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Monday, November 23, 2009


November 23, 2009.
In a move of sheer genius, Adam Lambert shocked his fans and the world on the eve of the release of his debut album CD For Your Entertainment, by simulating oral sex and gay kissing a man on stage during the closing performance at the 2009 American Music Awards (AMAs) show Sunday night, November 22, 2009! The stunt has the entire gay blogging, straight news, and general talk show communities chatting about him and even though much of the blather is critical, he knows there is no such thing as bad publicity! (UPDATE! 11-24-09. Adam's appearance Wednesday on Good Morning America has been cancelled by the jerks at ABC, but the good folks from The Early Show on CBS quickly picked him up! Details at the bottom of this post!)
Adam Lambert struts his stuff at the beginning of his 2009 AMAs performance Sunday night. Little did the audience know what was coming next! 11-22-09 photo
His premiere album was already a best seller before even being released, but now the sales are guaranteed to go through the roof. Especially now that it’s available right now from Amazon.com for the amazing price of $3.99!

Near the end of the American Music Awards show, which was held at the Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre, American Idol host Ryan Seacrest introduced Adam Lambert. After a spirited vocal beginning, Adam groped both male and female stage performers, dragged around and pulled on dancers sporting leashes and bondage outfits, French-kissed a male key boardist, and even groped himself (in homage to Michael Jackson?). Janet Jackson also grabbed her crotch at the beginning of the show's opening, might I remind everyone!

A female dancer checks out Adam Lambert's body while a male performer with a big tongue licks his lips. 11-22-09 photo

Adam ended the performance by flipping off the audience with his middle finger (the bird), which can be construed as either a compliment of an insult, depending on your point of view. I tend toward the former, as I believe sex is good! LOL! The crowd was eerily quiet and it was hard to tell if people were in shock or in awe.

Ever the equal opportunity employer, Adam Lambert prepares to grope a female in his troupe. 11-22-09 photo

Definitely offended was ABC, who proceeded to censor the West Coast broadcast of the AMA show by cutting the scene of Adam pushing a male dancer’s face into his crotch, as well as the flipping of the bird, but they were kind enough to leave the same sex kiss intact. Rumors of more censorship are unfounded, according to the ABC News official website. I must say, I had to look thrice to determine that the kissee key boardist was indeed a guy (who is said to be straight BTW)!

ABC claims more than 1,500 people called to bitch about Adam's sexually charged performance at the American Music Awards, but the network characterized the response as "moderate."

Adam Lambert gets down and dirty with a shirtless male dancer while singing "For Your Entertainment" at Sunday's AMA's. Yummy! 11-22-09 photo

After the performance, Adam refused to apologize and said he was offended by suggestions that the act was too risque.

11-22-09 photo of Adam Lambert on the AMA stage just before the simulated oral sex scene with a "lascivious" male dancer. I've inserted a title explaining how the controversy is worth a million bucks to Adam, publicity-wise.

Lambert told Rolling Stone, “It’s a shame because I think that there’s a double standard going on in the entertainment community right now. Female performers have been doing this for years—pushing the envelope about sexuality—and the minute a man does it, everybody freaks out. It’s time to take risks, be a little more brave, time to open people’s eyes and if it offends them, then maybe I’m not for them.”

And so it happened! Adam Lambert shoved the male dancer's face into his glittered crotch during his American Music Awards performance, outraging Republicans and embarrassing conservative gays everywhere--all ten of them! 11-22-09 photo

According to Lambert, there were several unscripted and spontaneous moments during the performance, including a misstep that caused him to slip and fall.

