg's Weekly Wrap: "Goodbye 2009 Hello 2010!" The International Glamour Puss of all media keeps you up to date on all the showbiz schmooze you might have missed. In this episode, she recaps the top news of 2009 and brings us to 2010. Happy New Year, Ester! Check out Ester Goldberg’s website and/or befriend her on Facebook!

And finally, the Biggest Disappointment of 2009: Michael Jackson’s Final Video – “This Is It” – Spike Lee supposedly directed this video (How do you direct a dead guy?) for Michael Jackson’s last song “This Is It.” It shows a timeline of Michael Jackson growing up in Gary, Indiana and turning into the King of Pop. The video lacks the spark and originality Michael Jackson was known for, I’m sorry to say. The This Is It DVD will be released on January 26, 2010 in case anyone cares.

Picture of purple-violet and white Acoma Bearded Iris growing in Oklahoma's Zone 7 from the author's free flower photo website http://www.freefishcaretips.com/photos35

Also visit http://www.galechesterwhittington.com/ for free humor, short stories, poems, and book excerpts from the award-winning gay author

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


January 30, 2009.
Out comedian Mario Cantone, who gets gay-married in his recurring role as Anthony Marantino in the upcoming Sex and the City 2 movie, cracked up the ladies on The View Christmas Eve with his right-on impersonations of Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” The Italian-American humorist, who turned 50 this month but doesn’t look a day over 49, is not only a stand-up comedian but a successful writer and actor. Mario not only does guest appearances on The View, he regularly narrates campy reviews of awards shows on the program, much to our delight.

Picture of Mario Cantone talking with Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar on the gay/LBGT-friendly talk show The View on Christmas Eve. 12-24-09 photo
Born in Stoneham Massachesetts December 9, 1959, Mario Cantone is also a favorite guest of Opie and Anthony, a nationally syndicated radio show where his signature song “Getcha Balls Out” describes his personality to a T. You may recognize Mario’s distinctive voice on commercials as he currently narrates several popular advertisements, including Sunsilk and Hairapy.

Picture of Mario Cantone on Thursday's The View singing a duet of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" in the voices of gay icons Liza Minnelli and Judy Garland. 12-24-09 photo

Check out Mario Cantone's official website and/or become a fan of his on Facebook. Buy his hilarious album, Mario Cantone Live at this link. And be sure to go see Sex and the City 2 when it hits theaters everywhere June 3, 2010! It's sure to be more than fabulous!

Watch this video of Mario Cantone Doing Impressions Of Celebrity Christmas Album Personalities (Bob Dylan, Michael McDonald, Cher, Liza Minnelli, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, etc.) on The View Christmas Eve, 12-24-09:

Check out this video of Mario Cantone on The View December 24, 2009 Channeling Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli. Mario Cantone performs “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” for the audience (This is the shorter official ABC YouTube video in case the above one gets deleted due to copyright claims):

Watch this Bone-ass Video: Mario Cantone dresses up as Peter Pan and disses Tom Cruise for The View’s Halloween Show, October 29, 2009:

Check out this side-splitting Bone-us Video: Mario Cantone Turns the Ladies on The View into Lesbians (from June 2008):

UPDATE! Jan 28, 2010. On The View, at the end of Joy Behar’s “Month in Review” for January segment, Joy gives Mario Cantone the Gay Icon award and then channels Liza Minnelli singing “Poker Face.”

Watch the official video trailer of Sex and the City 2, set to be released June 3, 2010. Look closely and you’ll get a glimpse of Mario Cantone’s gay wedding toward the end:

Photo of apricot Pat Austin Rose Bush blossoms growing in Oklahoma's Zone 7 from the author's free flower photo website http://www.freefishcaretips.com/photos56

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


December 29, 2009.
Saturday Night Live still has its moments of hilarity, although it's not as consistently funny as it used to be when the likes of Gilda Radner and Jane Curtin ruled! To help our friends survive another round of holidays, we bring you the best vintage Christmas clips from SNL via NBC’s official Saturday Night Live website to insure they won’t be deleted due to copyright claims. Enjoy every side-splitting and sometimes down-right dirty excerpt!

