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Monday, December 14, 2009


December 14, 2009.
While the final 2009 X Factor Show 10 attracted nearly 20 million viewers, it has now been confirmed that Simon Cowell will bring the program to America this coming fall, via Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas, according to The Daily Mail. X Factor already has 19 spin-off versions in countries besides the UK, from France to Kazakhstan.

Picture of X Factor judges Louis Walsh, Dannii Minogue, Cheryl Cole, and Simon Cowell Thursday at a press conference with the three remaining finalists, Stacey Solomon, Joe McElderry, and Olly Murs. 12-10-09 photo

This news comes amid reports that Simon Cowell is demanding more money for judging both the X Factor and American Idol. The music mogul has demanded increased investment from ITV, the X Factor broadcasters, of up to £500,000 an episode. He is currently negotiating a pay raise with American Idol from £22 million a series to around £30 million. In addition, estimates are Simon will make as much as £35-40 million by bringing The X Factor to US television.

Picture of X Factor judge Dannii Minogue in her dressing room. 12-12-09 photo

The 2009 X Factor has been the most lavish British series in history with the live shows costing between £1.5 -1.7 million to screen every week. But Cowell, 50, wants ITV to push the budget up to as much as £2 million an episode next year.

X Factor judge Louis Walsh enjoys a glass of wine, now that he can relax, as all of his students have been voted off previous shows. 12-12-09 photo

The demands put the ailing broadcaster in a difficult position as it won’t want to lose one of its most popular stars and its most highly rated series, but it may have a difficult time finding the extra funding. The broadcaster has slashed more than a third of its 5,500 workforce to cut costs because of the poor economy and the budget for all of its shows has been cut by £135 million for the next two years.

Picture of Cheryl Cole with Simon Cowell. Cheryl is reportedly planning to make the trek as X Factor judge to the states this fall along with Simon. 12-12-09 photo

A spokesperson for X Factor management said, “We will make the decision when we have had a break from the show. It is a long show. We will take a break, then we will sit down and talk about what we want to do [in the New Year].”

Despite the economy’s problems, it’s expected the two sides will secure a deal to make sure X Factor and Simon return next year.

With that news comes the final X Factor show of 2009. After auditioning over 200,000 hopefuls, the finale is here at last. This is it! I apologize for not publishing this report immediately, but I like to be thorough and give my readers a complete picture. It takes time to edit all the photos and text properly, so I appreciate your patience!

Picture of the final three X Factor contestants smiling and holding hands while entering the stage for Saturday's show. Olly Murs, Stacey Solomon, and Joe McEdlerry. 12-12-09 photo

First up Saturday night on the X Factor Live Show 10 was Dagenham’s Stacey Solomon, 20, performing the song she sang at her first audition, “Wonderful World.” Wearing a short belted Navy blue dress with a studded collar hanging off one shoulder, Stacey brought the judges to their feet.

“Stacey, I love everything about you!” Louis Walsh stated. “You’ve got everything. You’re great! I can’t believe you don’t know how good you are!”

Cheryl Cole grinned from ear to ear. “I’m pleased to see you enjoying yourself. What a wonderful girl you are!”

Picture of Stacey Solomon singing "Wonderful World" for her first song on Saturday's final 2009 X Factor. 12-12-09 photo

Simon Cowell said, “You are kind of like a calm nervous wreck singing beautifully. You thoroughly deserve your place in the final.”

“I’m very, very proud of you,” Dannii Minogue told her protégé. “Great to see you smiling. Well done!”

My take: Though it was obvious she tried really hard, I thought the vocals were mediocre. Sometimes her notes just fall flat.

Olly Murs came on stage next in a white shirt and dark vest to sing Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition,” a song that wowed the judges first time around. The 25-year-old gave it his all, to the point of even lying down on the floor and sliding under a line-up of his female dancers’ legs.

Picture of Olly Murs getting down and dirty under his dancer's legs while singing "Superstition" on the X factor 10 finale. 12-12-09 photo

“Not many people can sing Stevie Wonder!” Louis Walsh exclaimed: “You have definitely got The X Factor!”

