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Sunday, November 15, 2009


November 14, 2009.
YouTube caved under pressure from Fox News Channel bullies and deleted thousands of video uploads by the popular News1News YouTube account on Wednesday. Note the familiar News1News logo on the left. The erasure of those video clips, embedded by thousands of liberal/gay blogs, effectively destroyed the archives and hard work of bloggers around the world, as well as the sweat and tears of Dr Jon himself, the openly gay owner of the channel who prefers his last name not be used. I personally spent hours replacing the videos from services other than YouTube, because you can no longer trust YouTube to follow the Fair Use Act guidelines.
Photo of the YouTube logo embedded with the new logo "Boycott Censorship." The idea of a YouTube boycott December 19-21 is rapidly gaining momentum. See video below.
Unfortunately, many of the videos are unavailable anywhere, and since some are only embeddable through other YouTube accounts, I was forced to either delete some of the videos completely or use the existing videos found only on YouTube. However, from now on, YouTube will be used by me only at last resort. I work diligently to keep my archives in order because I hate visiting websites only to find the videos have been deleted by the thoughtless folks at YouTube.

Photo of right-wing-nut Glenn Beck who regularly spews his hatred of black people and gays on his Fox News program. He even called Obama a racist socialist recently.

The thing that pisses me off the most about this despicable act is thousands of clips that had nothing to do with Faux were deleted by YouTube. A couple of days after I published my BEST OF JOY BEHAR SHOW post, I was horrified to find each and every video deleted. That program airs on HLN, and they had not complained to YouTube. Although CNN, HLN’s parent company, is kind enough to upload the occasional Joy Behar clip for blogger use, which only helps drive viewers to their shows, they are far from comprehensive, so I found myself without alternate resources.

Photo of what happens to a YouTube video once the host's account is "suspended: The dreaded notice "Video has been removed due to terms of use violation." If it was a clip of a Fox show, it will say "Video removed due to a copyright violation."

Fox News uses the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to ply their dirty work to censor liberal blogs, even though the 1998 law was implemented to protect bloggers from lawsuits because of the Fair Use Act. They’ve twisted it around the point where they have YouTube executives thinking it protects their content via Copyright, even though Fair Use flies in the face of that argument. According to Gawker.com, Fox bombarded YouTube with over 150 DMCA complaints and in the world of YouTube that’s all it takes. You don’t even need to prove your copyright has been violated. All you have to do is complain loudly enough.

Photo of fat-cat right-wing hate-filled Rush Limbaugh, who has a show on Fox, and Republican zealot Ann Coulter, who is a regular contributor/guest on Fox "news" shows. Rush Limbaugh once told a black viewer who was on the telephone to take the bone out of his nose and call him back.

After Gawker mentioned that conservative YouTube accounts GlennbeckClipsDaily and ConservativeNation, who have uploaded Fox clips for years, hadn’t been affected, Fox shut them down as well, to circumvent the favoritism label. So now, even they are enraged. On November 13, ConservativeNewMedia “voluntarily” pulled all its Fox News videos after Gawker noted they remained in business, but rather than the whole channel being deleted by YouTube, their account remains open. However their blog is now in shambles, as all their videos say, “This video was removed by the user.” It just goes to show you how far Fox News is willing to go to censor the liberal blogs—all the way to the point of hurting their own supporters.

Photo of notice from YouTube to News1News' replacement YouTube account, NewPoliticsAmerica, showing three new complaints from Fox News against them after being open only a couple of days

Queerity.com reported Friday that the owner of News1News is a gay military vet who, along with his veteran partner, have a vested interest in exposing Fox’s lies, especially in regard to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Queerity reported that the account was closed once before but reopened after an investigation proved Fox’s copyright infringement claims were unfounded. So maybe there’s hope for free speech after all. In the meantime, Dr. Jon has opened two new YouTube accounts, one for news from networks less bent on censorship, NewsPoliticsAmerica, and one for Fox News reports only, FOXNewsHatesLiberals. You can follow Jon’s uploads via his Twitter account. He deserves our support, as he does this for a hobby. There is no profit involved, except perhaps the satisfaction of bringing to the attention of the world Fox’s propensity for bending the truth to further the conservative agenda.

Photo of Carl Rove, a frequent commentator/guest on Fox News. Rove was the architect of the failed George W. Bush presidency and was single-handedly responsible for the lies and torture policies by that administration

Write to or call YouTube and tell them how much you hate what they’ve done:
YouTube, LLC
901 Cherry Ave.
San Bruno, CA 94066
Phone: +1 650-253-0000
Fax: +1 650-253-0001

There is a boycott being planned for YouTube. The video at the bottom of this post calls for everyone to stop using YouTube December 19 through December 21 to protest their unfair practices and systematic destruction of blogger’s archives.

Take the pledge against censorship! Visit http://www.turnofffox.com/ to sign up! Stop the spread of the FOX cancer by getting it turned off in public places, such as bars, doctor's offices, airports and restaurants. Become an ambassador to decrease the influence of FOX's misinformation and propaganda.

Watch this video urging a YouTube boycott after they recklessly closed the News!News channel and screwed up the websites of thousands of bloggers. “Boycott YouTube December 19-21, 2009”:

Check out this video to understand how Fox tells lies and repeatedly fakes the news. This video shows how Fox News Distorted Obama’s record in 2008 (Proof Fox News is not just unbalanced, it’s racist and bigoted.) Visit http://foxattacks.com/ for additional information:

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