Watch this hilarious NBC Saturday Night Live (SNL) Digital Short Video: “Dick in a Box” with Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg:

Check out this funny and depressing NBC Saturday Night Live (SNL) Digital Short Video: “Debbie Downer's Thanksgiving Dinner.” Debbie (portrayed by Rachel Dratch) ruins another special day:

Watch this amusing NBC Saturday Night Live (SNL) Digital Short Video: “Happy Holidays from Debbie Downer!” Debbie (portrayed by Rachel Dratch) has been naughty and depressing!:

Check out this riotous NBC Saturday Night Live (SNL)Digital Short Video: “It's a Wonderful Life Lost Ending” narrated by William Shatner. Think you know this classic? Think again. Starring Dana Carvey, Jon Lovitz, Phil Hartman, Ana Gasteyer, and Dennis Miller.

Watch this side-splitting NBC Saturday Night Live (SNL) Digital Short Video: “Irwin Mainway (Dan Aykroyd) Talks to Candice Bergen about his Company’s Very Safe Christmas Toys.”

Check out this filthy NBC Saturday Night Live (SNL) Digital Short Video: “Schweddy Balls with Alec Baldwin.” Alec revisits his holiday classic, National Public Radio's (NPRs) Delicious Dish—Schweddy Balls. This clip also features Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer

Watch this just plain pathetic NBC Saturday Night Live (SNL) Digital Short Video: “Mark Wahlberg (Andy Samberg) Talks to Xmas Animals.” Mark chats up some furry holiday friends. Wahlbert reportedly didn’t like the skit. He was quoted as saying "Saturday Night Live hasn’t been funny for a long time.” Aw, snaaaap! What a divalicious tongue!

Enjoy this Bonus: Vince Gill singing “Blue Christmas” in the official Universal Music video, a reminder to support our troops in Afghanistan, even though the war itself is a misguided abomination:
Vince Gill - Blue Christmas

Pink-flowered burgundy leaf Oxalis Triangularis Mijke (a.k.a. Purple Shamrock) growing in my Oklahoma Zone 7 rock garden. Picture from the author's free flower photo website http://www.freefishcaretips.com/photos43

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Saturday, December 26, 2009


December 27, 2009.
Watch our videos of Lady Gaga, now the Best Selling Artist in the World, receiving a plaque for 8 million record CD sales within a year! As the enigmatic 23 year-old singer continues to blossom into the international superstar of the century, Lady Gaga is pulling in a plethora of rave reviews for her wild and crazy Monster Ball Tour concerts while harvesting nearly every year-end award on the pop planet!

Picture of Lady Gaga at her LA Monster Ball Concert Wednesday night being overwhelmed by the giant plaque showing she's sold over 8 million records around the world. 12-23-09 photo

A Los Angeles Times reviewer said it simply enough: “Lady Gaga has arrived.”

Picture of Lady Gaga getting hugged by her dancers after her manager surprised her at the L.A. Nokia Theater Monster Ball Tour Concert with a plaque for selling 8 million records worldwide. 12-23-09 photo

"A year ago this month, I was opening for Natasha Bedingfield and the New Kids on the Block in this very theater," Lady Gaga told her fans Monday night during the first of three sold-out performances at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

Picture of Lady Gaga at her Monster Ball Concert in L.A. holding hands with her dancers and breaking into tears at the news she's sold over 8 million records worldwide. 12-23-09 photo

Indeed, it was only one year ago when her debut album, The Fame, was released. As they say in Hollywood Land, the rest is herstory!

Check out this amazing picture of Lady Gaga as featured on the official GRAMMY "We're All Fans" website with a photo comprised entirely of fan videos, photos, and tweets! Go to the site to view the image, and make your own additions! Lady Gaga has been nominated FIVE times for the 2010 GRAMMY Awards, as follows: ALBUM OF THE YEAR: THE FAME; SONG OF THE YEAR: "POKER FACE"; RECORD OF THE YEAR: "POKER FACE"; BEST DANCE RECORDING: "POKER FACE"; and BEST ELECTRONIC/DANCE ALBUM: THE FAME. The 52nd annual Grammy Awards Show will air live on CBS from the Staples Center in Los Angeles Sunday, January 31, 2010. UPDATE! It was just confirmed that Lady Gaga will be performing, along with Beyonce and Taylor Swift!

