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Sunday, December 06, 2009


December 6, 2009.
With only one more week to go, our favorite bisexual crooner Danyl Johnson knocked ‘em dead at the 2009 UK X Factor semi-finals on Saturday night during Michael Jackson Week by nailing two soul-filled songs, “Man in the Mirror,” and “I Have Nothing.” Fresh on the heels of Danyl’s revelation that he suffered from testicular cancer when he was eleven, and talk in the tabloids that judge Louis Walsh is saying he can’t win because “He’s not likable enough,” Danyl stepped up to the plate and knocked two big home runs out of the park, receiving rave reviews from all the judges, even Louis!

Great picture of Danyl Johnson singing at a top secret X Factor Soho gig in London Thursday night. 12-3-09 photo

But before we get to the Live Show 9 details, I need to report on a top secret gig sponsored by the British phone company, Talk Talk, the four finalists played in Soho London to celebrate getting through to the semi-finals.

The four X Factor finalists answer questions in Soho Thursday night. 12-3-09 photo. Watch the video at the bottom of this post.

Stacey Solomon, Danyl Johnson, Olly Murs and Joe McElderry took to the stage in a secret location on Thursday, December 3, wowing thirty fans who had won a competition to be there. The finalists sang two songs each.

Here's a special treat! A picture of Danyl Johnson in a white bath robe! 12-4-09 photo

Olly Murs even demonstrated his Michael Jackson crotch-grabbing skills for the audience, saying he is much better at it than Danyl! “I'm in it to win it!” he proclaimed. “I've got lots of things planned for these guys to make sure they don't do well!”

Danyl Johnson and the other X Factor contestants answer questions at the TalkTalk sponsored secret Soho gig. 12-3-09 photo

Danyl Johnson ignored Olly’s carrying on, preferring to talk about the TalkTalk show. “It’s a smaller audience, smaller stage. It feels more intimate,” Danyl revealed to the few reporters who had been invited. “It’s a great warm up for the weekend!”

The X Factor judges: Louis Walsh, Dannii Minogue, Cheryl Cole, and Simon Cowell. 12-5-09 photo

“The chance to do a secret gig is amazing,” Joe McEdlerry added. “We feel really lucky!”

Picture of Danyl Johnson waving to his fans backstage at the X Factor Live Show 9. 12-5-09 photo

“We're all winners!” Stacey Solomon told the crowd. “Whatever happens, it's all good now, I just think, whatever!”

Joe McEdlerry, Olly Murs, Danyl Johnson, and Stacey Solomon prepare to sign autographs at the secret Soho gig. 12-3-09 photo

This week it was revealed the winner will sing, “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus, in the final show, but Olly Murs wasn’t so sure the rumors are true.

Long shot of Danyl Johnson singing "I Have Nothing" at the X Factor Live Show 9 Saturday night. 12-5-09 photo

“We don't know if that's the song,” Olly said. “We've recorded about eight, but luckily I sound great on all of them!” And they say Danyl Johnson has an ego problem! For more details, check out the two bonus videos at the bottom of this post, where the finalists answer more questions from their fans in Soho.

Joe McEdlerry and Stacey Solomon answer reporter's questions in Soho Thursday night. 12-3-09 photo

Meanwhile, the British gossip rags “reported” that Lady Gaga, who is performing during Sunday night’s Results Show 9, had demanded that “little lambs and butterflies be onstage with her while performing 'Bad Romance.'” Simon Cowell supposedly rejected the request on the “grounds of health and safety.” Frankly, I have my doubts as to the veracity of these “news” articles.

Danyl Johnson, Olly Murs, Joe McEdlerry, and Stacey Solomon pose with a fan in Soho at the TalkTalk show. 12-3-09 photo

However, a Lady Gaga quote being reported by the British media this week is much more believable: "With you little monsters there is no hate in the world, there is only love. And you know, I believe that if a world war took place that you would all sing and dance and throw glitter until everybody stopped. Sequins are much more fun than bombs."

