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Thursday, November 26, 2009


November 25, 2009.
Although Lady Gaga’s fiery performance at the 2009 American Music Awards (AMA’s) was hugely overshadowed by the sexually charged Adam Lambert controversy, we are pleased to finally bring you the un-deleted intact non-YouTube video of the fabulous Lady Gaga presentation plus photos of the glowing diva on the AMA stage. In addition we have pictures and video of her Best Buy appearance, Monday’s Jay Leno performance, Friday’s upcoming Ellen gig, taped interviews galore, plus a bonus video of her “Telephone” duet with Beyonce!
Lady Gaga begins singing her "Bad Romance" and "Speechless" songs at the 2009 American Music Awards (AMA's) wearing a white headdress of tubes, lights, and spikes! 11-22-09 photo

Yes, while fires have been raging all over Cyber-Land’s News, Gossip, and Blog Communities about Adam Lambert, Gaga has been a very busy girl indeed! From her brand new album The Fame Monster, Lady Gaga sang “Bad Romance” and “Speechless” for the American Music Awards (AMAs) audience. A scorching success!

While everybody was focused on Adam Lambert's so-called "raunchy" AMA performance, no one seemed to notice Lady Gaga and her dancers were dressed in see-through nude body suits! 11-22-09 photo

A true performance artist, after finishing the first song, Lady Gaga used the floor microphone to smash a glass box surrounding her burning piano, which she played with flair! At the end of the second song, Lady Gaga broke a whiskey bottle across her knee and proceeded to bring the house down with her performance via great vocals, style and panache!

Lady Gaga's dancers gyrate as she delivers the American Music Awards performance of the night! 11-22-09 photo

During the entire presentation, Lady Gaga wore a skin-tight, nude-like costume featuring tubes of flashing lights on her chest. Although she was nominated for four AMAs (American Music Awards), including Best Female Artist, she didn’t win a single thing this year. My guess is she was shafted by people feeling sorry for Taylor Swift for Kanye West interrupting Swift at the Video Music Awards (VMAs) earlier this year!

The Lady Gaga dancers vogue it up at the 2009 AMAs on Sunday as Lady Gaga sings her new hit "Bad Romance." 11-22-09 photo

The “Poker Face” pop star appeared at a Best Buy store in Los Angeles Monday, November 23, 2009, to greet fans and sign autographs, and celebrate the release of her new album, The Fame Monster.

Halfway into "Bad Romance," Lady Gaga removes her tubular face mask, giving the AMA audience fresh attitude. 11-22-09 photo

Lady Gaga was so impressed with her fans’ dedication, she sent them 80 pizzas from a local restaurant. She Twittered her thanks: “Sending all my little monsters little pizzas for waiting all night for me at Best Buy. I hope you’re hungry . . . eat up, I love u!”

Lady Gaga struts her stuff on the American Music Awards stage in fishnet stockings and a flesh-colored body suit. 11-22-09 photo

After signing her record, she went to The jay Leno Show studio wearing a high-shouldered black dress, which she performed in for Leno’s Monday night’s show.

With lights flashing on her tubular vest, Lady Gaga continues singing her new smash single "Bad Romance" during Sunday's AMAs 11-22-09 photo

After performing “Bad Romance” on The Jay Leno Show in a hotly choreographed presentation, Lady Gaga sat down and talked with the venerable, gay-friendly talk show host. About her Catholic school upbringing, she said, “My music was different in high school. I was singing about love . . . things I don’t care about anymore!” Gaga loves to joke, as everyone knows love is her favorite subject, tragic as it can be!

Lady Gaga moves to her piano after breaking through the surrounding glass box with her microphone stand at the 2009 American Music Awards. 11-22-09 photo

Gaga bitched to Jay about being locked out of the Grammies in the Best New Artist category. “I’ve been nominated in the past, so technically due to song writing and things, I’m not a new artist. But it’s okay, because the biggest reward for me has been my fans.”

Surrounded by fire, Lady Gaga sings "Speechless" at the 2009 AMAs. 11-22-09 photo
Lady Gaga also said when she performs for the Queen of England next month, she’ll be wearing latex and fishnets! She revealed to Jay the gossip about her she hates the most: “That I’m from Yonkers. There’s all sorts of rumors about me, but that’s my least favorite."
Lady Gaga with one leg up on her piano bench at the AMAs Sunday night. 11-22-09 photo
Be sure to watch Ellen on Friday morning, as Lady Gaga will be performing and talking with our favorite out gay comedienne! In a pre-taped episode, the incendiary singer will tell Ellen Degeneres that in high school she wanted to be just like Boy George.
As ashes rain down on Lady Gaga, she breaks into the second half of her medley on the 2009 American Music Awards. 11-22-09 photo
“This is really who I am and it took a long time to be OK with that,” she’ll say. “Maybe in high school you, Ellen, felt discriminated against, like you didn’t fit in and you wanted to be like everyone else, but not really, and in the inside, you wanted to be like Boy George . . . Well, I did, anyway . . . So, I want my fans to know that it’s OK. Sometimes in life you don’t always feel like a winner but that doesn’t mean you’re not a winner . . . You want to be yourself. I want my fans to know it’s okay.”
Lady Gaga throws her hands up in the air while her piano burns on the 2009 AMA stage. 11-22-09 photo
The 23-year-old pop star will tell Ellen the goal of her music is to create a world for those who feel like freaks. “The whole point of what I do, ‘The Monster Ball,’ the music, the performance aspect of it . . . I want to create a space for my fans where they can feel free and can celebrate,” she explained. “I didn’t fit in in high school and I felt like a freak. So I like to create this atmosphere for my fans where they feel like they have a freak in me to hang out with and they don’t feel alone.”
Lady Gaga is left "Speechless" at the piano while "Bad Romance" burns in the background on the 2009 American Music Awards stage. 11-22-09 photo
Interscope Records just announced Lady Gaga has been nominated for three of France’s NRJ Music Awards, including Best International Newcomer, Best International Album, and Song of the Year ("Poker Face")! Voting is now open, so go to the NRJ website and cast your ballot!

