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Sunday, December 20, 2009


December 19, 2009.
37 NEW PHOTOS! 30 NEW VIDEOS! Adam Lambert continues to rack up award after award as his illustrious career moves forward. Named by the Rolling Stone Readers Poll as the Artist of the Year and US Weekly as 2009 Glam God of the Year, Adam Lambert also garnered the number three place in MTV’s Men of the Year award, barely missing out to a dead guy (Michael Jackson) and rapper Jay-Z. Adam is also listed by Time Magazine as one of the 25 People Who Mattered Most in 2009.
And as we have already posted the video of it (See it again at the bottom of this post), Barbara Walters chose him as one of the Most Fascinating People of 2009. In addition, Entertainment Weekly (EW) chose Adam Lambert as one of the Entertainers of the Year. The Hollywood Gossip website went one step further than Barbara by dubbing him "the Most Fascinating Singer Alive."
FYI: Adam's second official video, “For Your Entertainment,” available from iTunes for only four days now, has already hit number one, bouncing another gay icon, Lady Gaga, from the top spot with her brilliant “Bad Romance” video.
Picture of Adam Lambert at the Z100 Jingle Ball 2009 press room in Madison Square Gardens. 12-11-09 photo

Although Adam Lambert has only been on the national scene for a year now, he's already developed a huge fan base, including most of Rolling Stone s devoted readers. The publication released their annual Readers Choices on Tuesday, and the American Idol runner-up was selected as the Top Artist of 2009. He beat out other megastars, including Green Day, Lady Gaga, Kings of Leon, and Pearl Jam.

Not afraid to play with dolls, Adam Lambert checks out the LIV Fashion Dolls Display in the Official H & M Artist Gift Lounge backstage at Madison Square Gardens’ Z100 Jingle Ball, where he was a presenter. The Examiner.com noted, “He probably got more attention backstage than most of the performers. Lambert was so in-demand that there was barely time to talk to him for more than two minutes.” 12-11-09 photo picture

Rolling Stone’s Top Artists of 2009 Readers Poll

10. Taylor Swift
9. Wilco
8. Animal Collective
7. Bruce Springsteen
6. U2
5. Green Day
4. Kings of Leon
3. Lady Gaga
2. Pearl Jam
1. Adam Lambert

Photo from MTV News showing Adam Lambert as their number three pick for the annual 2009 Men of the Year award. MTV picture

MTV announced on Thursday, December 17, 2009, they had chosen Adam Lambert as their #3 Man of The Year, saying the “Over-the-top singer burst on the scene with American Idol and keeps surprising us. Despite his defeat at the hands of Kris Allen in the season-eight finale January 13, 2009, Adam Lambert was unquestionably the biggest Idol star of the year, if not of all time. He graced magazine covers, pundits speculated about his sexuality—he was everywhere you looked. Post-Idol, well, he just kept rising. In fact, Lambert was famous for all of 2009, which is why he comes in at #3 on our list.”

Picture of Adam Lambert from MTV's Men of the Year Award, where he came in third. This photo shows Adam on American Idol doing Tears for Fears' "Mad World." For nostalgia's sake, check out the video of this performance at the base of this page!

“Adam Lambert stole the show on a nightly basis during the American Idols Live! tour,” MTV continued, “In October, he premiered a delightfully over-the-top video, 'Time for Miracles,' the first single from the 2012 soundtrack. Then, in November, he began promoting his debut album CD, For Your Entertainment, by closing out the American Music Awards (AMAs)with a shocking performance that featured nods to S & M, oral sex and some good old-fashioned guy-on-guy action. It was a display that rankled network censors (who cut out most of the graphic bits from the West Coast feed), created a firestorm of controversy and led to him being dropped from a scheduled appearance on ABC's Good Morning America."