And, it was just announced by the United World Chart that Lady Gaga's debut album The Fame was the world’s second best-selling album in 2009. It sold more than 5,800,000 million copies worldwide, second only to Susan Boyle.

One of several recent Lady Gaga photos pictures taken by gay photographer David LaChapelle. This one shows Kanye West holding the nude body of Lady Gaga. The series is included in the Book of Gaga, which is part of the Super Deluxe Fame Monster Album Package. Buy it here.

Readers of Bill Board Magazine voted Gaga’s first CD The Fame as the Best Album of 2009. She just topped Bill Board’s Hot Digital List with her latest single “Bad Romance.” Lady Gaga's first hit release "Poker Face" garnered the number one spot on United World’s Global Year-End Chart for singles, which means it was the best-selling song of 2009 in the world! Plus Gaga is also the only artist to have FIVE songs on the list!

Another of David LaChapelle's photos of Lady Gaga for her second album The Fame Monster's Deluxe Package. This one shows her in duplicate with cotton-candy hair, being liberated from wheel chairs. Check out the David LaChapelle Studio website.

Lady Gaga Is Last.fm 's Most Listened-to Artist Of 2009. Her first album, The Fame, was scrobbled for a combined total of 18,487,185 plays, exceeding the second-place finisher, The Killers, by more than six million scrobbles.

Third photo by David LaChapelle showing electricity flowing out of Lady Gaga's head, crotch, and wrists.

On December 13, 2009 "Bad Romance" went number one in England, scoring Lady Gaga her third number one hit on the UK singles chart! This made Lady Gaga the first female artist to have three number ones within a year in Great Britain!

Photo of Lady Gaga by David LaChapelle with newspaper headline clippings covering her nether regions

Lady Gaga topped, or ranked high on almost all of the 2009 Billboard Year End Charts. Billboard.com said: “We've spent the year tallying album sales figures and reviewing Hot 100 song rankings. Now, at the end of 2009's road, look back at the 20 artists who traveled further and faster up the charts than all the others. These stars were the best performers on the Hot 100 and the Billboard 200 over the course of the chart year.”

Fifth picture by David LaChapelle of Lady Gaga and friends au naturel to be included in the Book of Gaga for the Super Deluxe The Fame Monster Album Package.

Bill Board continued: “Lady Gaga, the chart-topping hit-maker and headline-grabbing fashionista from New York became the first artist ever to send her first four singles to No. 1 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart. What's her secret? "A hit record writes itself," said the winner of the 2009 Billboard Rising Star award. "If you have to wait, maybe the song isn't there. Once you tap into the soul, the song begins to write itself. And I usually write the choruses first, because without a good chorus, who really gives a f*ck?"

Romance gone bad: Another David La Chapelle photo? Although it looks like it could be, it's actually the closing shot of Gaga with her deceased boyfriend in Lady Gaga's awesome "Bad Romance" video, which you can watch again at the base of this page, along with the rest of today's videos.

The most successful artists, songs and albums in the United States, based upon the Billboard magazine charts during the 2009 chart year are as follows (after the pic):

When Lady Gaga, dressed in nothing but bubbles, graced this June 2009 cover of Rolling Stone, the photo was taken by none other than out gay photographer David LaChapelle

1) Lady Gaga
2) Black Eyed Peas
3) Beyonce

1) Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow
2) Lady Gaga – Poker Face
3) Lady Gaga – Just Dance

Picture of the sign from the front of L.A.'s Nokia Theater showing Lady Gaga's three Monster Ball Tour shows sold out! 12-21-09 photo