Danyl Johnson hides under a table in Soho. Guess what, Daniel. We still see you! 12-3-09 photo

Now, on with the X Factor’s Live Show 9! Once again the finalists performed two numbers, one song from the legendary Michael Jackson song book and one of their own choice.

Nice head shot of Danyl Johnson taken in Soho Thursday night. 12-3-09 photo

First up was the Essex blond charmer Olly Murs, 25, with “Can You Feel It,”dressed in white from head to toe and backed up by a troupe of synchronized dancers in colorful outfits and hairdos. And yes, he grabbed his crotch ala Michael Jackson, but alas, did not linger!

Olly Murs sings "Can You Feel It" at the X Factor Live Show 9 Saturday night. 12-5-09 photo

“Everybody loves you!” declared judge Louis Walsh. “You’re talented. You can sing. You can dance!”

Olly Murs rehearses for Saturday's X Factor Live Show 9. 12-4-09 photo

“Yes, we can all feel it in the room tonight! You have the whole package!” shouted Dannii Minogue over the screams. “In fact, you were grabbing the package! You have to be in the final!”

Cheryl Cole agreed. “You are an entertainer! I hope to see you in the finals!”

Picture of Olly Murs performing at the secret Soho show Thursday. 12-3-09 photo

Olly’s mentor, Simon Cowell, appeared to be glowing. “You put on a great show. You have the presence of a star!”

My take: Fun performance. Better than usual! Loved the energy!

Danyl Johnson clowns around back stage with his number one fan! (Sorry about that. I couldn't resist!) 12-5-09 photo

Eighteen year-old cutie Joe McElderry performed next, singing the sad ballad, “She’s Out Of My Life.” Looking good in a white shirt and white Tee, the Geordie from Newcastle gave the track his usual first-class treatment.

Joe McEdlerry sings, "She's Out of My Life" for his first number on Saturday's X Factor Live Show 9. 12-5-09 photo

“You absolutely made it your own,” gushed Louis Walsh. “Great tone. You have the talent to sell millions of records.”

Dannii Minogue was beaming. “You have just clocked up another superb performance. You sing like a dream!”

Joe McEdlerry waves at the fans Thursday night at the Soho show. 12-3-09 photo

“You are just getting better and better and better,” said Simon. “Absolutely on the money. I’m really proud of you Joe.”

Cheryl Cole told her protégé, “I, too, couldn’t be prouder. I’m speechless. Passionate and emotional!”

My take: Excellent performance . . . again. Nearly ethereal vocals. He could win this whole competition, damn it!

Full body picture of Danyl Johnson performing at Thursday's gig in Soho London. 12-3-09 photo

Up next, Stacey Solomon, 20, danced and sang her way through “The Way You Make Me Feel,” while wearing a Fedora hat and a short short dress/suit. Jumping onto tables and chairs, she received a lot of help from eight hunky male dancers dressed in tank tops and leather chaps with suspenders. Apparently, those two falls reported by the British press during rehearsal weren’t that severe, after all!

Stacey Solomon sings "The Way You Make Me Feel," at Saturday's X Factor Live Show 9, complete with Michael Jackson hat and glove. 12-5-09 photo

“I don’t think the song really suited you,” commented Louis Walsh. “I’ve been a fan of yours all along, but the whole production took away from the voice.”

Wide picture of Stacey Solomon performing "The Way You Make Me Feel," showing all her sexy male dancers. 12-5-09 photo

“I disagree,” countered Cheryl Cole. “Talk about yummy mummy! You looked hot! It was nice to see you walking around the stage and performing for once! The best I’ve ever seen you. I really enjoyed it!”

Simon Cowell had to be his usual mean self. “It wasn’t you. It was gimmicky. It was silly. Too cabaret!”

Stacey Solomon signs autographs in Soho Thursday. 12-3-09 photo

Unperturbed, Stacey’s mentor, Dannii Minogue, stated matter-of-factly, “The look suits you and you did it well!”

