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Monday, November 09, 2009

RESULTS X FACTOR SHOW 5: DANYL JOHNSON MADE IT THROUGH! 35 PHOTOS! 14 VIDEOS! FINALISTS: Olly, Lloyd, Lucie, Jamie, Stacey, John, Edward, Joe, Lewis!

November 9, 2009.
Danyl Johnson’s back on top! Our favorite bisexual X Factor 2009 contender Danyl Johnson cleared another hurdle on the British reality show by singing a perfect rendition of “Purple Rain” that surely had Prince rocking in his shoes. The Saturday and Sunday shows were punctuated with the considerable talents of guest performers Leona Lewis and the Black Eyed Peas. Today we bring you videos of those awesome “Movie Week” performances as well as songs by all eight final contestants.

Danyl took the stage sporting a new short butch haircut that accentuates his big eyes and chiseled features to perfection. He was back to his old self-assured self!
Danyl Johnson chillin' at the X Factor House, checking out a picture book of the contestants. 11-6-09 photo
The X Factor website caught up with Danyl Johnson at the London-based studios earlier in the week to discuss his "Purple Rain" preparations and his reemergence from last week’s confidence crisis.

Danyl talked about Purple Rain, the movie. “The best thing about the film is the soundtrack. It’s got some absolutely cracking songs on it like 'When Doves Cry' and the song I’m singing, 'Purple Rain.' It’s like a dark version of “Moonwalker” or something . . . trying to be a bit mean and moody, a bit cool, but not really pulling it off. But as far as the songs go, it’s awesome!”

Danyl listens to music on his iPod while Tweeting his fans. November 5, 2009 photo

Saturday night’s performance placed Danyl back in the contender’s seat after a rocky couple of weeks, and he noted the overwhelming messages of support he’d received through Twitter and Facebook helped pull him through his funk.

“I just had a really bad couple of weeks, I was feeling really low and I couldn’t seem to shake it off,” Danyl said. “It ended up with me sort of crumbling last Saturday night, so I was so relieved when my name was read out the next evening during the results show and I knew the public had voted me in.”

Photo of Danyl Johnson texting

“You have to go really deep down sometimes in order to pick yourself back up; and I’m now feeling much more like my old self,” Danyl continued. “I had a lot of support from friends and family and everyone in the house were great. I also received lots of lovely messages from fans of the show, and they made me feel much better—so thank you everyone!”

“Being on the show is a bit like being on a giant hamster wheel,” he said. “But as each week passes another milestone is reached. I’m feeling good again now, and I just hope I can deliver a good performance when I get out on stage.”

A barefoot Danyl Johnson works on his Facebook page in the X Factor house. 11-5-09 photo

Danyl delivered! His rendition of "Purple Rain" received a standing ovation from Simon Cowell and a plethora of favorable comments from the other judges. Danyl Johnson is back!

Dannii Minogue’s Stacey Solomon, 21, started the show with “Son of a Preacher Man.” I was not impressed, even though I am indeed the son of a preacher man.

Host Dermot O'Leary talks to Stacey Solomon after she sang "Son of a Preacher Man" Saturday night. 11-7-09 photo
“It’s lovely to see you looking so sexy,” said Cheryl Cole. “That was your most confident looking performance you’ve done so far.”

Simon Cowell disagreed. “Typical talent show competition. Like eating Chinese food, you don’t really feel anything afterwards.”

“The song lacked a little bit of emotion,” said Louis Walsh.
Stacey Solomon relaxes backstage with a friend Sunday before the X Factor 5 Results Show. 11-8-09 photo
Dannii Minogue said, “All I have to say is how out of touch Simon Cowell is. You have tones in your voice like Dusty Springfield. It was brilliant!”

My take on Stacey Solomon’s performance: “Not impressed.”

Olly Murs, mentored by Simon Fuller, danced his way through “Twist and Shout,” leaving Simon delighted but sparking fiery debate between the other judges.

Olly Murs sings "Twist and Shout" for his number during Saturday's X Factor Live Show 5. 11-7-09 photo

“I wasn’t crazy about the silly dancing,” Louis Walsh said. “You’re much better. . . Simon picked a silly song for a great performer . . . Simon, why the silly song?”

Dannii Minogue was reserved. “You sang beautifully but something looks like you didn’t believe in the song.”

Olly Murs takes time to give an autograph to a fan backstage Saturday. 11-7-09 photo

“You are singing a lot of retro songs,” noted Cheryl Cole. “The only thing I want to do now is hear you singing soul.”

Simon Cowell was defensive but triumphant, noting the roar of the crowd. “The audience is speaking. Great show! Fantastic!”

My take: “Entertaining. Good but not great.”

Photo of Danyl Johnson showing off his Superman T-shirt. He also has a Superman tattoo on his arm. Rumor has it he also wears Superman briefs!

Next up was Cheryl Cole’s protégé, Lloyd Daniels, 16. The Welsh teenager sang his way through “Stand By Me” and demonstrated a bit of flare as he serenaded his beaming mentor.