1) Taylor Swift
2) Beyonce
3) Lady Gaga

1) Taylor Swift
2) Miley Cyrus
3) Beyonce
8) Lady Gaga

Picture of Lady Gaga in her disco ball mirror outfit at L.A.'s Nokia Theatre during her Monster Ball Tour Concert last Wednesday. 12-23-09 photo

1) Taylor Swift – Fearless
2) Beyonce – I Am… Sasha Fierce
3) Nickelback – Dark Horse
8) Lady Gaga – The Fame

1) Taylor Swift – Love Story
2) Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me
3) Jason Mraz – I'm Yours
6) Lady Gaga – Just Dance
9) Lady Gaga – Poker Face

Picture of Lady Gaga striking a "monster" pose during her Los Angeles Nokia Theatre Monster Ball performance. 12-23-09 photo

Hot Digital Songs Artists
1) Lady Gaga
2) Black Eyed Peas
3) Beyonce

Hot Digital Songs
1) Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow
2) Lady Gaga – Poker Face
3) Lady Gaga – Just Dance

Picture of Lady Gaga in mirror dress and torn fishnet stockings at the LA Monster Ball Concert overlaid with the words, "Best Selling Artist in the World!" 12-23-09 photo

Top Digital Album Artists
1) Michael Jackson
2) Kings Of Leon
3) Taylor Swift
4) Lady Gaga

Top Digital Albums
1) Twilight Soundtrack
2) Kings Of Leon – Only By The Night
3) Taylor Swift – Fearless
4) Lady Gaga – The Fame

Picture of Lady Gaga at Monday night's Nokia Theatre Monster Ball wearing white pants and mirrored bra. 12-21-09 photo

Hot Pop Songs Artists
1) Lady Gaga
2) Black Eyed Peas
3) Beyonce

Hot Pop Songs
1) All-American Rejects – Gives You Hell
2) Lady Gaga – Just Dance
3) Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling
4) Lady Gaga – Poker Face

Picture of Lady Gaga in black fringe with one of her dancers at Monday night's Los Angeles Monster Ball performance. December 21, 2009 photo

Hot Dance Club Play Artists
1) Beyonce
2) Lady Gaga
3) Solange

Top Dance/Electronic Artists
1) Lady Gaga
2) 3OH!3
3) Owl City

Picture of Lady Gaga in red Zaldy-designed vinyl hat and bikini singing at the Nokia Theater Monster Ball Tour Concert. 12-21-09 photo

Top Dance/Electronic Albums
1) Lady Gaga – The Fame
2) Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack
3) 3OH!3 – Want

European Hot 100 Singles
1) Lady Gaga – Poker Face
2) Katy Perry – Hot N Cold
3) David Guetta – Sexy Chick

Picture of Lady Gaga dressed in black vinyl top with gloves and torn fishnet stockings doing something S & M (?) with metal rings pulling on her hair during Monday night's Monster Ball at the Nokia Theater. Here's a link to a great review of the L.A. show by Horiwood.com. 12-21-09 photo

European Top 100 Albums
1) Lady Gaga – The Fame
2) Kings Of Leon – Only By The Night
3) Pink – Funhouse

Canadian Hot 100 Artists
1) Lady Gaga
2) Black Eyed Peas
3) Beyonce

Picture of Lady Gaga getting down and dirty with a dancer during a San Francisco Monster Ball Tour performance while dressed in a white glittery swimsuit-like outfit. 12-14-09 photo

Canadian Hot 100 Songs
1) Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling
2) Lady Gaga – Poker Face
3) Flo Rida – Right Round

Top Canadian Albums
1) Nickelback – Dark Horse
2) Taylor Swift – Fearless
3) Lady Gaga – The Fame

Picture of Lady Gaga singing in San Francisco during her Monster Ball Tour Concert, wearing her metallic gold Romanesk bikini, complete with mask and horns. 12-14-09 photo

Lady Gaga was also just named by MTV as having the Most Fashion Forward Video of 2009 for "Bad Romance."

Closeup picture of Lady Gaga's golden Roman-era inspired bra taken during the San Francisco Monster Ball Concert. 12-14-09 photo

MTV.com had this to say about Gaga: “The year 2009 was a banner one for fashion-forward music videos. The last 12 months have been dominated by aggressive, progressive, unbelievably stylish divas, hipsters, rappers, glam rockers and rebels.”

