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Thursday, November 19, 2009


November 19, 2009.
At last, for the first time anywhere, see the exclusive never before seen Vivid video that Carrie Prejean has been trying to keep you from watching. The ex beauty queen gets down and dirty with herself in sex tapes that can only be described as passionate masturbation. Check it out as Carrie Prejean exposes her Christian roots and shows the world how truly open she really is!

Photo of Carrie Prejean having sex with herself in the Vivid Video you can finally watch in full below!

Photo of Carrie Prejean kissing her anonymous boyfriend (face blurred), the recipient of the now notorious graphic sex tapes wherein she diddles herself on camera for him to watch. Made when she was 20, not 17, as she previously claimed (i.e. lied).

Watch the true uncensored original Vivid Carrie Prejean Sex Tape of the former Miss California playing with herself! Check out the surprise cameo! A Still Diddling Production!

Check out this Funny or DIE video of Larry King Getting Inappropriate with Carrie Prejean! (Credits: Starring Phillip Wilburn):

Check out this BONE-ASS Funny or Die Video: Brett Favre for Wrangler Really Tiny Jean Shorts (Credits: Written by Eric Moneypenny & James Adomian. Starring James Adomian as Brett Favre. Directed by Tyler Gillett. Edited by Dave Ciaccio. 2nd Camera - Justin Martinez. Assistant Camera – Bueno. With Joe Chandler, Cale Hartmann, Eric Moneypenny, James Pumphrey, Curtis Rainsberry, Jeff Sloniker, Joe Wagner & Nic Wegener as the boys. Produced by Michael Busch, Megan Reeves & Joe Wagner. For The Midnight Show):

Another BONE-US VIDEO from NBC’s The Tonight Show: Cody Devereaux, Conan O'Brien's shirtless brooding, handsome, misunderstood Vampire assistant visits The Tonight Show, with his shirtless wolfboy and mummy sidekicks (Official NBC video):

Check out this Funny or DIE video: Glenn Beck Takes on President Obama (Credits: Phillip Wilburn. Web Series: Web Series: Top Story!):

Watch this Funny or DIE video: Celebrity Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?Promo for the celebrity edition of Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? (From Philip Wilburn):

Check out this Funny or DIE video: Jon and Car Plus Blanket. Jon Gosselin adjusts to his new life without Kate and the kids (Credits: Starring Eugene Cordero. Written by Eric Appel & Chris Kula. Directed by Eric Appel):

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