Dannii Minogue said, “What a spectacular performance!”

“You are an entertainer!” Cheryl Cole told Olly.

Simon Cowell said this about his student: “I took a risk on you and it was the best risk of my life.”

My take: It was fun and well-done! I enjoyed the performance and Olly’s energy.

Next, eighteen year-old Joe McElderry sang “Dance With My Father,” a ballad chosen by the popular contestant himself. The boy from Tyneside wore a light shirt and dark slacks, looking good, smiling broadly as usual.

Picture of Joe McElderry at the X Factor mic singing "Dance with my Father." 12-12-09 photo

“You’ve got an incredible voice,” cried Louis Walsh. “You’ve got it all, man! Everything!”

Dannii Minogue said, “You have an amazing voice! What an adorable young man you are! You never let us down.”

“You deserve credit,” Simon Cowell told Joe. “You are a great example of someone who is talented and is a nice person.”

Cheryl Cole was nearly in tears as she complimented her student. “ You absolutely stole my heart the first time you sang this. I pray you make it to the final.”

My take: Even though I hate the sappy song, I have to admit he did a great job. I definitely liked it better than Gnarls Barkley’s version.

The second round of songs the finalists performed were duets with guest stars Michael Bublé, Robbie Williams, and George Michael.

Picture of Stacey Solomon and Michael Bublé giving a rousing performance of Bublé's big hit "Feeling Good" on Saturday night's X Factor Show 10. 12-12-09 photo

Wearing a strapless gown of copper sequins, Stacey Solomon sang “Feeling Good” with Michael Bublé, as fireworks went off in the background.

The judges did not comment, out of respect for the guest stars, I guess. But Michael Bublé was not mute. He told host Dermot O’Leary, “Could you tell we had a good time?”

My take: Excellent. Stacey Solomon’s best performance of the season, but then I’m a big Bublé fan.

Picture of "twins" Olly Murs and Robbie Williams singing a special X Factor duet of Robbie's hit song "Angels." 12-12-09 photo
Wearing nearly identical dark suits and ties with white shirts, Olly Murs and Robbie Williams sang “Angels.” Afterwards, Robbie told O’Leary, “Im a big Olly fan.”

My take: Okay, but not spectacular enough to win.

Olly Murs gets a hug from Robbie William backstage during X Factor's Live Show 10 Saturday night. 12-12-09 photo

“It was then time for the duet that many had been waiting for,” the X Factor website gushed in their write-up after the show. “A collaboration of youth and experience to produce a new type of brilliant—quite simply Joe McElderry singing ‘Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me’ with the one and only, George Michael.” Apparently, George Michael is still a big star in England, regardless of his many drug and sex problems/arrests that seemed to have dimmed his star in the United States.

Picture of George Michael and Joe McElderry singing a duet of George and Elton John's classic hit, "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" on Saturday's final 2009 X Factor Live Show 10. 12-12-09 photo

Wearing a dark gray jacket with a white shirt, Joe kept up with his dark suited idol, and both sang like the stars they deserve to be. “As the powerful light shone brightly behind them and the low smoke swept across the floor,” the website continued. “It was hard not to get emotional when you heard the union of their two voices.”

Picture of finalists Stacey Solomon and Joe McEdlerry clowning around backstage during X Factor rehearsals Saturday. By the way, Joe just told the Daily Mail, that although he's a virgin and doesn't have a current girlfriend, he's not gay. 12-12-09 photo

Afterwards, George Michael told Dermot O'Leary, “Joe rose to the occasion. He’s got a great future!”

My take: Great! Best performance of the evening! It was indeed heart-warming to see George Michael looking good and singing like a pro again!

The three X Factor finalists pose for a picture during Thursday's press conference. 12-12-09 photo

For the third and final performance of the night, the Final Three Contestants, Stacey Solomon, Olly Murs, and Joe McElderry, sang their Favorite Songs of the competition.