Picture of Rockstar Aaron with Lady Gaga backstage during the Las Vegas Monster Ball Tour Concert. 12-17-09 photo

“At the top of the list would have to be Lady Gaga and Rihanna,” MTV said, “Both have catapulted themselves into the upper atmosphere of pop culture stardom, bordering on iconic status. With their daring combos of hot and haute couture and brave filmmaking, they released a series of videos that combined catwalk-ready fashion with cinematic craftsmanship. Ri-Ri’s ‘Hard’ and Gaga’s ‘Paparazzi’ and ‘Bad Romance’ simply dazzled.”

Picture of Lady Gaga on stage with dancers at her Las Vegas Monster Ball wearing a glittery white outfit and headdress reminiscent of the American Music Awards (AMAs). 12-17-09 photo

Lady Gaga has also topped the best dressed list as voted by readers of The Los Angeles Times. The Top 10 are:

1. Lady Gaga
2. Beyonce
3. Rihanna
4. Carrie Underwood
5. Taylor Swift
6. Cheryl Cole
7. Leighton Meester
8. Shakira
9. Fergie
10. Chris Brown

Picture of Lady Gaga (dressed in her white hump pantsuit) with her dancers inside a giant gyroscope during the Las Vegas stint of her Monster Ball Tour. 12-18-09 photo

IN TOUCH WEEKLY recently quoted Lady Gaga as saying this, “I was a bit insecure in high school. I used to get made fun of for being either too provocative or too eccentric, so I started to tone it down. I didn’t fit in, and I felt like a freak.” But once she started college at New York University, she said she began to show her true colors.

Picture of Lady Gaga on stage at the Las Vegas Monster Ball wearing silver glitter and white mesh heels. 12-17-09 photo

“I really let the real me out," Gaga admitted. "I’m an outspoken and extreme dresser. I am inspired by photography and art, but mostly by New York.” She defended her quirkiness and explained she does it all for her fans, who can relate to her feeling like an outsider. “This is really who I am, and it took a long time to be okay with that.”

Picture of Lady Gaga on the Las Vegas Monster Ball Stage wearing black "crow" feathers while fog rises all around her and the dancers. 12-18-09 photo

Anyone who follows Lady Gaga on Facebook or Twitter may have been puzzled recently when this showed up on her pages: #Ladygaygay. A lot of readers speculated her accounts had been hacked, but the truth is she was simply reacting to a show of support by fans who were upset by recent stories about Rev. Fred Phelps from the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), the decidedly sick obsessed founder of the “God Hates Fags” movement. The little man has been threatening to picket Lady Gaga at the Fox Theatre in Missouri on January 7th because of her support for gay rights. Her Little Monsters tweeted #Ladygaygay so many thousands of times that Lady Gaga took notice and posted the tweet herself. Read more here: The #LadyGayGay Story.

Picture of Lady Gaga's #ladygagay tweet as mentioned above. 12-24-09 photo

Meanwhile, Gaga announced recently that she is joining up with Virgin Mobile to help homeless LGBT youth. "One of every five homeless in the community identified themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered youth, making homophobia a top cause of domestic violence. And you all know that makes me very angry," Lady Gaga says in a video message to her fans you can watch below.

Picture of Lady Gaga in her red vinyl Zaldi outfit at London's 02 Arena during their Jingle Ball holiday show earlier this month. 12-6-09 photo

At the begining of December, Virgin Mobile, sponsor of Gaga's Monster Ball tour, announced that they would be extending its FREE I.P. volunteer program in conjunction with the North American trek.

Picture of Lady Gaga doing her suicide routine on the 02 Arena stage during the Jingle Ball in London. 12-6-09 photo

The pop superstar is giving away free concert tickets to homeless gay teens and will match charitable donations up to $25,000. Created in August, the program provides participants free concert tickets for collecting toiletries to be handed out at homeless-youth shelters.

