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Monday, October 05, 2009


October 5, 2009.
Lady Gaga stole the show on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live 10-03-09, which featured a surprise cat fight with the real Madonna. After the broadcast, she attended a gay benefit where she urged her fans to attend the National Equality March October 11. We have video snippets of it all, plus the entire SNL episode, in case you missed it! Lady Gaga never fails to shine!

Lady Gaga and Madonna start out with a seemingly tame techno dance while being cordial with each other on SNL. 10-03-09 photo
On SNL, in the middle of the fake MTV show called Deep House Dish, hosted by two stereotypical gay guys (Kenan Thompson and Adam Samberg), the two ladies came out in tiny black leather outfits with thigh-high black boots, and danced to an electro song before trashing each other.

Then the claws came out and Lady Gaga and Madonna began pulling on each other's hair (the head kind). 10-03-09 SNL photo

"What's wrong, Madonna,” Gaga asked. “Can't get into the groove?”

As the fake cat fight continued, Lady Gaga and Madonna began choking each other. 10-03-09 SNL photo

"Looks like your wig needs a fix!" Madonna replied. A catfight ensued with Gaga and Madonna pulling at and strangling each other.

After Madonna sat on the boys' SNL couch, it became clear that she recently had some plastic surgery. I say, more power to her! She never looked better! 10-03-09 photo

"Guess what Madonna, I'm totally hotter than you!" Gaga said.

After Kenan begged Madonna and Lady Gaga to kiss and make up, they moved in for the lascivious kill on Saturday Night Live. 10-03-09 photo

"Guess what, I'm totally taller than you!” Madonna retorted. “What the hell is a disco stick anyway? And what kind of name is Lady Gaga? It sounds like baby food!"

But the kiss landed on Kenan, after which Adam jumped on top of the trio, in what can only be described as a mock orgy. 10-03-09 SNL photo

“The kind that’s number one on the Billboard chart!” said Gaga.

SNL host Ryan Reynolds all but got lost in the blinding glamour of Gaga and Madonna, even though he appeared in most of the skits. Maybe if the muscular star had taken his shirt off, things would've turned out better for him. 10-03-09 photo

Then Kenan told them to kiss and make up, but they ended up plastering him with their lips instead, much to the disappointment of all the hetero-males in TV land. In real life the two get along grandly. Madonna recently told MTV she’s flattered that Gaga tells people Madonna has been a big influence on her.

Lady Gaga at the beginning of "Paparazzi" on SNL Saturday night. 10-03-09 photo

For her first song, Gaga performed "Paparazzi" in a red outfit and feathery headdress, accompanied by three dancers and a live band with synchronized choreography.

Lady Gaga singing "Paparazzi" on Saturday Night Live in fiery red. 10-03-09 photo

She uttered the "Snap, snap to that shit on the radio" line loud and clear, to the chagrin of the censors, who were still reeling from last week’s show, when newcomer Jenny Slate slipped and said the f-word live on the air.

Lady Gaga shares a cuddle with one of her gay dancers during her performance of "Paparazzi" on SNL. 10-03-09 photo

Although Lady Gaga was widely expected to debut her new single, “Bad Romance,” which will be released on The Fame Monster, a double-disc repackaged version of her first album that will drop on Nov. 24, she only gave us a snippet of it in a medley during her encore performance. (You can hear the new song in its entirety in one of the videos below, although she recently twittered: “Leaked next single is makin my ears bleed. Wait till you hear the real version ;)).”

Lady Gaga performs "Paparazzi" with her synchronized dancers Saturday night. 10-03-09 SNL photo

During the second song, she stood still at the microphone, wearing a huge wild gyroscopic contraption that moved around her body while she sang. About halfway through the song she moved to a piano and performed the aforementioned medley of several songs.

With a fog machine full throttle, Lady Gaga sings a medley of new and old songs with a gyroscope moving about her torso. 10-03-09 SNL photo

Gaga then performed a skit in a plastic-bubble getup with Andy Samberg, who was wearing the same outfit.

