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Saturday, November 14, 2009


November 14, 2009.
Monday night Lady Gaga will perform her new hit “Bad Romance” on the CW’s Gossip Girl in an episode entitled “Last Days of the Disco Stick.” Wearing a bright red sequined gown with a 35-foot long chiffon train, Lady Gaga will sing the stunning song backed up by three buff dancers. “She was amazing,” declared Stephanie Savage to Rolling Stone. “She was willing to stay on set and perform silently in the background of all of our shots so that she could stay a part of the scene and be integrated into the action.” This version of “Bad Romance” contains some Gossip Girl-specific lyrics, but Savage wouldn’t reveal further details. She wants you to tune in November 16th and see for yourself.

Photo of Lady Gaga stopping to sign autographs after filming her Gossip Girl cameo October 13, 2009. Watch the fan video of this event on our 10-30-09 post.
Lady Gaga filmed the cameo in mid-October at New York’s Angel Orensanz, a downtown synagogue-turned-performance space, and Savage estimates the star was there for at least a half-day of production with Penn Badgley (Dan Humphrey), Hilary Duff (Olivia Burke), Vanessa Abrams (Jessica Szhor), and aspiring pop star Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf), even though her role consists of only one scene.

Photo of Lady Gaga from the November 16th Gossip Girl, showing her red sequined chiffon dress

Savage said that the show’s staffers have always liked Lady Gaga, noting they used “Paparazzi” on the Season Two premiere, taped in the summer of 2008.

Lady Gaga poses with Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester October 13, 2009

Lady Gaga announced yesterday (11-13-09) that she will release her next album, The Fame Monster, in three different versions—a standard version of the new 8-song album; a deluxe version which includes both The Fame Monster and her massively successful debut album The Fame; and a collector’s edition super-deluxe art book version, which includes both albums, fanzines, 3-D glasses, paper dolls, a puzzle, pictorials, a lock of Lady Gaga’s hair and other surprises. (Note: the 8-song album can now be preordered for only $7.99 from the Gaga store [Click on "Preorder Lady Gaga Fame Monster" and scroll down.] This is the half-price album promised by Lady Gaga during her German interview with Wetten Dass on November 8, 2009.)

Lady Gaga just released this visual highlighting how The Fame Monster will be available in three different forms. See above paragraph for details.

Says Lady Gaga, “In the midst of my creative journey composing The Fame Monster, there came an exciting revelation that this was in fact my sophomore album. I would not add, nor take away any songs from this LP, it is a complete conceptual and musical body of work that can stand on its own two feet. It doesn't need The Fame."

Another photo of Lady Gaga from her 11-16-09 appearance on the Gossip Girl

"We may have an economy, but MUSIC HAS NO ECONOMY,” Lady Gaga continued. “I will release four or more singles from The Fame Monster, explore the world with "The Monster Ball Tour," and most importantly I insist on honoring my fans with an affordable new album, a CD that is as loyal to them, as they have been me."

Brand new cover of her upcoming single "Dance in the Dark," from Lady Gaga's new album The Fame Monster. See video at the bottom of this post for a sneak peak listen.

"For those who do not have my debut album,” she said. “There are a series of collectible double-disc editions that include both albums and artwork conceived by the Haus of Gaga in collaboration with our mentor Hedi Slimane. Hear the music, see the show, live and love yourself."

Brand new cover for her soon to be released single, "Alejandro (Don't Call My Name)," also from The Fame Monster album. Visit one of our earlier posts to hear a sneak peak video.
The standard and deluxe versions of The Fame Monster will be released on November 23, 2009. The collector’s edition super-deluxe version will be released December 15, 2009.
Photo from Lady Gaga's new "Bad Romance" video, showing off her Haus of Gaga razor blade sunglasses
Lady Gaga is the first artist since the inception of monitored airplay to chart four #1 hits at Top 40 Radio—"Just Dance," "Poker Face," "LoveGame," and "Paparazzi." She will perform her next chart-topper, "Bad Romance," on the American Music Awards (the AMAs) on ABC November 22, 2009.

Another photo from Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" video highlighting her gold glittery Alexander McQueen outfit, complete with extra high heels

Lady Gaga fans now have a chance to be a part of "The Monster Ball!" In a unique step, Pop Queen Lady Gaga, pioneering image-maker Nick Knight and fashion filmmaker Ruth Hogben launch a one-off collaborative project, inviting the singer's fans to submit their own video imagery for inclusion in her 2009-2010 World Tour “The Monster Ball.”

Photo of Lady Gaga performing on her "Bad Romance" video with huge animated eyes

The inspiration is sharp, simple and brutal: the Apocalypse, symbolic of both destruction and rebirth. Lady Gaga, Nick Knight and Ruth Hobgen will select video imagery from the submissions, and the videos will then be spliced together and reinvented as exclusive imagery, played alongside Lady Gaga's spectacular live performances across the globe.

Photo of Lady Gaga wearing a Nasir Mazhar gyroscope-orb in "Bad Romance" video.

In line with new contributions, video pieces will be constantly re-edited and engineered as new submissions are received throughout the tour's 44-date marathon run, in a constant creative renewal. Click HERE to submit your footage!

Phot of Lady Gaga wearing HAUS OF GAGA Fire-spewing METAL BRA, RP ENCORE RAT HEADPIECE, and ALEXANDER MCQUEEN HEELS, from the final scene in her "Bad Romance" video, where her boyfriend has been reduced to a charred skeleton.

For lots more photos and videos on Lady Gaga click here for our post on the 2009 Video Music Awards (VMAs).Click on this link to see pictures and videos from her flamboyant gig on Saturday Night Live (SNL). To watch her perform “Imagine” at the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) click here. To hear her stunning speech at the National Equality March click on this link. For our recent post about her appearance on MTV’s Alexa Chung, click here. To watch and see more photos of Gaga’s brand new video “Bad Romance” go to this link. For details on “The Monster Ball” tour regarding dates and tickets, click here.

Lady Gaga wearing a VAVA DUDU TRENCH COAT and a FRANC FERNANDEZ DIAMOND CROWN OUTFIT in "Bad Romance" video photo

Visit Lady Gaga’s official website, go to her MySpace page, become a fan on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter for all things Gaga.

Check out this just released Sneak Preview video of Lady Gaga on Gossip Girl for the show titled "The Last Days of the Disco Stick," which airs on The CW next Monday, November 16 at 9pm EST. She sings her new hit “Bad Romance”:

Watch this AOL Music clip on the Making of the "Bad Romance" video! Take a look at behind the scenes on the video set, including interviews with director Francis Lawrence, cinematographer Thomas Kloss and more! Click here if you haven’t seen the mind-blowing video yet:

Listen to this sneak preview video of Lady Gaga singing “Dance in the Dark,” a song that will be on her new album The Fame Monster:

Check out this vintage Lady Gaga video: “Eh Eh” (Buy at iTunes):

Watch more The Fame videos on AOL Video

Watch this now vintage Lady Gaga video: Lady Gaga-“Just Dance” feat Colby O'Donis collaboration. (Buy at iTunes):

Watch more AOL Music videos on AOL Video

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