Adam Lambert makes the most of the simulated oral sex act by grinding his crotch into the face of his "same-sex" dancer at the 2009 AMA show! 11-22-09 photo

A couple of hours after the airing, the Los Angeles Times gave Adam a “D” for his number. Columnist Todd Martens said: “You wouldn’t have seen this on American Idol, a show that has broadcast its share of monstrosities. Borrowing some of Rihanna’s shoulder spikes and torture devices, Lambert dragged women around onstage and got frisky with dudes, all in what seemed like an overly calculated way to show himself off as some sort of glam-gone-dangerous artist—and to instantly distance Lambert from the family-friendly Idol fare. It all would have been forgivable if the song actually had a hook. Lambert has the voice, and a charisma that stands out in today’s pop music landscape, but this was provocation by the numbers.” Talk about bitchy!

Adam Lambert sings his heart out at the 2009 American Music Awards. Note the spikes on the shoulder of his glittered-up suit jacket. 11-22-09 photo

During the spirited performance, Adam tripped slightly, but recovered so quickly most people didn’t even notice. The most interesting thing about the presentation was that it came on the heels of an open letter from Out magazine intimating Adam was not gay enough. What did Marie Antoinette say? Let them eat c**k?

Adam Lambert moves in for the "notorious" same sex kiss that has the whole world buzzing. Adam sang his smash hit "For Your Entertainment" on the AMA stage Sunday night. 11-22-09 photo

The ladies of The View spoke up first thing Monday morning. Whoopi Goldberg said they wanted to show the audience what the fuss was all about but that ABC told them the clip was “inappropriate for daytime TV.” That prompted the token Republican on the show, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, to state she thought it “inappropriate for any TV,” and “Quite frankly," she said she "found it really over the line.”

But our gay-friendly buddy, Joy Behar, quickly pointed out that “They love a lesbian kiss but get upset when two guys do it.”

Adam Lambert does the tongue dance with his male key boardist on the 2009 AMA stage, a move he says was spontaneous and unplanned. 11-22-09 photo

Even Barbara Walters came to Adam Lambert’s defense, noting, “The fact that you can watch it at night . . . but the fact that he does sexual things means you can’t watch it on daytime TV is absurd . . . I love you ABC, but there does seem to be a double standard at work here.”

Closeup of the same-sex kiss heard 'round the world. Hey, the musician is hot! Can you blame Adam? I guess you can if you're a homophobe!

Adam talked to Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson after his AMA performance and complained about discrimination! He said that there is hypocrisy in this country because he’s a man doing things female artists have done for years.

Adam Lambert gives his lungs a work-out on the Nokia Theatre stage singing "For Your Entertainment" to close Sunday's AMAs. 11-22-09 photo

At the end of the evening, Adam Lambert released this statement:
“The energy felt good. Adrenaline is a crazy thing to feel, that’s what I love about performing. I’m hoping people were entertained. For those who weren’t, maybe I’m not their cup of tea.”

When asked what he’d think if his performance would be censored, Lambert said, “If it’s gonna be edited, then in a way that’s discrimination. I don’t mean to get political, but Madonna, Britney and Christina weren’t edited. It’s a shame. Female entertainers have been risqué for years. Honestly, there’s a huge double standard.”

Adam Lambert sports a fancy walking-stick while his male and female dancers gyrate all over the American Music Awards stage. 11-22-09 photo

Lambert said his goal wasn’t to upset anyone with his performance: “I’m just trying to have a good time onstage. It’s a sexy song. It’s 2009, it’s time to take more risks. It’s about entertainment. People want to be surprised. It’s too bad that people are so scared.”

Sunday night Adam Tweeted and stated this on his Facebook page: “All hail freedom of expression and artistic integrity. :) fans: I adore u.” I love it when he gets all defiant like that!

Adam Lambert gropes himself near the end of his AMA performance on Sunday. 11-22-09 photo

Since ABC and YouTube are working overtime to get videos of the AMAs off the Internet, I’m bringing you the full uncensored version via an independent video processor! ABC doesn’t allow embedding of their videos as it is and now they seem to be worried the public will get to see the whole unadulterated performance of Adam Lambert’s historical mind-blowing performance on somebody else's dime. Long Live Adam Lambert and artistic sexual freedom! Screw ABC and YouTube!

