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Thursday, October 29, 2009


October 29, 2009.
Sam Tsui is making a name for himself by honoring the legendary Michael Jackson via song. Along with his friend, Kurt Schneider, a fellow student from Yale University, they've created a video that appears to be an a-cappella group of seven people performing a Michael Jackson medley, but they’re all the same person! These guys are amazing!

Photo of Internet sensation Sam Tsui
The vocals are enthralling, but so is the magical editing. Although Sam does all the singing, his buddy, Kurt Schneider, did the technical work to form the fantasy group paying tribute to Jackson.

Photo of Kurt Hugo Schneider, the man responsible for the production of Sam Tsui's sensational videos

Recently featured on The Bonnie Hunt show (see video below) and ABC World News, the duo’s Michael Jackson tribute video has had over two million viewers. Visit www.myspace.com/SamTsui, Sam’s Facebook page, and www.myspace.com/KurtHugo for additional information. Also check out Kurt's YouTube Channel for more amazing videos.

Photo of Sam Tsui in choir class at Yale University

Watch the Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider Interview video from The Bonnie Hunt Show, September 24, 2009:

Here's the Michael Jackson Medley Tribute Video with 7 Voices: Vocals by Sam Tsui. Arrangement and Production by Kurt Schneider:

Check out this bonus video: 5 Voices: "Don't Stop Believing"—Glee—Cover: Sam Tsui singing "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey. Backing instrumentals played and produced by Kurt Schneider:


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ace said...

Hey, Sam ... can you tell me how to make the video but not michael jackson.... i need Air Supply..... im in myspace/niisama ..... Thank You...

gt said...

lemme ask your expert opinion.
is sam gay? how about kurt?

Gale Chester Whittington said...

As far as I know, they have not disclosed that info, gt...

Gabi said...

There's not seven of Sam. There's Six of Sam and One of Kurt (the taller on the left of the video doing the beatboxing). Its safe to say, based on their latest videos, that kurt is a "musical genious", getting better every time.

Anonymous said...

Why is there a randomly a part of Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm in the middle of the Michael Jackson Medley?

Isaac Lim said...

What software did you use to make put the clone of Sam tsui into one video

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