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Thursday, November 12, 2009


November 12, 2009.
Although I’ve tried to ignore the latest round of news articles fingering self-abused Carrie Prejean, the stories just grow juicier and juicer! The disgraced dethroned Miss California, who hit the headlines 7 months ago when she came out against gay marriage during the 2009 Miss USA Pageant, had a near meltdown on Larry King yesterday and even though she continues to get skewered (You heard me!) by every talk show host on the planet, she still keeps making the trek from one program to the other in hopes of selling her book Still Masturbating—er, I mean Still Standing!

Photo of a "Defenders of the Family" poster showing Carrie Prejean's November 6 appearance as cancelled. They refused to explain, but I think we know why!
So today, we bring you more videos about this self-described “victim,” whose agenda for hate remains unabated. She now claims her solo sex tape revelation is the result of a vast left-wing conspiracy to silence her. Even though, one by one, the right wing is dropping her scheduled appearances to their bigoted conferences now that she’s an embarrassing pariah, she seems to think she’s still the darling of Far Right Republican Retards. Not only is she self-abused, she’s also highly delusional. Enjoy the videos, people! There’s nothing sweeter than watching a bigot stew in her own fake self-righteousness!

Photo of Carrie Prejean showing her new boobs. Apparently, her God-given ones weren't good enough to aid her in her Christian work against equal rights for gays. May her career RIP!

UPDATE! 11-13-09. Carrie Prejean just announced through a spokesperson, she's cancelling her book tour and all public appearances, most likely due to the following shocker: Listen to this TMZ audio video interview with Carrie Prejean’s ex-boyfriend, wherein he exposes Carrie Prejean’s lies, the fact that she likes to get high, and the revelation that there are multiple tapes of her masturbating. (If this video doesn't load on your browser, click here):

Here's today's take on Carrie Prejean by Keith Olbermann. "Prejean Continues Self-destruction." It seems Carrie's ex-boyfriend has MULTIPLE phone video sex tapes of the ex-beauty queen! He also said Prejean called him and asked him to lie about her age when she made the tapes. Instead of 17 like she claims, it turns out she was 20! Does the fun never stop? 11-12-09. Also included in this video is footage of her "walk-out" on The Larry King Show yesterday (11-11-09):

Check out this Keith Olbermann video on the Fall of Carrie Prejean and The Carrie Prejean Solo Sex Tape 11-7-09:

Watch this video as Keith Olbermann Continues to Go After Carrie Prejean & Her Sex Tape 11-10-09:

Check out Carrie Prejean Getting The Finger from The View, especially from Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, on this priceless video. Extended version 11-10-09:

Watch this video and laugh: Jimmy Kimmel Live: Sean Hannity Inappropriately Interviews Carrie Prejean about her Sex Tape:

Check out this video of The Young Turks Discussing Carrie Prejean’s Admission of Masturbating on Tape:

Laugh your gay heart out at this Headzup Video: Carrie Prejean Discusses Her Sex Tape:

Check out this classic Carrie Prejean Video as She Discusses Her Freedom to Take Away the Freedom of Godless Gays. No offense. (Parody):


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Cosmic Navel Lint said...

[Carrie] Prejean sez she's been "Palin-ized", which may be defined as "having been exposed as a self-worshipping nobody with delusions of adequacy".

Michael McKean (Spinal Tap's 'David St Hubbins') on Twitter

Amen to that!

Great blog Gale!

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