A sweaty, heavy breathing Adam Lambert flips the bird at the end of his 2009 American Music Awards performance, a move meant to be positive not negative. It's like the new "siiiiiick"! 11-22-09 photo

Visit Adam Lambert’s official website, MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter pages. To check out the rest of our photos and videos of Adam, click here and here and here. (The pages are too large to load all at once.)

Adam Lambert needs your support! Download the single "For Your Entertainment." Buy the entire album on Amazon.com, while it’s available for the unbelievably low price of $3.99! Still not sure? Listen to a 30-second preview of each track here.

I'd like to apologize for being so late in getting this story posted. Not only does it take longer when you like to enhance your pages with lots of photos and videos in order to present the most complete story, my computer crashed today and I had to endure a stressful computer restoration process. The good news is everything's back to normal. Enjoy the videos!

UPDATE! 11-24-09. Adam Lambert’s scheduled appearance for Wednesday (November 25, 2009) on Good Morning America has been cancelled by the fools at ABC! Apparently those 1500 complaints about Lambert's performance on the 2009 American Music Awards (AMAs) were enough to scare the Good Morning America producers, with no rescheduling in sight. A spokesperson for ABC News said, "Given his controversial live performance on the AMAs, we were concerned about airing a similar concert so early in the morning." To bitch about this discriminatory action, go here: ABC.com - Contact Us - Thanks.

"Obviously, I respect their decision, but they’ve gotta do what they’ve gotta do," Lambert said today in an interview with Ryan Seacrest. "It's too bad! I think there were a lot of fans who were excited to come see me. They probably had a lot of pressure coming at them from certain people who weren't happy about it."

GOOD NEWS! After ABC's cancellation, CBS quickly announced that Lambert will appear on The Early Show Wednesday morning both to perform and discuss the reaction to Sunday's appearance. Lambert is also appearing on David Letterman's Late Show Wednesday, which was scheduled weeks ago.

Just three hours ago, Adam Lambert announced on his Facebook page that tomorrow morning he’ll be doing a special meet and greet in the plaza outside the CBS Early Show studio following his indoor performance. He’s encouraging his fans to gather at 59th and 5th to show their support for “freedom of expression and artistic integrity.” Long live Glamrock and Adam Lambert!

Watch Adam Lambert’s full uncensored AMA performance video of his hot single “For Your Entertainment” - American Music Awards 2009 – Video 11-22-09:

Here’s an MTV Video Clip showing the part of Adam Lambert’s AMA performance where he trips, tumbles, and rolls, all without missing a beat, which is probably why we didn’t notice the first time we watched:

Check out this Access Hollywood video taped immediately after the
AMAs, wherein Adam talks about the possibility of censorship and how he hopes people enjoyed his performance. “If not,” he said, “Maybe I’m not for you.”:

Watch this CNN Video, which was uploaded today, November 23, 2009. “American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert discusses his much talked about performance on the American Music Awards 11-22-09.” He says the same sex kiss was unplanned and reiterates his complaint about a double standard:

Check out this video showing what the co-hosts on The View had to say about Adam Lambert’s AMA performance this morning, 11-23-09. Comments by Whoopi Goldberg, Sherry Shepherd, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Barbara Walters:

Here's an official ABC Widget showing the goings-on at the 2009 American Music Awards (AMAs) red-carpet plus highlights from Sunday's performances. 11-23-09 (To turn it off, click on one of the bottom videos. To turn it back on, refresh the page.):

UPDATE! 11-25-09! Here's the CBS Early Show video of Adam Lambert's interview this morning. (Note: Even though CBS was kind enough to have Adam on, they did something stupid and homophobic: While showing footage of Adam's American Music Awards (AMAs) performance of "For Your Entertainment" they blurred the gay kiss between Adam and his male key boardist, but not the "lesbian" kiss between Madonna and Britney from an earlier show, proving that there is indeed a double standard on TV!):

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Bonus Video: Adam Lambert doing “Fever,” written by Lady Gaga, a track on his just released debut album For Your Entertainment:

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