Picture of Lady Gaga's dancers holding her up in the air during a performance at the Boston Monster Ball Tour. 12-1-09 photo

The volunteer program began with Lady Gaga's San Francisco concert December 13 and will include all U.S. cities on the tour through January 24.

Lady Gaga doing a dance routine with her shirtless hunky dancers during the Legas Vegas leg of her Monster Ball Tour. 12-1-09 photo

Learn more about volunteering for a free Lady Gaga ticket or how to make a donation of your own to help homeless youth by clicking here.

Picture of Jessica Dori with Lady Gaga during the Los Angeles Meet and Greet Gaga has after each show with selected fans. Jessica said Gaga was gracious and even put on the hand-crafted gloves Dori made for her. 12-21-09 photo

Lady Gaga’s New Years Eve Bash has proven to be the hottest ticket in the country! You’d better hurry if you plan to ring in 2010 with Lady Gaga. It may already be too late unless you’re filthy rich! Her scheduled appearance at the Fontainebleau in Miami, for which she is reportedly being paid $300,000 is nearly sold out, having already garnered over $1 million in ticket sales! Andrew Fox, the newyearseve.com website founder, reports there are only a few $25,000 tables left and some general admission seats at $425. "I'm in awe of the fact that Lady Gaga will make the Fontainebleau the hottest ticket in America on New Year's Eve," he said. Click here to check on ticket availability.

Lady Gaga and fan Jonathan Bushnell after the San Francisco Monster Ball Concert. He said she helped him accept his homosexuality. 12-14-09 photo

Did you know? A Lady Gaga video is uploaded to YouTube at an average of one per minute, day and night, a definite testament to her popularity!

Picture of Lady Gaga on the cover of the December 31 2009 issure of More! Magazine with an article by the "Style Icon" called "How Fashion Saved My Life."

Lady Gaga is nominated for two awards at the Z100 award: ALBUM OF THE YEAR and BEST NEW ARTIST. Click to vote for her! Vote for Lady Gaga in SPIN Magazine's 2009 Readers Poll! She is up for Best New Artist & Artist of the Year! Click HERE to place your monster vote now. SPIN has also named "Bad Romance" as one of the top music videos of the year. Check out the full list now at SPIN.com.

Backstage picture of Lady Gaga flanked by British talent show X Factor judges Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh. Click on this link to watch her awesome "Bad Romance" performance while she was dressed as a bat in a giant claw-footed bathtub: JOE McELDERRY WINS X FACTOR FINAL SHOW 10! OLLY MURS SECOND! STACEY SOLOMON THIRD! 22 VIDEOS! 44 PHOTOS! REVIEW! George Michael, McCartney, Buble, JLS

Lady Gaga says the Alphabeat Danish pop band (see photo above) will tour with her next year in Europe and the UK. Learn more about them by visiting their website.

Visit Lady Gaga’s official Intenet Site, go to her MySpace page, become a fan on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter for all things Gaga.

Lady Gaga recently recorded a duet with her Monster Ball opening act Semi Precious Weapons, pictured above. The song will be on Semi Precious Weapons’ new album You Love You, to be released February, 2010, of which Lady Gaga is executive producer. Semi-Precious Weapons won the 2008 MTV LOGO Brink of Fame Song NewNowNext Award for "Magnetic Baby." They were just named New York City’s Best Band of 2009 by the readers of the Village Voice. For a special treat, watch the video below of lead singer Justin Tranter stripping down on stage at the Ottawa Monster Ball! Check out their website.