Lloyd Daniels sings "Stand by Me" directly to his mentor, Cheryl Cole, at the X Factor Live Show 5. 11-7-09 photo

Louis Walsh said, “You were better than last week but at this point in the competition, there are four better guy singers. You’re out of your depth.”

“It was a cute performance,” Dannii Minogue noted. “It was a nice performance, but you missed the high note.”

Simon Cowell was cruel as usual. “Your voice wasn’t big enough for the song.”

Lloyd Daniels practices his song before the X Factor show Saturday. 11-7-09 photo

“I thought it was your most comfortable vocal you’ve done so far,” said Cheryl Cole. “It was funky. It was cool.”

My take: “He’s cute as a button, but he was little out of tune. Definitely not funky or cool.”

Shirtless Danyl Johnson prepares to get a massage. I wonder how you get that job! 11-6-09 photo

Mentor Simon Cowell’s Jamie Archer hit the stage with his version of Roy Orbison’s “Crying,” dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans.

Jamie Archer sings "Crying" for his number during Saturday's X Factor Live Show 5. 11-7-09 photo

“Great song,” said Louis Walsh. “A very emotional performance. Best yet.” Then he turned to Simon Cowell and said, “You’re a cheat. It wasn’t from a big movie.”

Dannii Minogue was smiling from ear to ear. “Emotional performance. It was heartfelt.”

“The song suited you beautifully,” said Cheryl Cole.

Jamie Archer tries to relax backstage during Sunday's X Factor Results Show 5. 11-8-09 photo

Simon gushed. “Best performance by a male. Congratulations.”

My take: “Excellent. He’s going to give Danyl Johnson a run for his money.”

Danyl Johnson visits Teens First for Health at Great Ormond Street Hospital. The X Factor finalists made a charity single to benefit the children there. Check it out here. 10-29-09 photo

The first performance during the second half of Saturday’s show was by “chick rocker” Lucie Jones, 18, sponsored by Dannii Minogue. She sang “This is Me,” from Disney’s Camp Rock movie.

Louis Walsh said, “You looked like a pop star. I predict you’re going to be the last girl standing.”

Lucie Jones sings "This is Me" for her X Factor Live Show 5 song. 11-7-09 photo

Cheryl Cole was less accommodating. She said, “You need to loosen up.”

“This is the first time for me you’ve made yourself relevant as a pop artist,” said Simon Cowell to a surprised audience.

Dannii Minogue said simply, “I’m not the only one who loves Lucie! Beautiful performance!”

Lucie Jones relaxes on a bean bag chair Thursday at the X Factor house. 11-5-09 photo

My take: “Mediocre.”

After his somewhat sheepish appearance during the previous episode’s Rock week show, Simon Cowell’s main protégé, Danyl Johnson, returned with a new short haircut and air of determination. X Factor’s website noted, “Once he unleashed his vocal chords on Prince’s "Purple Rain" it was clear that this week the teacher had his Mojo back!”

Danyl Johnson nails "Purple Rain" Saturday during the X Factor Live Show 5 finals. 11-7-09 photo

Through a chorus of screams, the judges unleashed a wave of praise and for the first time even Cheryl Cole seemed impressed. “I really like your demeanor tonight. You’ve lost the cocky attitude, but you’re not the broken man we saw last week.”

Louis Walsh said, “You won everyone over. You’ve got it all!”

“Love the new look!” said Dannii Minogue. “Really, really good. I like it when you don’t scream too much.”

Danyl Johnson rehearses backstage, wearing a gray hoodie. 11-7-09 photo

Simon Cowell gave Danyl Johnson a standing ovation. “That was an outstanding vocal. This show has found a great singer. You are going to have a great career. I’m very proud of you!”

My take: “Superb! Danyl should win. He’s the only won with soul. And for the record, I actually prefer it when he screams!"

The Twink Twins John and Edward performed "Ghostbusters," to the delight of the crowd during the Saturday episode of X Factor's Live Show 5. 11-7-09 photo

Next up was the performance all the teenage girls were waiting for—the entertainment extravaganza that is the John and Edward show, mentored by Louis Wash. Surrounded by ghosts, devils and ghastly ghouls, the boys battled their way through “Ghostbusters” with amazing energy. The set was over the top, complete with a car, oozing slime, a multitude of dancers, and the marshmallow man!

Even Simon Cowell was complimentary, kind of. “We’ve established over the lst few weeks that you can’t sing, but based on some of the horrors we’ve seen before, this was sort of good!”

John and Edward get facials. But not the good kind. You heard me! 11-6-09 photo

Dannii Minogue was more reserved. “I love watching you guys perform, but I can’t imagine listening to you on the radio.”

“You bring fun to this show,” noted Cheryl Cole. “People absolutrely adore you.”

Brotherly love? Far from it, it's just John making out with his favorite singer--himself--in a mirror! 11-8-09 photo

Louis Walsh said, “Everywhere I go, people are talking about John and Edward.”