Picture of Adam Lambert by MTV News Men of the Year announcement, showing Adam kissing his male keyboardist on the American Music Awards (AMAs) November 22, 2009. This was the infamous kiss that was so loud it was heard around the world! MTV photo. We've brought the video back with this post today because it's so hot. Check it out again!

MTV’s lavish praise went on: “For his part, Lambert didn't let the criticisms weigh him down. He refused to apologize for the AMA performance and worked very hard to continue the promotion of his For Your Entertainment album, which would debut at #3 with sales of more than 198,000 copies (By comparison, Idol winner Kris Allen's debut sold a paltry 80,000 in its first week). And when he was targeted by Eminem on the song 'Elevator' (which used a little bit of wordplay to hide a very ugly anti-gay slur), he let it roll off his back, telling MTV News that he 'didn't take it personally.' For more information, see the videos at the bottom of this post.

Another picture from MTV for their Men of the Year 2009 post showing Adam Lambert from his first video, "Time for Miracles," from the film 2012! MTV photo

“A lightning rod for controversy,” MTV concluded, “a pop star bravely going where few have ventured (openly) before—Lambert was 2009. And we expect him to keep on pushing the envelope in 2010 too.”

Picture of Adam Lambert, MTV's 3rd Man of the Year, from the American Idol Tour. MTV photo

MTV’s Top 9 Men of the Year for 2009

9. Eminem
8. Drake
7. Kanye West
6. Robert Pattinson
5. Lil Wayne
4. Taylor Lautner
3. Adam Lambert
2. Jay-Z
1. Michael Jackson

Picture of MTV's #3 Man of the Year, Adam Lambert, and Kris Allen on the 2009 American Idol during the announcement of the final results in January with host Ryan Seacrest. No one was more surprised than winner Kris Allen. MTV photo

Adam Lambert also made Time Magazine’s list of the 25 People Who Mattered Most in 2009. Although the ranking votes are still coming in, at press time Adam had already racked up highest numbers, beating out even Barack Obama and Sonia Sotomayor, to name just two. Here’s Time’s article on Adam (after the photo):

Picture of Adam Lambert from the Collector's Edition of his debut album For Your Entertainment, which includes an awesome photo book. Buy it here. Of course, everybody knows by now the man has big balls! Join the Adam Lambert Network fan-site to view more photos like this one.

“He was not the winner of American Idol. He was not even the first Idol runner-up to later make the thoroughly unsurprising announcement that he is gay. (See Aiken, Clay.) But Lambert came first in generating attention: that eyeliner, that voice—ranging from a husky smolder to a granite-splitting glam-rock shriek—and those glittered-out, magnetic performances."

Photo of Adam Lambert on the cover of Entertainment Weekly's Year End double issue. He was chosen as the eighth Best Entertainer of the Year for 2009

Time continued: "And there was the way Lambert treated his sexuality, which reflected the tricky path of gayness toward mainstream acceptance. Lambert never confirmed his being gay until finishing Idol, but, importantly, he never denied it."

Pictures in the December Entertainment Weekly (EW) spread honoring Adam Lambert as a 2009 Entertainer of the Year. EW photo. Click to enlarge.

"And unlike Aiken’s, his performances had an unmistakable erotic charge — he was a man, not a man-child," said Time Magazine. "After Idol, he infuriated some viewers with a raunchy, grinding show at the American Music Awards on ABC.

Picture of Adam Lambert on a motorcycle in the Year End Double Issue of Entertainment Weekly (EW), showcasing the Best and Worst of 2009 page, with Adam as one of 2009's Best Entertainers! EW photo. Click to enlarge.

Rather than apologize, he charged a double standard for gay men while keeping a smile on his face: when Joy Behar told him, on The View, that he was ‘not exactly a nice Jewish boy,’ he quipped, ‘I’m a little different. My dreidel spins the other way.’ Lambert ended 2009 out, proud—and loud.”