Stacey Solomon performed first, dressed in a short black strapless dress made of shiny sequins, set off nicely by high heels with wide ankle straps. Singing Queen’s classic “Who Wants To Live Forever,” the girl from Dagenham gave it her best.

“That was vocally incredible,” Louis Walsh told Stacey. “Few people can sing Freddie Mercury so well."

Picture of Dannii Minogue, Stacey Solomon's mentor, and Stacey smiling as they answer reporter's questions at the Thursday press conference. 12-10-09 photo

“You sounded incredible,” Cheryl Cole declared. “I’ve got my fingers crossed for you.”

Simon Cowell got right to the point: “You smashed it!”

“I am so happy and proud of you,” said Dannii Minogue about her protégé.

My take: A little off tune. Otherwise, pretty good, but I’m sorry to say she doesn’t have what it takes to win X Factor.

Picture of Olly Murs going shirtless for a spray tan in preparation of the final X Factor show. This is the "before" photo taken 12-10-09. Check out the bonus video of him stripping to get bronzed at the bottom of this post!

Wearing a silver sharkskin suit with a dark tie, Olly Murs performed a vigorous rendition of Tina Turner’s “Fool in Love.” With Rockette-type female dancers in short white dresses made of sixties-style fringe as backup, he danced and sang his ass off.

Louis Walsh was beside himself. “You’re sexy. You’re soulful. You’re a showman. You owned the stage. You owned the song. You’ve got the X Factor!”

Dannii Minogue agreed. “Your best performance from the series. I loved it.”
This is the "after" picture of Olly Murs with his golden tan. Not bad, but he's no Danyl Johnson!! 12-10-09 photo

“You sang that like it was your last opportunity,” Cheryl Cole told the man from Essex. “I wish you the very best of luck.”

Simon Cowell seemed pleased by all the positive response for his student. “You’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with, and as a person I am so proud of you.”

My take: Fun and Invigorating, but not quite good enough.

Wearing a dark gray shirt with a black vest and dark slacks, Joe McElderry, the eighteen year-old crooner from South Shields, took to the stage with an ethereal rendition of Elton John’s “Sorry Seems to Be The Hardest Word.”

“You never let us down!” Louis Walsh shouted. “I think you’re a very natural pop star!”

Picture of Joe McElderry backstage with his X Factor sylist, Faye. 12-12-09 photo

Dannii Minogue said, “Absolutely stunning performance!”

“You are really special,” Simon told Joe. “You’ve had an incredible night.”

“I absolutely adore you,” Cheryl Cole, on the verge of tears, told her protégé. “If there is any justice in the world you’ve got to be in the final two tomorrow.”

My take: Joe did a great job, as usual. Nice clear, heart-felt vocals. Joe for the win!

Guest star Robbie Williams then treated us to his new single, “You Know Me.”

My take: Lackluster and disappointing.

At last, it was time for the results. Two would stay. One would go.

Photo montage of the three 2009 X Factor finalists, Joe McElderry, Stacey Solomon, and Olly Murs

The final three entered the stage with their mentors at their sides. As per usual, host Dermont O’Leary took his sweet time announcing their fate. “In no particular order, the first act to stay for the X Factor final is . . . Olly!”

So, it was down to Stacey Solomon and Joe McElderry. “One of you has receive the fewest votes,” Dermot told them. “The second act through is . . . Joe!"

Picture of Olly Murs and Joe McElderry hugging each other after finding out they are the top two 2009 X Factor contestants. It looks like Olly's so happy he's about to kiss Joe! 12-12-09 photo

Stacey Solomon fought back the tears to say, “I just want to thank everyone who helped me make it to the finals.”

Picture of Stacey Solomon putting on a brave face for host Dermot O'Leary and the audience minutes after being eliminated on the 2009 X Factor Show 10 final. Dermot seems none too happy himself. 12-12-09 photo

So, it was down to Olly Murs and Joe McElderry for Sunday’s grand finale. It seemed fitting to me.