My take: “Cute, stupid, and fun! Kind of like Sanjaya Malakar was on American Idol, except they can’t sing.”

X Factor 2009 finalists Danyl Johnson, Lucie Jones, and Joe McElderry have fun with Karaoke 11-6-09 photo

Finally, Cheryl Cole’s Joe McElderry brought the proceedings to a close with The Lion King’s “Circle of Life.”

Joe McEdlerry performs "Circle of Life" during the X Factor Live Show 5 on Saturday night. 11-7-09 photo

Unlike most of the judges, Louis Walsh was not impressed. “You’re more musical than pop star and this is a pop star competition,” he said, but then added, “You’ve got a lot more potential than that.”

“Joe you are the best male vocalist in the competition. Hands down,” declared Dannii.

Simon Cowell was kind in a limited way. “I think you should in enjoy this moment. That was a perfect song for you. But you’ve got to stop the stage school swaying.”

Joe McEdlerry flashes a smile backstage before the X Factor Results 5 Show Sunday. 11-8-09 photo

Naturally, Cheryl Cole’s comments were filled with praise. “Every week I love working with you. So proud to watch you singing like that.”

My take: “Great voice. Great face. I’d gay marry him in a minute if Danyl wasn’t available!”

It was a great night. I was thrilled to see our favorite bisexual crooner, Danyl Johnson, back on top!

Photo of Danyl Johnson taking time to pose for photographers with a fan

On Sunday night’s Results Show 5, the eight finalists did a rousing performance of Katy Perry’s “Hot ‘n Cold,” which had them bouncing around the stage as if they were nerve-free.

Openly bisexual Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas sings next to the Half Moon she descended on during Sunday night's X Factor performance. 11-8-09 photo

Then the Black Eyed Peas performed their new single “Meet Me Halfway.” Fergie descended from the heavens on a crescent moon and was soon joined by Will.i.am who flew across the audience and over the judges’ heads onto the stage.

Photo of the Black Eyed Peas performing their new single "Meet Me Halfway" during the 2009 X Factor Results Show 5. 11-8-09 photo

Next up, last season’s X Factor winner, Leona Lewis, returned to the stage that launched her wildly successful solo career, to sing her new single “Happy” in her usual spectacular style!

Last year's X Factor winner Leona Lewis sings "Happy" from her new album Echo. 11-8-09 photo

Finally, it was time to for host Dermot O’Leary to announce the names of the final six. “The two acts who will be singing for their survival are . . . John & Edward and Lucie Jones.”

Up first was Lucie Jones singing her idol Whitney Houston’s song “One Moment In Time.” The 18-year-old delivered a remarkably composed performance and nailed those tricky to reach high notes.

The twins went on to perform “Rock DJ” for a second time in the competition. As usual, they failed to hit the right notes but the audience didn’t seem to give a hoot, judging by the applause.

Lucie Jones hugs her mentor Dannii Minogue after receiving word she's in the bottom two during Sunday's X Factor Results 5 Show. 11-8-09 photo

So, without further ado, it was back to the judges for their decisions.

Louis Walsh told Lucie Jones, “No way you should’ve been in the bottom two, but I do mentor the boys, so I’ve got to save them. Therefore, I have to send you home.”

Without explanation, Dannii Minogue said, “The act I’m sending home tonight is John and Edward.”

John and Edward wore plaid when they sang "Rock DJ" as their song of redemption during the 2009 X Factor Results 5 Show. 11-8-09 photo

The Twins’ mentor, Cheryl Cole tried to be diplomatic. “I just want to say I’ve come to love you two guys, but tonight I’m going to send John and Edward home.”

Simon Fuller had more questions than answers. “ Who would I rather see again? I’d probably rather see the boys, but . . . I’m going to let the public decide, again.”

John and Edward flank Host Dermot O'Leary with Lucie Jones as they wait for the final word during the X Factor Results 5 Show. 11-8-09 photo

Host Dermot O’Leary took his time announcing the final decision, as is usual in these reality shows. “The act who received the fewest votes from the public . . . and who will be leaving the competition tonight is . . . Lucie!”

Once again, England has spoken, with controversy according to some people, mainly Lucie Jones supporters! Only seven acts survive to sing another day in the battle to become the next X Factor reigning champion. Thank God and the Gays that Danyl Johnson is among the finalists!

Photo of the 2009 X Factor judges from last Saturday's show. From left to right are Dannii Minogue, Louis Walsh, Cheryl Cole, and Simon Cowell. Note Cheryl's unique dress, which afforded her a minor wardrobe malfunction during judging last week.

Visit Danyl Johnson’s official website and Facebook page. Visit Twitter if you want to get tweeted. Also check out Danyl Johnson’s official X Factor page, where you can hear him sing a rockin’ rendition of “Mustang Sally.” To read all of our posts with more fantastic pictures and videos of Danyl, click here.

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