Kid Cudi has been dropped from the Monster Ball Tour! Lady Gaga is a woman of her word and when she says she’s against violence she means it! Her record label, Interscope Records, confirmed that Kid Cudi is "no longer" with the tour. Apparently, a fan threw a wallet at Kid Cudi during his show at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver December 11th, so the rapper hopped off the stage and punched the guy in the face, the whole incident having been caught on video, as shown below:

Check out this video of Lady Gaga’s new opening act Semi Precious Weapons' lead singer Justin Tranter stripping down and changing on stage in the middle of a song at the MONSTER BALL TOUR in Ottawa at Scotiabank Place on November 28, 2009

Watch this YouTube video of Lady Gaga teaming up with Virgin Mobile to help homeless LGBT youth:

Watch this video of Lady Gaga reacting to being named MTV News' Woman of The Year: "It means everything," Gaga said. "I'm not only flattered but really excited. It makes me want to work harder, make better videos and better shows and better music all the time. I really appreciate all the love MTV has shown me, and the support. My performance at the VMAs, for me, was a turning point artistically, and I appreciated that you guys supported me so much. I always dreamed about being a performer on the MTV Awards. ... More importantly, I wanted to be a performer, and I wanted my VMA performance to be my groundbreaking, life-changing performance," she said. "So everything that I'd been working on was leading up to that moment, and then after that I gave birth to this new album, The Fame Monster. It was an amazing moment for me."

Check out this video to see why GAGA TOPS MTV’S MOST FASHION FORWARD VIDEOS OF 2009: A replay of her awesome video “Bad Romance” below will tell you why:

Check out this Sneak Peak video of Lady Gaga’s upcoming appearence on the new Bravo show Launch My Line which is scheduled to air on Wednesday, January 6th at 10:00pm ET/PT!

The seventeenth Monster Ball show was performed on December 23rd at the Los Angeles Nokia Theatre. During the show Lady Gaga was presented with an 8 million albums sold plaque! Check out the video of Gaga accepting the honor below:

Watch this video: It's the same as above but closer and much shorter:

The following four videos represent the entire Los Angeles/Hollywood Nokia Theatre Monster Ball Concert, including the end where she is awarded the plaque for selling 8 million copies of THE FAME in one year.

Watch this video: Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Tour Concert at the Nokia Theater in LA 12-23-09 Part 1 as filmed by disneyguy115:

Check out this video: Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Concert at the Nokia Theatre in LA 12-23-09 Part 2:

Watch this video: Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Concert at the Nokia Theater in LA 12-23-09 Part 3:

Check out this video: Lady Gaga's Monster Ball at the Nokia Theatre in LA 12-23-09 Part 4:

Watch this video as 97.1 FM Interviews Lady Gaga backstage at the 2009 Monster Ball Tour in Los Angeles December 23rd, 2009:

Check out this Extended Play MTV Lady Gaga Interview by James Montgomery, Part 1, from 12-19-09 at the SE San Diego Hotel. Among other things she says, “First and foremost, my favorite artists of 2009 were my fans. My fans were my favorites because every song I did, they remade on their own, and every photograph that I took, they took their own version of it. And they remade my music videos, they designed clothes for me. They wrote poetry and made films and designed all sort of amazing paintings . . . My fans are f***ing really smart. But I really love Alphabeat, they’re great and they’re going to come out on tour with me next year in the UK and Europe.”

Watch this video: MTV Extended Play Interview of Lady Gaga Part 2:

Check out this video: MTV Extended Play Interview of Lady Gaga Part 3:

Watch this video: MTV Extended Play Interview of Lady Gaga Part 4:

Check out this video: MTV Extended Play Interview of Lady Gaga Part 5:

Watch this video: Fans from the San Diego Monster Ball talk about how much they loved Lady Gaga’s show, 12-19-09:

Check out this video: Lady Gaga sat down with MySpace Music recently to discuss The Fame Monster, The Monster Ball, and her biggest impact on pop culture this year - watch the interview below!

The MySpace Music Feed | MySpace Video

Watch this video: Lady Gaga at O2 Arena in London Jingle Bell Ball singing “Bad Romance” 12-5-09:

Check out this video of a peek into Gaga's in-store appearance earlier this month at Best Buy in Los Angeles for Club Beats, featuring Lady Gaga, Dr. Dre, Lamar Thomas, and Jimmy Lovine, where she says she does it all for her fans, her Little Monsters. “When I look out on the audience, I see thirteen thousand versions of myself.”

Watch this Bonus “Vintage” Video: Lady Gaga Live at The Chapel in Australia singing "Paparazzi" Acoustic – wearing her famous bubble suit - June 21 2009:

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