My take: It was fun! I loved the sexy dancers. I thought the theatrics did her good by distracting from her poor vocal performance.

To end the Michael Jackson tribute, our favorite, twenty-seven year old Danyl Johnson, nailed “Man in the Mirror,” dressed in a dark shirt and leather pants.

Picture of Danyl Johnson singing "The Man in the Mirror" for his first number during Show 9 of the 2009 X Factor semi-finals. 12-5-09 photo

“You’ve definitely got the voice,” said Louis Walsh. “Incredible!”

Dannii Minogue smiled big time. “Really good performance! Back to your original energy!”

Danyl Johnson talks to Simon Cowell during the week. 12-4-09 photo

“It’s really good to see you up there and giving it 100%,” proclaimed Cheryl Cole.

“Absolutely on the money!” Simon Cowell told his student. “Genuinely brilliant!”

Danyl Johnson cracks a big smile for the photographers in Soho London Thursday. 12-3-09 photo

The second half of the show had the last four contestants delivering songs of their own choosing, songs they hoped would clench their places in the finals.

Wearing a tan shirt with darking piping and matching tie, Olly Murs, 25, performed the Beatles’ “We Can Work It Out” first, accompanied by a full band and female back-up singers in short black sequin dresses.

Olly Murs sings "We Can Work It Out" Saturday Night on The 2009 X Factor Live Show 9. 12-5-09 photo

“Another great performance!” said Louis Walsh. “You absolutely made it yours. But are you going to get into the finals? I don’t know.”

“If I was sitting at home next to a phone I’d pick it up,” chirped Danni Minogue, before adding this downer: “But I’m not sure that song showed the best of your vocal ability. The dancing was spectacular, though.”

Cheryl Cole was more positive. “I’ve always loved you. I really hope people at home pick up the phone.”

Olly Murs and Joe McEdleery do some cooking in the X Factor kitchen. 12-2-09 photo

Olly’s mentor, Simon Cowell, said, “You thoroughly, thoroughly deserve your place next week in the final.”

My take: Not that good. It was actually kind of bland, despite the big band and the back-up dancers.

Nice photo of Danyl Johnson. He always looks good no matter what he's wearing.

For his second number, eighteen year-old Newcastle native, Joe McEdlerry, sang Journey’s “Open Arms,” with only a microphone for a prop.

Joe McEdlerry sings "Open Arms" at the X Factor Live Show 9. 12-5-09 photo

“You were absolutely born to do this,” Louis Walsh declared. “If you recorded that song in the morning you’d have a number one with it. You are a natural pop star!”

“Joe, we love you,” said Dannii Minogue. “That song perfectly complimented the first song you sang.”

Simon Cowell was nice, go figure. “It was absolutely brilliant! You deserve to be here next week!”

Picture of Joe McEdlerry from the X Factor's Thursday Soho gig. 12-3-09 photo

Joe’s mentor, Cheryl Cole, appeared worried. “It’s so easy for people at home to know how consistent you always are and then forget how you need the vote, so I just pray to God they do and keep you here.”

My take: Again, nice clear vocals, bordering on heavenly. Joe McEdlerry’s the man to beat and I mean that in a good way!

Danyl Johnson and Joe McEdlerry pose for photographers during X Factor rehearsals Saturday. 12-5-09 photo

Up next, Essex’s Stacey Solomon performed West Side Story’s “Somewhere,” while wearing a decidedly unflashy beige dress.

Stacey Solomon performs "Somewhere" for her own chosen song on the 2009 X Factor Live Show 9 Saturday night. 12-5-09 photo

“Incredible!” shouted Louis Walsh. “You are the diva from Dagenham! Back in the game!”

Cheryl Cole was beaming. “Oh my God, Stacey! That gave me goosebumps!”

Simon added, “Stacey, you are back in the game sweetheart. Congratulations!”