Picture of Olly Murs and Joe McElderry flanking host Dermot O'Leary after being found safe on Saturday's X Factor Live Show 10. 12-12-09 photo

The X Factor website interviewed the trio during the break.

Picture of Stacey Solomon getting her hair done backstage. 12-12-09 photo

First they caught up with Stacey. “Tonight was amazing! I went out… but who cares?” said the still smiling Essex native, surrounded by family and friends. “I got to the final and I’m really, really proud of myself.”

Backstage picture of X Factor associate Sinitia getting into Joe McElderry's lovely cupcakes! Hey, where's mine? Joe certainly seems to be having a good time! 12-12-09 photo

The website found Joe McElderry smiling as well, but his grin was more genuine. “I feel absolutely amazing. I can’t believe it!” Joe told them. “I’m over the moon and I’m so excited for tomorrow. I can’t wait!”

Picture of Olly Murs backstage with his vocal coach Yvie. 12-12-09 photo

Olly Murs appeared to be a bundle of excitement as well. “I feel so happy. I might not look it at the moment because I’m absolutely shattered but I’m so pleased with myself,” said the twenty-five year old performer, still clad in his shiny suit, complete with trademark tight trousers. “It’s been an amazing journey. I gave 125,000 percent tonight! So I’m just really proud I’ve done the best I could and people have picked it up and voted for me.”

Picture of the Twink Twins, Jedward (John and Edward Grimes), recently voted off X Factor, singing "Never Forget" with the Final Twelve Sunday night. They also entertained in the after-show. Guess what! They still can't sing! But they sure are cute! 12-13-09 photo

Sunday night’s Grande Finale began with the final twelve 2009 X Factor contestants, including Joe McElderry and Olly Murs dressed in white, singing the British boy band Take That’s smash hit "Never Forget," with the contestants' baby pictures flashing on the screens behind them. It was nice to see Danyl Johnson again, but, for my money, they should’ve featured him more, considering he came in fourth and was eliminated just last week.

Picture of Olly Murs and Joe McElderry, clad in white, singing "Never Forget" with the final twelve 2009 X Factor contestants. 12-13-09 photo

Then Olly Murs, dressed in a dark gray suit and tie coupled with dark pants, performed a vigorous interpretation of The Beatles classic “Twist and Shout.” I must say I didn’t quite understand the big screen homage to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in the middle of the performance, but it didn’t seem to bother the judges.

“You’re a born showman!” Louis Walsh exclaimed. “You always, always, always entertain us. You’re sexy and no matter what happens tonight, you’ll have a great career in music.”

Dannii Minogue was matter of fact. “All I can say is people who come to the tour will be waiting for you to perform.”

Picture of Olly Murs singing "Twist and Shout" with his gyrating dancers during Sunday night's 2009 X Factor Results Show 10. 12-13-09 photo

“Another fantastic performance!” Cheryl Cole said.

Simon Cowell, Olly’s mentor, was over the top with his comments. “You’re fearless! You always put on a show! We’re here for one reason: to win the X Factor tonight. Brilliant!”

My take: Fun and energetic, but not good enough to win.

Joe McElderry, wearing a black suit and tie with a dark shirt, then performed Journey’s "Don’t Stop Believing." It never hurts to think positive!

Picture of Joe McElderry looking good in black while singing "Don't Stop Believing" for Sunday's X Factor Results Show 10. 12-13-09 photo

“You’ve got a big voice,” Louis Walsh told Joe. “You have a great, great future.”

Dannii Minogue said, “Definitely the best voice on the stage tonight.”

Joe’s mentor, Cheryl Cole, was less than original. “Don’t stop believing, ’cause you can win this.”

My take: It was good, but I’m missing me some Danyl Johnson!

Picture of Alexandra and JLS singing "Bad Boys/Everybody in Love" on Sunday's 2009 X Factor stage. 12-13-09 photo

It was then time for last year’s stars Alexandra Burke (runner-up) and JLS (winner) to return to X Factor and show everyone why they’ve become so successful. They sang a medley of Alexandra’s “Bad Boys” and JLS’ “Everybody In Love,” prompting a round of applause from the crowd and judges.