Lady Gaga sings a medley on SNL while wearing a gyroscope, debuting a few lines from an upcoming single, "Bad Romance." 10-03-09 photo

They both said they were embarrassed about the "fashion faux paux" before attempting to kiss, which turned out to be impossible with the bubbles between them.

Lady Gaga on Saturday Night Live singing a medley from her upcoming album The Fame Monster. 10-03-09 photo

Lady Gaga attended a Billboard Magazine event last week and said that she and Kanye West agreed to cancel their Fame Kills tour together. “It was a mutual,” she said.

Lady Gaga at the piano on Saturday Night Live. 10-03-09 photo

Lori Ann Gibson, Gaga's longtime choreographer who worked on moves for the cancelled show claimed on her Twitter feed that “creative differences” between Gaga and West led to the tour's demise.

Lady Gaga performing her medley on SNL at the piano while wearing her wild gyroscopic contraption. 10-03-09 photo

However, rumors abound that Kanye was/is about to enter alcohol rehab and that he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown over the fallout concerning his embarrassing, alcohol-induced interruption of the 2009 VMA Awards show. It’s also true that music fans are now boycotting him to the point that the booking was suffering from poor ticket sales.

Lady Gaga and Adam Samberg have a fashion faux paux on SNL. 10-03-09 photo

In any case, Lady Gaga is going forth with a solo tour that will take off in November. Visit Gaga’s official website or follow her on Twitter for more details. If you missed it, visit our LADY GAGA THANKS GAYS post to watch her performance and see her much-talked-about outfits on the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) Show.

Ever the gay supporter, Lady Gaga attended Josh Wood's “Get on the Bus for Equality” benefit for the National Equality March following her SNL appearance at Santos Party House in NYC. She urged the crowd to attend the march, saying she'll be be there, too.

Lady Gaga at Josh Wood's 'Get on the Bus for Equality' benefit for the National Equality March (following her SNL appearance) at Santos Party House in NYC. 10-03-09 photo
"I really believe in this cause," Lady Gaga said, "And as a woman in pop music I think that this is really an important weekend, and it's not a fucking joke. So get your asses to D.C. and wear something fabulous, and I'll see you guys there. I love you so much." Although she called it a “gay pride" march, her heart is in the right place. Right on, Lady Gaga! See the videos at the end of this “fabulous” post.
Watch this video of Madonna & Lady Gaga On Saturday Night Live (SNL)- October 3, 2009. If you want to skip the part with Ice Tea and Danny McCooz, move the segment forward halfway to get to the catfight:

Check out the video of Lady Gaga performing "Paparazzi" on SNL 10-03-09:
Watch this video of Lady Gaga's live performance medley of "Poker Face," "Bad Romance" (new song), and "Love Game" on Saturday Night Live, October 3rd, 2009. At 1:04 you can see she hits herself in the head. Oops!:

Check out this sketch video: Lady Gaga on SNL 10-03-09 with Andy Samberg where he wears the same bubble dress as her and they try to kiss without popping the bubbles:

If you missed it, here’s your chance to watch the entire episode of Saturday Night Live (SNL) 10-3-09. It'll be available through 10-21-09 only, after which it may or may not be deleted by NBC (Note: The video takes a while to load. Be patient because it's worth it!):

Watch this sneak-peak video of a Lady Gaga new song “Second Time Around”:

Check out this video of Lady Gaga’s new single “Bad Romance” (She recently twittered: “Leaked next single is makin my ears bleed. Wait till you hear the real version ;))” Personally, I love it! (UPDATE: 11-09-09 To watch the just released official video, click here):
Watch this video taped right after the SNL show at Josh Wood’s Gay Equality Benefit: Lady Gaga urges fans to go to the March for Equality next weekend in Washington, D.C. during the Bootleg Bash at Santos Party House in NYC." (Note: the video is dated incorrectly. It was actually recorded early Sunday morning, 10-04-09.):

Check out this video: Get on the bus to Washington for the Human Rights March Oct 11, 2009. “Lady Gaga's Video Flyer BOOTLEG Invitation”:
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