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Monday, November 02, 2009


November 2, 2009.
Despite disparaging remarks during Rock Week from most of the judges on X Factor 2009’s 4th Live Show that visibly discouraged our favorite doe-eyed bisexual crooner contestant, Danyl Johnson survived yet another round in the grueling London competition finals Halloween night. This time he managed to stay clear of the bottom two, unlike last week when he had to hold on for dear life.
Great photo of Danyl Johnson that features his big eyes and sumptuous lips
Danyl, 27, sang a subdued Aerosmith’s “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” probably because he’s been repeatedly called on the carpet for being “too cocky” by both the judges and the press. But apparently, there’s no pleasing those consistently critical adjudicators.
Danyl Johnson performs "Don't Want to Miss a Thing" during Saturday night's X Factor 2009 Live Show 4. 10-31-09 photo
Danni Minogue said, “It’s like you’ve lost your Mojo . . . It picked up toward the end but was out of tune right at the beginning.”

Louis Walsh stated that there was no way Danyl should have been in the bottom two last week but told him: “You need to pick yourself up and get back in the race.”

Ollie Murs, Lucie Jones, Jamie Archer, and Danyl Johnson take a break during rehearsal for the X Factor 4 results show. 11-1-09 photo

Cheryl Cole bordered on being cruel. “You’ve obviously had massive damage done to your self-confidence," she said. "You just don’t do it for me.”

Simon Cowell, Danyl Johnson’s sponsor, defended his finalist by claiming Danyl was in a no-win situation. “When he comes out confident he’s cocky. When he decides to tone it down, (you say) he needs to be cocky,” Simon told the judges. Then he turned to Danyl and said, “You are still the best singer in the competition.” We wholeheartedly agree! In our opinion, Danyl Johnson is the only one with soul.

Contestants Jamie Archer and Danyl Johnson get KP duty after an X Factor supper party last Monday. 10-26-09 photo

The X Factor website caught up with the Reading-based teacher Thursday to find out how he was feeling in the wake of the previous week’s events.

“Of course it’s not very nice to be in that position, but when you consider how good everybody was last Saturday, then there’s always going to be every chance that it’s going to be you. Somebody had to be in the bottom two, and this time it was me.”

The situation was made all the harder by the fact Danyl was up against his close friends Miss Frank, the female trio he had bonded with most.

“It’s sad because there’s a massive hole in the house now that Miss Frank have gone,” Danyl continued. “They were all such big personalities and I’m missing them badly . . . I think we all are.”

Danyl Johnson talks to X Factor the night before the big Rock Week show. 10-30-09 photo

“Being in the bottom two on Saturday was horrible, and it was made even worse because I was standing there next to Miss Frank,” said Danyl. “It’s like being on a football team and you and your best mate are the last ones to get picked . . . but they only need one of you. That’s what it feels like.”

Sunday’s X Factor Results recap on Sunday regarding Saturday’s backstage goings-on revealed Danyl Johnson had broken into tears. They quoted him saying, “I don’t know how much I can take.” But speaking outside the X Factor house Sunday morning, he seemed unfettered. He said that being in the bottom two last week made him tougher. “I’m not bothered. It won’t stop me from winning the show. I’m fine. I will be fine in the coming weeks and it hasn’t affected my confidence whatsoever. It was a bit of a shock to me but I got through it and it has made me stronger.”

Photo of Danyl Johnson with his former Upfrunt band mate Stephen Blackie

Even though Dannii remarked on Saturday that the singer had “lost his Mojo,” Danyl said, “Simon knows talent when he sees it and hopefully he can make me into a star. Having him behind me has given me a huge advantage. Simon was shocked when I was in the bottom two; he didn’t think I should have been. I have been working this week the same as I have been every other week and I’m looking forward to getting back on the stage for another chance.”

Four other competitor’s are getting our attention this week, as they are the ones we believe Danyl has to beat—Olly Murs, Joe McElderry, Lloyd Daniels, and The "Twink" Twins John and Edward.

Promotional photo of Olly Murs, another contestant up against Danyl

Olly Murs, who has been called the most consistent contestant by the judges, swaggered his way through a rocked-up version of the Beatles classic, "Come Together."

Photo of Olly Murs getting a pep talk from Simon Cowell Sunday, November 1, 2009

“I absolutely adore you!” yelled Dannii.

Louis Walsh was adamant: “You’re the dark horse in the competition!”

Olly Murs sings "Come Together" during the X Factor Live Show 4 Halloween night. 10-31-09 photo

“You’re definitely the most progressed contestant,” said Cheryl Cole. “You really impressed me!”

Olly Murs ends his number by ripping open his shirt Saturday night. October 31, 2009 photo

Simon Cowll’s comments were filled with rare praise: “Olly, I am very, very proud of you. You are progressing better than just about anybody right now. You did a great job.”

Contestant Joe McElderry, a young good-looking guy, seemed to impress the judges no end. Singing "Don’t Stop Believing" by Journey, he surprised everyone by nailing a rock song after being thought of as a balladeer.

Photo of X Factor contestant Joe McElderry, one of the guys who is giving Danyl a run for his money. Is it just me? My gaydar is sending out sirens! It tells me most of these competitors are gayer than Danyl!

“The voice is exceptional and you’re an absolute star,” said Dannii Minogue. “You looked so comfortable up there.”

Photo of Joe McEdlerry taken last Sunday, October 25, 2009

Louis Walsh was equally impressed: “You absolutely won me over. I believe you’ll be in the final.”

After a slight wardrobe-malfunction (See the Joe McElderry video at the bottom of this post) Cheryl composed herself in time to tell her north-east compatriot, “You are one of the most consistent performers we have . . . (but) it was a little bit limp in parts.”