Lady Gaga continues playing her burning piano while the fires of love gone wrong rage on! 2009 AMAs. 11-22-09 photo
SPECIAL HOLIDAY SAVINGS! Lady Gaga just posted this Facebook message: “For a limited time only, pick up THE FAME MONSTER for only $5 on Amazon MP3 for their Black Friday promotion! Click here to purchase it now: amazon.com

Lady Gaga signs her album The Fame Monster at the Los Angeles Best Buy on
Sunday for her fans. 11-22-09 photo

For lots more photos and videos on Lady Gaga click here for our post on the 2009 Video Music Awards (VMAs). Click on this link to see pictures and videos from her flamboyant gig on Saturday Night Live (SNL) October 3, 2009. To watch her perform “Imagine” at the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) click here. To hear her stunning speech at the National Equality March click on this link.

Lady Gaga greets fans at the LA Best Buy to promote the debut of The Fame Monster CD album. 11-23-09 photo

For our recent post about Gaga’s interview on MTV’s It’s On! with Alexa Chung, click here. To watch and see photos of Gaga’s new video “Bad Romance” go to this link. For additional “Bad Romance” pictures coupled with fashion commentary, click here.

Lady Gaga kisses a fan at the Los Angeles Best Buy on Monday while wearing a black dress with "monster" shoulder pads. 11-23-09 photo

For data on Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball tour, which begins this Friday, November 27, 2009, click here: LADY GAGA's MONSTER BALL TICKET and TOUR INFO! NEW ALBUM THE FAME MONSTER TRACK LIST! 31 NEW PHOTOS! 11 VIDEOS!

Lady Gaga sits down to talk with Jay Leno after performing "Bad Romance" on Monday's The Jay Leno Show. See videos below. 11-23-09 photo.

Visit Lady Gaga’s official website, go to her MySpace page, become a fan on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter for all things Gaga.

Photo of Ellen Degeneres clowning around with Lady Gaga and her entourage to promote Gaga's appearance on Ellen this coming Friday, 11-27-09 photo
Watch the “Lady Gaga Performance of the Year (my opinion) at the 2009 American Music Awards (AMAs)” 11-22-09 video. Lady Gaga sings “Bad Romance” and “Speechless” on this NON YouTube video (so that it won’t be deleted and will remain intact for your enjoyment):

Check out this new video: VH1 Goes Inside Lady Gaga's New Release, The Fame Monster. She explains the plot behind “Bad Romance” single and The Fame Monster album on this Official VH1 Video by 2009 MTV Networks uploaded 11-25-09:

Watch this NON-YouTube video: In an interview with Fuse TV's On the Record (extended version), Lady Gaga strikes out at homophobia in the music industry. Says Gaga: "I feel in the music industry there's very public misogynistic and homophobic behavior. When I hear one of the most famous rappers in the world say something homophobic on the radio, I want people to yell at him. I don't have to say who because they know who they are. It's not just hip-hop, it's everywhere. It's wrong. I'm not trying to create and generate more hatred in the world . . . I just want to generate awareness. It's always wrong to hate but it's never wrong to love. I don’t believe in any hatred or any war-like behavior. I believe in commitment and love and positivity . . . I’ll stay with Ghandi and Martin!”:

Gaga Does “Bad Romance” on The Jay Leno Show last Monday night (11-23-09) on this Daily Motion video:

Jay Leno Interviews Lady Gaga after she sings “Bad Romance,” talks about being locked out of the Grammies, and how she’s not from Yonkers! 11-23-09 Offical Jay Leno NBC video:

Go behind the scenes with this Style.com video of Lady Gaga's Hansel and Gretel themed photo shoot for VOGUE with Annie Liebovitz and Grace Coddington! Andrew Garfield and Lily Cole play Hansel and Gretel while Lady Gaga portrays the witch, natch! To see the VOGUE photos up close, visit our previous post: LADY GAGA OFFICIAL VIDEO BAD ROMANCE PREMIERE! 16 NEW VOGUE PHOTOS! ALBUM HALF PRICE!:

Watch this LOGO video as Lady Gaga talks about meeting Cyndi Lauper for the first time at the NewNowNextAwards:

Watch this LOGO video as Lady Gaga talks about her inspiration for THE FAME MONSTER--her fans!:

Check out this LOGO video of Lady Gaga talking about the first ever apocalyptic pop-electro opera:

Watch this LOGO video as Lady Gaga talks about the Alexander McQueen Haus of Gaga clothing fashions on the “Bad Romance” video:

Check out this LOGO video of Lady Gaga discussing her singing “Imagine” at the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), speaking at the National Equality March, and fighting against homophobia in the music industry:

Watch this LOGO video of Lady Gaga talking about working with two “strong women,” Madonna and Beyonce:

Check out this fun YouTube video of Lady Gaga fans singing "Bad Romance" using the House of Gaga’s new iOKi Karaoke app while waiting for Gaga’s in-store appearance Monday (11-23-09) at the Best Buy in Los Angeles to celebrate the launch of The Fame Monster album. Pick up the app for only $4.99 in the app store! Go to http://www.iokikaraoke.com/gaga for more information!

BONUS VIDEO: Listen to the new Fame Monster single “Telephone” by Lady Gaga and Beyonce on a Daily Motion video:
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