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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


October 20, 2009.
Richard Heene, the reality star wanna-be now under investigation for fraud and child abuse, deleted his YouTube account Monday, after two gay news groups (advocate.com and towleroad.com) published his children’s hip hop video entitled “Not Pussified.” While Mr. Heene acted unfamiliar with the lyrics during an interview with CNN (see video below), close examination proves the song to be both sexist and homophobic. Watch the clips at the bottom of this post and judge for yourself.

Photo of Falcon, Bradford and Ryo Heene, from their hip/hop video "Not Pussified," that has them rapping about stoning homosexuals and dissing men who act like women
Mr. Heene then turned around and opened a new account (“TheHeeneFamily,”) on YouTube, but only uploaded three seemingly benign videos (even though one has the word “S**t” in its title) featuring his kids, whom he characterizes as “outrageously funny and comical.”
He also reopened another channel featuring news reports and clips about his storm chasing: richardheeneofficial, where he continues to receive insults and threats via the comments section, one of the reasons he may have deleted the channels in the first place.

Another channel has been opened purporting to be owned the TheHeenes, but is in fact a mirror channel created by someone else. Whoever did it included the disreputable "Not Pussified" rap video, but the giveaway is a video listed as a Heene Family favorite that makes fun of them, and I don't think Richard is in any mood to laugh at himself at this point, considering the trouble he's in legally.

Photo of Richard Heene's notorious "flying saucer" balloon. Note the duct tape that held the pathetic thing together coming loose

Unfortunately for Heene, it was too late to kill the rap video, as it continues to pop up all over the Internet, on YouTube, as well as on other video venues. You can view it on our Blogger format, where we uploaded it to insure it wouldn’t be deleted.

Here are the despicable lyrics, as near as I can decipher:

I hate these pajamas
These pajamas always stick to me
Pajamas are pussified

Let me tell you a story about 3 cool kids
We’re on Wife Swap. We’re not some pigs
We go storm chasing with Mom and Dad
In a tornado, which makes us glad
We eat Slim Jims out in the road
We drop our pants, take a big load

Well, hydee ho

Texas, Colorado, Dallas, Amarillo,
South Dakota, North Dakota, Kansas City, too
Oklahoma City girls got big titties
Gainsboro, Wichita, Omaha, too
Half-passed monkey’s ass, quarter to his balls

We chase dirt devils, get sand in our pants
Our flies are itching; it’s the fire ants
If you try to screw us, can’t keep up
If you’re talking about me
Then shut the f**k up

That’s my mamma and her big white ass
People are plastic, she’ll pay in cash
My name is Ryo, love big trains
I’ll run your ass over if I think you’re a pain

That’s my papa and he’s makin’ it stick
Take it away, Daddy. He ain’t no dick
I am Bradford. I am number one
I get good grades. Let’s have some fun
We are the Heene boys
We’re not pussified

We eat baked beans; now we’re fortified
Beans, beans, are good for your heart
The more you eat the more you fart.
Go eat beans beans for every meal
We go to school to get an education
No home school. That’s pussification

My name is Falcon
I’ll kick you in the nuts
I hate sissies; I’ll kick your butt
I walk into my backyard with my dick in my hand
I said, “Oh, mother f****r, the booger man.”

I look up in a tree. What do I see?
I see faggot tryin’ to pee on me
So I picked up a rock, threw it at his cock
It fell to the floor and his dick fell off
I took him to the doctor and the doctor said,
“Sorry, mother*****r, but faggot’s dead.”

We are the Heene boys
We are fortified
We’re not whipped punks
We’re not pussified
We are the Heene boys
We are fortified
We’re not whipped punks
We’re not pussified

Photo of Falcon Heene, a.k.a. Balloon Boy, the real victim in this hoax

Another video has surfaced with an interview by Fox News of Richard and Mayumi, the parents of 6 year-old "Balloon Boy" Falcon Heene—without their children—on CNN's "American Morning," after their son was thought to be in a runaway balloon flying over Colorado.

Photo of Richard Heene hugging his "found" child, Falcon, in the most pathetic performance of the millenium
In the Oct 16 interview, reporter John Roberts asked the Heenes if it was appropriate to let the kids use salty language in their YouTube videos. "The kids us the P-word (pussification) that was made famous by George Carlin; they also utter the F-word (f**k), and the other F-word (faggot) that derogatorily refers to homosexuals, and I'm just wondering, what is that all about?" asked Roberts, who then noted he deciphered the following lyrics from the "Not Pussified" video: ". . . faggot up in the tree about to pee on me."
Photo of Richard Heene passing around a box for reporters to put their written questions in, after failing to deliver on a promise of a "big announcement," when his story was beginning to unravel.
Richard acted uninformed and then claimed the kids were saying Falcon's name, not faggot. (Note: being unaware your children are trashing women and homosexuals is as bad as knowing, in my opinion, even if you buy his story).
"Our rule is our kids can cuss in the house," Richard lamely tried to explain. "They're not allowed to cuss outside." I guess a video is watched indoors, so it doesn’t count, huh?

For more about the origins of the misogynist term “pussification,” visit this
website to read an interesting and revealing article by Jeff Fecke.

Photo of the Heene family returning from Walmart after they stopped talking to reporters because things were getting too hot
In the video below entitled, “Balloon Boy. Up, Up, and Away,” you can watch excerpts from Wife Swap, wherein Richard Keene says he has met aliens and they told him they were our parents! Apparently, the man is crazy in more ways than one!

A Los Angeles Times story about the Wife Swap shows in which Richard “starred” quoted this revealing blurb from the ABC Wife Swap
website, "The Heene family, with its three rowdy boys, is anchored by father Richard, whose anger arrives in sudden bolts between his fringe science projects," and "(The swapped wife) is shocked as the Heene kids jump off banisters and run wild, and appalled by Richard's attitude to women."
Photo of the Heenes—Richard, Mayumi (whom Richard met in an acting class), Bradford, Falcon, and Ryo—from ABC's Wife Swap web page
Richard’s Wife Swap wife, Sheree Silver, slammed Richard Heene in an October 16 Fox interview which you can watch below, saying "Richard acted like a child . . . He reacted to things—he definitely got angry, you know, more than normal, and there were times when he was very aggressive, and there were times that he was very nice," Silver told Greta Van Susteren. "He just flipped backwards and forwards between being both kinds of characters."
When asked if he appeared to be a caring father, Silver responded: "There's a lot of definitions of what a loving father is, and so, I personally don't think a father that loves his kids should be taking them into tornadoes. But then again, you know, maybe I'm too protective of my kids." A good father should never teach his children to be sexist and homophobic, I might add!
Here's the Heene boys rap video, Not Pussified, a misogynist and anti-gay rant filled with obscenities and hate (You might need to fiddle with the toggle switch in the middle and then hit the start button again to get it to move):
Check out this CNN video: "Balloon Boy's Dad talks" about allowing his kids to curse in Not Pussified video:
Watch this well-made video that shows just how crazy the Heene Family is: Balloon Boy: "Up Up and Away: Balloon Boy's media whore parents makes Balloon Boy sick." Includes footage from their modest appearance on Wife Swap:
Check out this video of loony Richard Heene from when he was on Wife Swap: “It’s off the chain!”:

Watch this Fox News video wherein Wife Swap wife slams Richard Heene, taped before the “Balloon Boy” ordeal was exposed as hoax:
And just for fun watch this Balloon Boy Parody Music Video "The Attic," as featured on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show:

Photo of orange and yellow Juanita Daffodil Narcissus Jonquil growing in Oklahoma's Zone 7 from the author's free flower photo website http://www.freefishcaretips.com/photos13

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