Outtake picture from Entertainment Weekly of Adam Lambert with a tear in his eye. EW photo

Thehollywoodgossip.com has also paid homage to Adam Lambert, tying him with Lady Gaga for their Celebrity of the Year Finalist at #5:

“As 2010 draws near, The Hollywood Gossip staff looks back on the year that was, honoring finalists for our prestigious, 3rd Annual Celebrity of the Year award. These stars have given us their best, their worst, their off-the-wall antics and in the case of these two, an immediate, but lasting impact on the music world. It's time for THG to pay tribute to this greatness. Yesterday, the '09 countdown featured lots of Tiger Woods mistresses at #6. Today, we present Celebrity of the Year Finalist #5: Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga!"

Nice profile picture of Adam Lambert from the Entertainment Weekly outtakes. EW photo

“The year in music belonged to these two rising stars. He started the year as an unknown; made headlines in February for his flamboyant acts; finished second on American Idol; and has to already be considered one of the most successful singers in the show's history. Adam Lambert hasn't merely made a name for himself in 2009, he's created a cult following in fewer than 12 months.”

Another hot outtake picture from Entertainment Weekly. is that a motorcycle between Adam Lambert's legs or is he just glad to see his fans? EW photo

"Hated by some and embraced by others, the crooner managed to handle his sexuality with both subtle grace AND over-the-top exploits. Adam has more in common with Lady GaGa than unique fashion taste and controversial performances. Both are well-spoken in interviews and deadly serious about their craft. Lambert made out with a man at the American Music Awards, but 2009 will be best remembered as the year he made off with the title of Most Fascinating Singer Alive.” Read more about their Lady Gaga accolades here.

Outtake picture from Entertainment Weekly showing Adam ALambert in black leather riding a motorcyle up a wall. EW photo

Adam Lambert told Entertainment Weekly that he’s in the planning stage of his upcoming United States tour. “I think it’s probably going to be springtime. I’ve started talking to management about putting something together. It’s not going to be a standard arena tour. We’re going to do something a little different. My big goal is I want to do something that’s very visually dynamic, and is a little more interactive feeling than your typical arena tour. So we’re looking at venues that are probably going to be a little smaller and a little more intimate.”

Outtake picture from Entertainment Weekly showing Adam Lambert giving a highway cone the business with his black motorcycle boot. My, what a big belt he has! EW photo

Adam also told EW that his favorite entertainer is Lady Gaga. “She just inspires me with her creativity and her out-of-the-box thinking. She's not afraid to take risks and to be different. She dances. She's visually interesting; she's got costumes. And she's a great musician.''

Entertainment Weekly outtake picture of Adam Lambert reclining in his black leather outfit. Note the big feet. You know what that means, don't you? it means Adam Lambert wears big shoes! EW photo

Visit Adam Lambert’s official website, MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter pages. To check out our previous photos and videos of Adam, click here and here and here. (The pages are too large to load all at once.)

Final Entertainment Weekly outtake picture of Adam Lambert sitting down chillin' in his motorcycle jacket listening to music, Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance," no doubt! EW photo

If you missed it, check out our post on Adam Lambert’s raucous appearance on the American Music Awards (AMA’s). It’s filled with photos and an UNDELETED, independent video of the uncensored performance! Click here: AMA's: ADAM LAMBERT SCORES $1 MILLION IN PUBLICITY, SEX-SHOCKS AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS! 18 PHOTOS! 6 VIDEOS!

Adam Lambert also appeared on the cover of Entertainment Weekly in May 2009, shown above, wherein they called him "The most exciting American Idol contestant in years." EW photo

Cover picture of the November 24, 2009 issue of Billboard magazine with "American Boys Kris Allen and Adam Lambert" showcasing an article about how they are sure to "turn TV viewers into music buyers." Check out the video interview at the base of this page. Bill Board photo

Picture of "Glam God of the Year," Adam Lambert, on the red carpet at Us Magazine's Hot Hollywood Honoree Party at the Voyeur Lounge in L.A. Watch the clip at the base of this post. 11-18-09 photo
Picture of Adam Lambert in Us Weekly, honoring him as Glam God of the Year. Us Weekly noted that “Last year Adam Lambert was an understudy in Wicked. Now Madonna, Elton John and Lady Gaga count themselves fans of the 27-year old.” November 2009 photo. Click to enlarge!