Nice picture of Stacey Solomon from Thursday's Soho Show. 12-3-09 photo

Dannii Minogue told her student, “That was absolutely a perfect world class performance!”

My take: Not very melodic! It hurt my ears, especially at the end, I’m sorry to say.

Danyl Johnson cracks a joke during Question and Answer at the X Factor's secret show in Soho London. Watch the video below to hear his answers. 12-3-09 photo

Last up for the evening, our man Danyl Johnson sang “I Have Nothing,” another Whitney Houston song. Danyl noted at the secret Thursday TalkTalk gig that Whitney didn’t like the way he sang her other songs (See video). But the doe-eyed Berkshire bred teacher tackled the number with his usual soul and had the judges raving once again.

Danyl Johnson sings "I Have Nothing" for his second number Saturday night. 12-5-09 photo

“The song is ‘I Have Nothing,’ but I think you’ve got everything,” said Louis Walsh. “You have the power. You’ve got the vocal ability and you are a born entertainer!”

Dannii Minogue was a little subdued. “Really, really good performance, but I didn’t love it as much as the first one.”

Another nice picture of Danyl Johnso performing "I Have Nothing" on the 2009 X Factor Live Show 9. 12-5-09 photo

"Essentially this is the first time I’ve ever seen you physically shaken,” said Cheryl Cole. “So I can see how much this means to you. After that performance I wish you the best of luck in the final show.”

Picture of Danyl Johnson at three years old, already wearing head phones! Check out those big eyes!

Simon Cowell told his protégé, “After you sang your heart out like that, I genuinely believe you absolutely 100% deserve your place in the finals!”

My take: Another wonderful performance! He sang with soulful feeling but without yelling, something his detractors like to criticize him for.

Photo of the new X Factor Danyl Johnson canvas wall poster available at http://www.scrivs.co.uk/the-x-factor-canvas-posters.html#

And so went another round of powerful performances by rising stars! Next, on the X Factor Results Show 9, we’ll find out who will be in the final three, as well as be treated to the sizzling talents of Janet Jackson and Lady Gaga! Keep your fingers crossed for our man Danyl!

I predict Stacey or Olly will go home. Most likely it’ll be Olly, although I would prefer it to be Stacey.

Long shot of the contestants singing "Wanna Be Startin' Something," for their big number on the X Factor Results Show 9. 12-6-09 photo

The four finalists, dressed in shiny silver lame jackets, commenced Sunday’s Results Show 9 by doing an energetic dance and song number that started with the Michael Jackson classic “Wanna Be Startin’ Something” and morphed into into Rihanna’s “Please Don’t Stop The Music.”

The four finalists peform an energetic rendition of "Wanna Be Startin' Something" at Sunday night's Results Show. 12-6-09 photo

After a recap of Saturday night’s Live Show 9 performances, host Dermot O’Leary introduced Lady Gaga, who they noted has sold over 30 million records worldwide, has the most downloaded single in UK history (“Poker Face”), and has had over 50 million hits on YouTube. She sang her new huge hit, “Bad Romance,” while standing in a gigantic clawed bathtub with her dancers, who were all dressed in white. The tub was rumored to have been stolen from Simon Cowell’s dressing room, according to Lady Gaga. The reigning pop diva herself wore a shiny brown metallic/leather legless outfit complete with bat-like horns and wings, an ensemble the X Factor website referred to as “the finest transformer chic.”

Dermot O'Leary talks to Lady Gaga after her mind-blowing performance of her big hit, "Bad Romance," during the X Factor Results Show 9. The dancers' costumes were designed by Romain Kremer. 12-6-09 photo

Afterwards, host Dermot O’Leary asked her what advice she might give the finalists. “Just be yourself,” she answered. “Don’t ever let anyone say you can’t achieve your dreams!”