Photo of Joe McEdlerry performing on X Factor 4 2009

But Cheryl Cole continued on a more positive note: “The calls I’ll get tonight are going to go through the roof. You’re going all the way to the end.”

Joe McEdlerry trying to be ghoulish during Friday night's X Factor Halloween party. October 30, 2009 photo

Simon Cowell gushed as well. “You even impressed me,” he said before questioning the point of the dancers, who swished and swayed in the background.

X Factor judge Simon Cowell talks to Danyl Johnson on Sunday. 11-1-09 photo

As for the “Twink Twins” (my tag), who sang a 5ive version of Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” I must say I don't understand how they have made it this far, as they’ve had trouble staying on tune during every song they’ve done so far and Saturday night was no exception. It must be their eight-inch pompadours or maybe it’s the dimples that keep impressing everyone. No dimples, you say? How would you know?

Promotional X Factor photo of the Twins John and Edward

Dannii Minogue got right to the point. “It is Halloween and that was quite scary!”

John and Edward perform "We Will Rock You" Saturday night on X Factor 2009 Live Show 4. 10-31-09 photo

“It’s two young kids living their dream,” said Louis Walsh. “The audience loved them.” He also said they were “energetic, entertaining, and exciting.”

Cheryl Cole was even more optimistic: “I felt like I was rocking for that song,” she said.

X Factor vampire Twins John and Edward bite contestant Stacey Soloman's neck at the Friday night Halloween party 10-30-09 photo

Simon continued his crusade to speak truth to the boys. “It was Night of the Living Death,” he said. “Singing Queen out of tune, possibly destroying Queen’s career forever.”

Photo of Danyl Johnson holding his hands up in the air for good luck

Lloyd Daniels, 16 and blond, nearly came out of the closet by singing Katie Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl,” and to everyone’s surprise, said he liked it!

Promo photo of teen crooner Lloyd Daniels

Dannii Monogue seemed to be blushing. “You are the heartthrob here. I’ll bet every one of your female fans wish that was about them.”

Lloyd Daniels sings Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" at Saturday's Live Show 4. 12-31-09 phot

Louis Walsh was less kind, with, “You’ve done a great little pop song but this was Rock Week.”

Photo of a shirtless Lloyd Daniel taking a shower to compliment an X Factor website story about what the contestants sing in the shower, which we forget because we were thinking about something a little more lascivious!

Cheryl Cole, Lloyd Daniel’s sponsor, told Lloyd, “We took a great risk . . . and everybody loves you just how you are . . . You are a little pop star and you should be in a band.”

Photo of Lloyd Daniels and Danyl Johnson clowning around while watching other X Factor contestants rehearse Sunday 11-1-09

“I was more impressed with you walking, than I was with the singing!” Simon exclaimed, before adding, “I thought that was terrific.”

On Sunday night’s results presentation, all nine acts got the show off to a rocking start with a group performance of "Walk This Way."

X Factor finalists' group number High School Musical Auditions' "Walk this Way" at the Sunday night results show. 11-1-09 photo

Then Bon Jovi showed us how the pros do it by performing their new single "We Weren’t Born To Follow."

Photo of X Factor judges Louis Walsh, Dannii Minogure, Cheryl Cole, and Simon Cowell with Bon Jovi (center) on Sunday. November 1, 2009 photo

This time last year JLS ended up X Factor runners-up, but like a lot of contestants who didn’t make it to number one on their respective reality shows, they made it to the top of the billboard charts anyway. Sunday, they returned as double MOBO (Music of Black Origin—a prestigous UK awards show) winners to perform their new single "Everybody In Love."

Photo host Dermot O'Leary with JLS, who performed "Everybody in Love" during the X Factor 2009 4 Results Show Sunday, November 1, 2009

Although there are a couple more contestants, I’ve chosen to ignore them, as I don’t think they are going to make it very much further. However, I will tell you about Rachel Adedeji, who found herself in the bottom two Sunday night, along with Lloyd Daniels.

Last week’s Big Band show was the first time Rachel Adedeji stayed out of the bottom two. She delivered a classy version of the U2 smash "One" on Saturday night, but it didn’t help, in spite of receiving accolades from the judges.

Dannii Minogue was full of praise. “That was an amazing performance!” she exclaimed. “You allowed yourself to be vulnerable.”

“The most emotional performance of the entire night,” squealed Louis Walsh.

Cheryl Cole added: “Your voice, out of the girls, is my favorite.”

Simon was his usual bitchy self. He said he liked the final third of the song but not her look.

X Factor contestant Rachel Adedeji promo photo

So come Sunday night, it was time to face the results, and after host Dermot O’Leary finished reading the names out loud, only Rachel Adedeji and Lloyd Daniels were left. Danyl Johnson had made it through!

Rachel bravely took to the sing-off stage for the third time and delivered a perfect rendition of "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" by Oasis. Lloyd battled through Joe Cocker's "You Are So Beautiful," but a sore throat prevented him from hitting all the high notes.

Dannii and Louis opted to save Rachel, Cheryl stuck by Lloyd, and when Simon couldn’t decide, it was taken to the public vote . . . and with that Rachel Adedeji was gone.

Rachel Adedeji sings U2's "One" at Saturday night's X FactorLive Show 4. 10-31-09 photo

The public has spoken again, or at least the people with the tenacity to vote over and over again. Eight acts remain, as week by week we get closer to crowning The X Factor 2009 champion.

Thanks to all those United Kingdom residents who for Danyl! Keep up the good work! Next week the Black Eyed Peas and Leona Lewis will perform. Cross your fingers for our comrade Danyl!

Visit Danyl Johnson’s official website and Facebook page. Visit Twitter if you want to get tweeted. To check out all of our posts with more fantastic pictures and videos of Danyl, click here.


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