Picture of Leona Lewis, another winner, from 2006, singing "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" on the 2009 X Factor stage. Is this a talent show or a move called Attack of the Giant Jamie Archer? The graphics were a bit over the top, don't you think? 12-13-09 photo

The second half of the show began with Leona Lewis, the most successful X Factor winner (2006) in history, delivering a rousing rendition of Oasis’ “Stop Crying Your Heart Out.”

My take: She did well, but I’ve seen her perform better. Perhaps it was the song choice.

Picture of our fave Danyl Johnson, who was eliminated from X Factor last week, with his certificate and a bag of flour. Hey, a man's gotta eat, doen't he? 12-8-09 photo

Then Olly Murs, dressed in a black suit with matching tie and a white shirt, did his interpretation of the official X Factor “Winner’s Song,” the Mylie Cyrus hit single, “The Climb,” with a choir dressed in white on both sides of the stage.

Judge Louis Walsh said it simply: “I like everything about Olly Murs.” Okay, we understand. Now, get a room, will ya?

Dannii Minogue seemed hypnotized. “I never heard you sing like that before.”

Picture of Olly Murs in the corridor as he heads for the X Factor stage Sunday night. 12-13-09 photo

“You sang that absolutely beautifully,” Cheryl Cole told the singer from Essex.

Simon Cowell, Olly’s mentor, remained confident. “You just answered every bit of criticism. I hope people give you the support you deserve!”

My take: Okay, but Olly’s no Joe McEdlerry!

Speaking of the eighteen year-old South Shields sensation, Joe McElderry then took his place on the X Factor stage to sing his own rendition of “The Climb,” with the same choir as backup. Looking good in a dark suit with a white shirt and black tie, Joe brought the judges and the audience to their feet.

Picture of Joe McElderry singing "The Climb" on Sunday's X Factor Final Results Show 10. 12-13-09 photo

Louis Walsh said, “I think you’ve got the edge as you have the better voice!” How fickle is Louis! I thought he said he was in love with Olly! Oh, well. Such is life . . . and love.

“Effortless!” proclaimed Dannii Minogue. “I get tingles when you hit those top notes. I love it!”

Picture of British celebrity Gok with Joe McElderry backstage. 12-12-09 photo

Simon seemed perplexed. “I can’t call this now. I genuinely can’t.”

Joe’s mentor, Cheryl Cole, was pleased. “You have been an absolute pleasure. I hope tonight you’ll realize your dream.”

My take: While I’m not fond of the song, I enjoyed Joe’s clear vocals, as per usual.

George Michael then entered the stage wearing a dark suit and dark shirt, with nary a twig caught in the button holes, to perform his new single “December Song.”

Picture of George Michael singing his new Christmas single, "December Song" on the 2009 X Factor Results Show 10 stage. 12-13-09 photo
My take: Although the song is probably not a chart topper, George sang well and the response to “pop royalty,” as the UK press calls him, was overwhelming from both the audience and the judges.

Singing the Beatles hit “Drive My Car,” surprise guest, Sir Paul McCartney, performed with the 12 X Factor finalists for backup.

Then the Queen’s Knight of the Realm treated us to another performance, this time ”Live and Let Die.”

My take: Paul McCartney’s voice was so cracked it sounded like he had a sore throat. My immediate reactions was he should be voted off X Factor! But the always disagreeable Simon Cowell must have read my thoughts because he suddenly announced, “On behalf of all of us, you’re through to the next round.”
Backstage picture of X Factor host Dermot O'Leary preparing to have his makeup done. And you all thought he was a natural beauty! 12-12-09 photo

And then it was time for the culmination of all the hard work from the last four months: The Final Results.

“The lines are now closed!” declared X Factor host Dermot O’Leary. The tension in the room was overwhelming, as Olly Murs and Joe McEdlerry stood next to their mentors awaiting their fate.