Picture of Adam Lambert at the VEVO launch party. Check out the many videos below of Adam at the event 12-8-09 photo.
Picture of Entertainment Weekly (EW) interviewing Adam Lambert at the VEVO launch party. Watch the video at the bottom of this post. December 8, 2009 photo
Picture of Adam Lambert arriving at the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Gala for the Americas's Democratic Legacy Award presentation honoring Steven Spielberg at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. 12-9-09 photo
Picture of Adam Lambert preparing to sing “The Star Spangled Banner” at the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Gala at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Watch the video at the base of this page. 12-9-09 photo
Photo of Adam Lambert waving to his fans at the Anti-Defamation League's annual fundraiser. 12-0-09 photo

Twitpic photo Adam Lambert Tweeted and Facebooked to his fans last Sunday, showing him holding up a pair of pink boxer shorts underwear with the inscription, "Don't Judge Me!" 12-13-09 photo

Picture of Adam Lambert singing "Whata Ya Want from Me" on the So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) finale. Although Dick Clark Productions has disembowled most of the videos on the planet of this amazing performance, we were able to download a copy before they did the dirty deed. Watch it below! 12-16-09 photo

Picture of Owen Benjamin and his "Mistletoe Kiss Ambush" skit targeting Adam Lambert. View this funny Jay Leno Show video among todays awesome picks! And don't forget to check out Adam on Leno Monday night, when he will perform, because one can never get too much Glambert! 12-17-09 photo.

Picture of Adam Lambert on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. last Monday. Unfortunately, NBC Universal has been very efficient in deleting all the YouTube videos of this performance and the only thing they offer on their website is a temporary video of the whole show. I guess they don't understand the value of free publicity, poor souls! 12-14-09 photo UPDATE! 12-23-09. We found an undeletable copy of the performance. Watch the video on our newest post: ADAM LAMBERT NAMED MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR, LOGO GAY ICON OF 2009 . . .

Picture of Adam Lambert singing "What Do You Want from Me" on Conan. 12-14-09 photo

Now vintage photo of Adam Lambert from the Rolling Stones Video shoot.

Shirtless Adam Lambert fantasy picture from Rolling Stone spoofing Adam Lambert's For Your Entertainment album cover. Rolling Stone photo
Watch this offical MTV video: MTV News' Adam Lambert #3 Men of The Year for 2009: MTV News' #3 Man Of The Year: “Adam Lambert: Over-the-top singer burst onto the scene with American Idol and keeps surprising us”:

Check out this video of Adam Lambert singing “Whata Ya Want From Me” on So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) finale 12-16-09:

Here's the Adam Lambert interview from Billboard.com talking about his album, the CD cover controversy, and the “Time for Miracles” video:

Here’s an Us Weekly video of Adam Lambert Revealing Why He’s A Glam God at Us Weekly’s Hot Hollywood Honoree Party for their “Stars of the Year” at the Voyeur Lounge 11-18-09:

Watch this funny Jay Leno Show video: Owen Benjamin and his Mistletoe Kiss Ambush: Can Adam Lambert resist? (Note: This is the official NBC video, which I’m embedding rather than the shorter YouTube version, which will probably be deleted, so please be patient. Adam appears towards the end. It’s worth the wait!):

Check out Adam Lambert on this Chelsea Lately video from 12-16-09. Adam Lambert’s appearance on Chelsea Lately brought in 1.3 million viewers, her biggest audience ever!:

Find more videos like this on Adam Lambert Network

Watch this YouTube video of Adam Lambert singing “The Star Spangled Banner” at the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Gala at the Beverly Hilton Hotel 12-9-09, where Steven Spielberg was awarded the America’s Democratic Legacy Award:

Check out Adam Lambert on this MTV video from Thursday, 12-17-09: Adam talks about the Jingle Ball, Ke$ha, glitter, Taylor Swift, and more:

Check out this video promo of Adam Lambert backstage at Madison Square Garden. "Road to MSG: Z100's Jingle Ball 2009" While attending Z100's Jingle Ball, Adam Lambert took some time to discuss his new album, what it's like to be at Madison Square Garden and what we can expect from him in the future. For more information visit MSG.com/jingleball.

It seems appropriate at this time to revisit my choice for Video of the Year: Adam Lambert’s awesome and controversial presentation on the American Music Awards (AMAs) 11-22-09!

This video deserves repeating, as well. Adam Lambert on Barbara Walters Most Fascinating People of 2009 12-9-09 revisited:

Listen to this YouTube video of Adam Lambert’s Christmas gift to Ellen! Adam recorded this mind-boggling track for the Ellen Degeneres Show to use on her 12 Days of Christmas 2009 Giveaways:

Find more videos like this on Adam Lambert Network

Thursday, 12-3-09, a pair of brand-new Eminem songs hit the Net, one of which, "Elevator," contains a lyric directed at Adam Lambert, Lance Bass and Clay Aiken that may be using an anti-gay slur. "Sorry, Lance, Mr. Lambert and Aiken ain't gonna make it/ They get so mad, when I call them both fake/ It's all these f---ing voices in my head, I can't take it/ Someone shut that f---ing baby up, before I shake it," he raps on the tune—with the "Fake/ It's" combination sounding a lot like a common anti-gay slur. Fan reactions to "Elevator" span from "It's very wrong" to "It's just lyrics." Watch the MTV video fan reaction report below. Adam’s own reaction is documented in the video after this one.

Watch this MTV Video: Adam Lambert Raps About Eminem’s Latest Homophobic Lyrics:

Check out this video of Adam Lambert singing “Whata Ya Want from Me” on David Letterman 11-22-09:

Watch this video of American Idol revisited: Adam Lambert sings “Mad World” on the American Idol finale, nearly a year ago. Time Magazine just chose this song as their #10 Song of the Year for 2009, citing his “unique delivery and the fact that nobody seems to notice he didn’t win American Idol”:

Find more videos like this on Adam Lambert Network

Re-check out Adam Lambert and Kris Allen awesome duet of Queen’s “We Are the Champions” on American Idol from January 2009:

Find more videos like this on Adam Lambert Network

Watch this Access Hollywood Video Interview of Adam Lambert at the VEVO launch:

Find more videos like this on Adam Lambert Network

Check out this CNN video: VEVO Goes Live Red Carpet Interviews, including Adam Lambert:

Watch this video: Part 1. Adam Lambert appearance at Jingle Ball 2009 in St. Paul, Minnesota December 6, 2009

Check out this video: Part 2. Adam Lambert appearance at Jingle Ball 2009 in St. Paul, Minnesota December 6, 2009

Watch this video: Part 3. Adam Lambert appearance at Jingle Ball 2009 in St. Paul, Minnesota December 6, 2009

Check out this video: Part 4. Adam Lambert appearance at Jingle Ball 2009 in St. Paul, Minnesota December 6, 2009

Watch this video of Adam Lambert back stage at the Jingle Ball 2009! Adam was a guest host of the show and stopped to rap with a fan:

Adam Lambert sang a little a capella "Whataya Want From Me" at Y100's Jingle Ball when he was out on stage introducing LMFAO:

Watch this video from October Adam Lambert Entertainment Tonight (ET) report on the notorious Details photo shoot:

Photo of blue/purple Caesars Brother Siberian Iris growing in Oklahoma's Zone 7 from the author's free flower photo website http://www.freefishcaretips.com/photos77

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