Lady Gaga performs her number one hit "Bad Romance" on the 2009 X Factor Results Show 9 Sunday night while wearing a bat-like costume and fishnet stockings. The outfit was made by designer Gareth Pugh. Is it leather? Is it metal? Is it hot? Yes to all the above! 12-6-09 photo

Janet Jackson, dressed in a plain dark suit, then sang a medley, “It’s All for You/Make Me,” with her usual troupe of backup dancers. Considering I’ve come to expect great things from the popular singer, I have to say I was disappointed with her lackluster performance.

Janet Jackson sings a medley Sunday night on the X Factor Results Show 9. 12-6-09 photo

Finally, Demot O’Leary announced it was time to learn the finalists’ fate. “In no particular order, the first act safe in next week’s final is . . . Olly!” Murs broke into loud sobs as he hugged the other finalists, including Danyl.

Olly Murs screams for joy when his name is found to be on the safe list during Sunday's X Factor Results Show 9. 12-6-09 photo

O’Leary continued, “The next entry into the finals is . . . Joe! Congratulations, Joe!” The crowd screamed its approval.

“Only two more left. Danyl and Stacey,” declared Dermot. “In no particular order, the last act through to the final is . . . Stacey!” Oh my God! Did you hear my heart breaking? It was shades of Adam Lambert and American Idol all over again! I immediately reminded myself that coming in as a finalist hasn’t stopped Adam, or Jennifer Hudson, or a ton of other stars, for that matter! Even Jedward, the Twink Twins John and Edward, who were voted off X Factor a couple of weeks ago, are playing to sell-out crowds at gay nightclubs, and they can’t even sing! But it still hurts, I have to say! Damn! Damn! Damn!

Dannii Minogue jumps for joy when Stacey Solomon is told she'll be returning for next week's final X Factor, while Stacey herself seems to be in Zombie Land. 12-6-09 photo

Danyl Johnson himself was completely gracious. “I might have gone out in the semi final, but I’ve gone out to some of the best people I’ve ever met,” he said. “Now, I’m just going to take it easy, visit my family, and then we’ll see what happens. I’ll play a couple of gigs. Anyone who wants to come along is welcome!” The audience went ballistic, showing him plenty of support.

Contestants Joe McEdlerry and Stacey Solomon hug host Dermot O'Leary after being told they are safe on the 2009 X Factor Results Show 9. 12-6-09 photo

Danyl then performed his Michael Jackson song from the day before, “Man in the Mirror,” much to the approval of the crowd.

After the show, Danyl Johnson was asked what he would’ve done differently. “Simon was amazing and he really helped me out,” Danyl answered. “I wouldn’t have changed anything. I came in fourth place and that in itself is amazing!”

Picture of the last three still standing X Factor contestants: Olly Murs, Stacey Solomon, and Joe McEdlerry. 12-6-09 photo

Danyl’s mom, Maria Burgess said, “Danyl is a super star and I couldn’t be prouder!”

Gracious loser Danyl Johnson is flanked by sponsor Simon Cowell and host Dermot O'Leary on the 2009 X Factor Results Show9 semi-finals Sunday night. 12-6-09 photo

Simon said he couldn’t understand why Danyl was voted off. “He was really, really good last night. He couldn’t have worked harder.”

And Louis Walsh wrapped it all up neatly. “Danyl Johnson has star quality!” We couldn’t agree more! This is only the beginning for our man Danyl Johnson!

Danyl Johnson gets a hug and a kiss from his mother, Maria Burgess, after being eliminated in the 2009 X Factor Results 9 Show. 12-6-09 photo

Even though Danyl was our main reason for following the 2009 UK X Factor, we’ll return with next week’s results, pushing for our new favorite, Joe McEdlerry! Join us then. In the meantime, enjoy all the videos from this weekend’s X Factor!

Visit Danyl Johnson’s official website and Facebook page. Follow him on Twitter if you want to get tweeted. Also check out Danyl Johnson’s official X Factor page, where you can hear him sing a rockin’ rendition of “Mustang Sally.” To read all of our posts with more fantastic pictures and videos of Danyl, click here and here.

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