Picture of X Factor host Dermot O'Leary preparing to announce the 2009 winner. 12-13-09 photo

“This is it. We have had over ten million votes,” Dermot said. “It’s time for the results . . . I’m about to reveal the winner . . . 200,000 have applied . . . the 2009 x Factor winner is . . . Joe!” Right on!

The good-looking crooner then once again sang what would soon become his first published single, “The Climb,” with the final twelve dressed in white joining in and hugging him at the end.

Well, I’ll be damned! Justice was served, even if it was left wanting last week when Danyl Johnson was sacked. Not that I’m bitter . . . or anything.

Picture of mentor Cheryl Cole hugging Joe McElderry seconds after he won the 2009 X Factor crown. 12-13-09 photo

In any case, it was wonderful to see a nice guy who can sing actually win something! Congratulations to Joe McElderry for a job well done!

Picture of Joe McEdlerry being joined by the final 12 2009 X Factor contestants after singing his winning number "The Climb."

Runner-up Olly Murs took the loss gracefully, Twittering afterwards, “I gave it my best and the best man won!”

Picture of winner Joe McElderry getting a "hot-off-the-press" copy of his first CD, "The Climb" from X Factor host Dermot O'Leary. 12-13-09 photo

Click here for links to buy Joe McElderry's single "The Climb." Visit the brand new official Joe McElderry website and/or follow Joe on Twitter! Joe’s first Twitter message after his big win read, “Omggg !!!! Can't believe what has just happened !!! Thank you soo much to everyone that has voted and supported me appreciate it soo much ...”

Cover picture photo of 2009 X Factor winner Joe McElderry's brand new CD single "The Climb," released Monday, December 14, 2009. Download it here.

Just released! Here's a graph of the 2009 X Factor entire season vote percentages, showing how our man Danyl Johnson was the favorite for only a few of the early shows. I think it can be blamed on bad press from homophobic and racist media, as he was a consistent performer. I dare to say he was the only one with soul! Nonetheless, we wish the 2009 X Factor winner Joe McElderry all the best, as he too has talent befitting a star! Click on the graph to enlarge.

In case you can’t read the chart, here’s the full 2009 X Factor UK list of votes week-by-week:

Week One: Music Legends
Danyl Johnson: 27.1%, Stacey Solomon: 12.9%, Joe McElderry: 12.7%, Lucie Jones: 10.5%, Jamie Archer: 8.9%, Lloyd Daniels: 6.4%, Olly Murs: 6.2% John & Edward: 4.5% Miss Frank: 4.0% Rikki Loney: 3.0% Rachel Adedeji: 2.3% Kandy Rain: 1.5% (Deadlock)

Week Two: Divas
Stacey Solomon: 15.4%Lloyd Daniels: 15.0% Jamie Archer: 14.4% Joe McElderry: 13.3% Olly Murs: 10.6% Lucie Jones: 8.1% Danyl Johnson: 6.5% John & Edward: 5.6% Miss Frank: 3.9% Rachel Adedeji: 3.7% Rikki Loney: 3.5% (Judges)

Week Three: Big Band
Rachel Adedeji: 15.4% Joe McElderry: 12.9% Lucie Jones: 11.3% Jamie Archer: 11.2% Stacey Solomon: 10.7% John & Edward: 9.2% Olly Murs: 8.6% loyd Daniels: 8.0% Danyl Johnson: 7.6% Miss Frank: 5.1% (Deadlock)

Week Four: Rock Week
Danyl Johnson: 36.2% Olly Murs: 13.4% Joe McElderry: 10.2% Jamie Archer: 8.7% Stacey Solomon: 8.1% John & Edward: 6.6% Lucie Jones: 6.4% Lloyd Daniels: 5.5% Rachel Adedeji: 4.9% (Deadlock)

Week Five: Movie Week
Danyl Johnson: 19.6% Joe McElderry: 17.2% Olly Murs: 12.9% Lloyd Daniels: 12% Stacey Solomon: 10.8% Jamie Archer: 9.5% John & Edward: 9.2% Lucie Jones: 8.8% (Deadlock)

