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Thursday, December 10, 2009


December 10, 2009.
When Adam Lambert went to Skylight Studios for Tuesday night's launch of VEVO, the new controversial music-video site, New York Magazine wanted him to dish about other celebrity scandals, in particular those surrounding Tiger Woods. To his credit, he refused! “I think it’s funny that we focus so much on people’s personal lives,” he said. “He plays golf. Let’s focus on golf.”
Promotional photo of Adam Lambert with Barbara Walters to promote her Most Fascinating People of 2009 special, which aired last night December 9, 2009 on ABC
So they asked him why he broke up with interior designer Drake LaBry, his boyfriend of six months. “We just had our differences,” Lambert said. “I’m putting a lot energy into my career right now. It’s not fair to him."

Adam wouldn’t elaborate on Eminem’s new song, "Elevator," which contains new homophobic lyrics. Eminem uses the words “fake it” in place of “faggot” to refer to Adam, Lance Bass, and Clay Aiken. “He called me a lovely word, a lovely word,” was all Adam would say, preferring not to give the has-been rapper additional attention.

Closeup picture of Adam Lambert from Wednesday's Barbara Walters interview. 12-09-09 photo

Lambert did answer questions about the uproar over his 2009 American Music Awards (AMAs) performance. “You know, I was just doing a number. I really think people overreacted,” he told New York Magazine. “But we're moving forward now. You learn from things that happen. So, I realize now, ‘Okay, so maybe I'll just be more consistent with rehearsal.’ You know, so that if during rehearsal, if there's a problem, I don't piss any network off, and I learn something. I think the other thing is, I move forward and not dwell on it over and over again. It’s over.”

Picture from New York Magazine, which published the aforementioned article about Adam Lambert this morning, 12-10-09.

Not content, they asked Adam what inspired the “raunchy performance” in the first place. “Spirit of rock and roll, you know,” he answered. “For me it’s all about being raw and interpreting the lyrics of the song and just going with your instincts.”

Picture/Poster/Photo of Adam Lambert from Vh1, where he's on the Top 20 Countdown this week. Head over to the VH1 Top 20 Countdown page and vote for Adam's "For Your Entertainment" single! Simply scroll down to select Adam from the alphabetically listed candidates on the left side of the page, then drag his block into the countdown area on the right.

Then they asked him if it had anything to do with Lambert’s idol, David Bowie, whom they called “a fake-fellatio pioneer.” “Well, that moment was sort of impromptu and off the cuff,” said Lambert. “I wasn't thinking about Bowie when I was up there. I was thinking about sex!”

Photo from Entertainment Tonight (ET), who was at the VEVO launch party to interview Adam Lambert. 12-8-09 photo

Adam Lambert will be on NBC's Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien December 14, 2009, where he’ll sing “Whata Ya Want from Me.” He'll also be a special guest on the finale of So You Think You Can Dance December 16, 2009 on Fox! Plus he's still scheduled to be on NBC's The Jay Leno Show December 21, 2009.

Rihanna, who came out of the closet just this morning as a bisexual lesbian, cozied up to Adam Lambert at the VEVO party Tuesday. 12-8-09 photo

On The View today, Adam told the girls that all the attention his steamy American Music Awards (AMAs) performance has received has taken attention away from his singing and that is his only regret. He also reiterated his statement that he is not a baby sitter and that too much has been made of it.

Picture of Adam Lambert performing at the VEVO launch party Tuesday night. 12-8-09 photo

Adam Lambert will be featured in the December 14, 2009 issue of People Magazine. Here are a few quotes: “’Some people are on board, some people are a little confused by it,’ Lambert said on his mission to bring back glam-rock.” Plus “Adam Bares All: The American Idol glam-rocker dishes on the quirks of fame, pushing boundaries (exhibit A: his raunchy, American Music Awards number) and going toe-to-toe with Madonna.” And “I don’t want to alienate people. Sometimes I think, ‘Should I tone it down? But everything in me says, no, go with your instincts.’” We certainly agree! Long live Adam Lambert and artistic freedom!

Page with picture of Adam Lambert in the December 14th People. 12-14-09 photo

Visit Adam Lambert’s official website, MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter pages. To check out our previous photos and videos of Adam, click here and here and here (The pages are too big to load all together).

Page/Picture of Adam Lambert in the December 14, 2009 issue of People Magazine. 12-14-09 photo

If you missed it, check out our post on Adam Lambert’s raucous appearance on the American Music Awards (AMA’s). It’s filled with photos and an UNDELETED, independent video of the uncensored performance! Click here: AMA's: ADAM LAMBERT SCORES $1 MILLION IN PUBLICITY, SEX-SHOCKS AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS! 18 PHOTOS! 6 VIDEOS!

Watch this video of Adam Lambert talking with the girls on The View this morning, 12-10-09, Season 14 Episode 67:

Check out this video of Adam Lambert singing “Whata Ya Want From Me” on The View today, 12-10-09, Season 14 Episode 67:

Watch this video of Adam Lambert on Barbara Walter’s Most Fascinating People of 2009:

Check out this whacked video of Adam Lambert filmed by VEVO. Quote: “Working with Adam was such a blast. As you can see from the video below, he really throws himself into his work! When he is performing, he is completely 100% ON, cameras rolling or not. @vevo is launching shortly, so a big thanks to @adamlambert for all the help and stay tuned everyone… more Adam and other exclusives coming shortly!” From Vevo.com blog. 12-8-09

Watch this VEVO video interview: “On the Couch with Adam Lambert” Behind the Scenes at Vevo.com. “Adam was awesome enough to sit down with VEVO during a break from shooting to answer some questions and reveal some influences. Adam talks about Michael Jackson and David LaChapelle. 12-8-09:

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RV Birds of a Feather said...

Adam is a simply a fabulous talent. Get over all the hoopla around the AMA performance and his gayness, and enjoy his true artistry in his vocal abilities and creative theatrics. What a powerhouse!


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