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Wednesday, October 07, 2009


October 7, 2009.
Donny Osmond did what all repressed homosexuals eventually do—act on their fantasies and call it a joke—when he pretended to make out with Bruno on Dancing With the Stars Monday night. The knee-jerk reaction came after judge Bruno Tonioli called Donny’s dance with partner Kym Johnson an “airy fairy” rumba, a gay slur in itself.

Photo of Donny Osmond kissing Bruno Tonioli while Tom Bergeron and Kym Johnson look on "in horror" Monday night on DWTS 10-05-09
Towleroad.com pointed out that while Donny Osmond says he condemns homophobia, he opposes same-sex marriage, which, of course, is in itself a clear indication of homophobia.

Judge Carrie Ann Inaba appears shocked as Donny Osmond grabs Bruno Tonioli on Dancing With the Stars and feigns gay love, mocking homosexuals everywhere. 10-05-09 photo

Even though the former child star tried to make light of what happened by laughing afterwards and saying he may not be allowed back in Utah now, Donny Osmond is not shy about his anti-gay beliefs. On his official website, he states gay sex is a “temptation” that should be avoided to prevent the world from falling apart, because homosexuality, if consummated, will "bring upon individuals, communities, and nations the calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets." Those are the words of a self-righteous bigot, my friends. He believes gays should be celibate. The Book of Mormon and the Bible tell him so! Please don’t be fooled. Donny Osmond is not our friend. Please don’t vote for him on DWTS!

Photo of out gay actor/singer Lance Bass, former Idol judge Paula Abdul, and DWTS host Tom Bergeron talk about Donny's "gay" kiss afterwards in the audience. Paula suggested she and judge Carrie Ann Inaba ought to get in on the act and make out. 10-05-09 photo

For more details on Donny Osmond’s anti-gay rhetoric, check out our August 31, 2009 post DONNIE OSMOND is a HOMOPHOBIC BIGOT: VOTE HIM OFF DWTS! MARIE’S LESBIAN DAUGHTER! where you’ll learn how Marie has joined the enlightened 21st Century, unlike her brother .

Photo of Donny Osmond with the titles he deserves most: Homophobe and Bigot

Here’s the video of Donny Osmond pretending to kiss Bruno Tonioli on Dancing with the Stars Monday 10-05-09 after Bruno calls his dance “a bit like Swan Lake” and “airy fairy.” Quoth Donny: “They may not let me back in Utah.”:

Please follow the advice in this informative video: “Hate Mormon Bigotry; Vote Against Donny Osmond on Dancing With The Stars”:


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