Week Six: Queen Week
Stacey Solomon: 25.5% Joe McElderry: 16.0% Danyl Johnson: 15.5% John & Edward: 14.6% Olly Murs: 10.3% Lloyd Daniels: 9.7% Jamie Archer: 8.4% (Deadlock)

Week Seven: George Michael and Wham!
Joe McElderry: 34.2% Stacey Solomon: 17.7% Danyl Johnson: 15.5% Lloyd Daniels: 12.1% John & Edward: 10.7% Olly Murs: 9.8% (Judges)

Week Eight: Take That and Elton John
Joe McElderry: 37.1% Stacey Solomon: 20.1% Olly Murs: 18.7% Danyl Johnson: 12.5% Lloyd Daniels: 11.6% (Public)

Week Nine: Semi-Final
Joe McElderry: 42.2% Olly Murs: 19.6% Stacey Solomon: 19.4% Danyl Johnson: 18.8% (Public)

Week Ten: Final First Leg
Joe McElderry: 52.2% Olly Murs: 27.7% Stacey Solomon: 20.1% (Public)

Week Ten: The Final
Joe McElderry: 61.3% Olly Murs: 38.7% (Public)

Watch this Bonus Video: X Factor's Olly Murs goes topless to get a spray tan by Vita Liberata, for the semi final show. "Get your own X Factor tan, Rich silken chocolate from http://www.vitaliberata.com/":

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Watch The X Factor 2009 video – Alexandra, runner-up, and JLS, winner, from X Factor 2008 sing a medley “Bad Boys/Everybody in Love” - Results Show 10 (itv.com/xfactor) Season 6 Episode 20 December 13, 2009 The X Factor UK 2009. Returning from The 2008 X Factor Alexandra and JLS perform a medley of Alexandra’s “Bad Boys” and JLS’s “Everybody in Love”:

Enjoy The X Factor 2009 video – 2006 winner Leona Lewis sings “Stop Crying Your Heart Out” - Results Show 10 (itv.com/xfactor) Season 6 Episode 20 December 13, 2009 The X Factor UK 2009. The most successful winner of The X Factor to date, Leona Lewis, returns to sing “Stop Crying Your Heart Out”:

Check out The X Factor 2009 video - Olly Murs sings “The Climb” - Results Show 10 (itv.com/xfactor) Season 6 Episode 20 December 13, 2009 The X Factor UK 2009. Olly sings his first performance of what could be his brand new single: “The Climb!”

Watch The X Factor 2009 video – Guest George Michael sings “December Song” - Results Show 10 (itv.com/xfactor) Season 6 Episode 20 December 13, 2009 The X Factor UK 2009. George Michael returns to the stage to perform his new Christmas number: “December Song”:

Check out The X Factor 2009 video - Sir Paul McCartney sings “Drive My Car” - Results Show 10 (itv.com/xfactor) Season 6 Episode 20 December 13, 2009 The X Factor UK 2009. Along with some very special guests (The Final Twelve X Factor Contestants) - Sir Paul McCartney performs the classic “Drive My Car”:

Watch The X Factor 2009 video - Sir Paul McCartney sings “Live and Let Die” - Results Show 10 (itv.com/xfactor) Season 6 Episode 20 December 13, 2009 The X Factor UK 2009. For his second song, Sir Paul McCartney performs Beatle favorite “Live and Let Die”:

Check out The X Factor 2009 video – GRAND FINALE RESULTS: AND THE WINNER IS . . . - Results Show 10 (itv.com/xfactor) Season 6 Episode 20 December 13, 2009 The X Factor UK 2009. After four months of searching, your X Factor king is revealed! And the winner is . . .

Enjoy The X Factor 2009 video - Joe McEdlerry sings his winning rendition of Mylie Cyrus’ “The Climb,” which will be his first CD single - Results Show 10 (itv.com/xfactor) Season 6 Episode 20 December 13, 2009. The X Factor UK 2009. Grand finale winner Joe McElderry sings his brand new single “The Climb”:
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