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Saturday, November 28, 2009

LADY GAGA ON ELLEN 11-27-09! VIDEOS and PHOTOS! Plus Rhap Salazar sings "All By Myself!"

November 28, 2009.
Ellen Degeneres Show was rich with Lady Gaga talk and entertainment! Watch Lady Gaga’s mind-blowing performances of “Speechless” and “Bad Romance,” plus listen to the Lady Gaga interview of the year. She talks about how she wants her fans to know it’s okay to be a freak, about how she didn’t fit in in high school, and how she grew up wanting to be like Boy George! Enjoy!
Lady Gaga sits down and talks with Ellen in between songs on Friday's show and pours her heart out! 11-27-09 photo
For lots more photos and videos on Lady Gaga click here for our extremely popular post on the 2009 Video Music Awards (VMAs). Click on this link to see pictures and videos from her flamboyant gig on Saturday Night Live (SNL). To watch her perform “Imagine” at the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) click here. To hear her stunning speech at the National Equality March click on this link.

To access Thursday’s elaborate spread on Lady Gaga click on this title: NEW LADY GAGA VIDEOS (INTACT) AMA AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS JAY LENO VH1 FUSE LOGO! BAD ROMANCE SPEECHLESS TELEPHONE! 15 UN-DELETED VIDEOS! 24 PHOTOS PICS! For our recent post about Gaga’s interview on MTV’s It’s On! with Alexa Chung, click here.
To watch the official video and see a bunch of photo captures from Gaga’s phenomenal “Bad Romance” video go to this link. For additional “Bad Romance” pictures coupled with fashion commentary, click here.

Lady Gaga sings "Speechless" on the Ellen Show wearing glitter around her eyes and shoulder pads that could double as pillows, an obvious convenience considering her busy jet-set schedule! 11-27-09 photo
For data on Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball tour, which begins Friday, go here: LADY GAGA's MONSTER BALL TICKET and TOUR INFO! NEW ALBUM THE FAME MONSTER TRACK LIST! 31 NEW PHOTOS! 11 VIDEOS!

Visit Lady Gaga’s official website, go to her MySpace page, become a fan on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter for all things Gaga.

Check back later tonight, as we'll be posting the first photos and videos from her Monster Ball Tour, which kicked off in Montreal Canada last night! I'll post a link to it on this page when it's ready! UPDATE! Here's the hyperlink: FIRST LOOK LADY GAGA TOUR! 15 PHOTOS 17 VIDEOS! MONSTER BALL MONTREAL 11-27-09! SET LIST! Wait 'til you see what she's wearing!
Check out this video of Ellen “Getting the Details from Lady Gaga” 11-27-09 in the much talked about interview from Friday’s Ellen Degeneres Show:

Watch this video as Lady Gaga sings “Bad Romance” on Ellen 11-27-09:

Check out this amazing video of Lady Gaga singing "Speechless" Live On Ellen Degeneres 11/27/09 HD:


Watch this video of Lady Gaga doing “Poker Face” on an earlier Ellen while wearing her famous head gyroscope:

Bonus Video: Check out this Ellen video of 12 year-old Philippino singing sensation Rhap Salazar perform “All By Myself” from last week, 11-25-09. He’s amazing!:

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