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Thursday, February 18, 2010


February 18, 2010.
Lady Gaga swept the 30th annual Brit Awards 2010 on Tuesday, February 16, 2010, by snatching up awards in all three of the categories for which she was nominated: Best International Female Solo Artist, Best International Breakthrough Act, and Best International Album for The Fame! As the Brits host, Peter Kay, said, “(Gaga) has won every international award except International Male and that was a close call!”

Photo of Lady Gaga leaving the Mayfair Hotel in London the day before the Brit 2010 Awards show. Check out the Haus of Gaga Little Monsters jacket and the blond page-boy wig! 2-15-10 image.

Gaga also dazzled the London Earls Court Exhibition Centre audience with a heart-felt performance medley of “Telephone” and “Dance in the Dark,” which she dedicated to the fashion designer responsible for most of her outfits in her mega-hit video “Bad Romance,” Alexander (Lee) McQueen.

Closer picture of Lady Gaga outside the Mayfair Hotel on Monday, showing the metal spikes on her Little Monsters jacket. 2-15-10 photo.

Tuesday morning, Lady Gaga tweeted: @ladygaga Tonight's performance is inspired by our friend (Alexander McQueen). Mask by Philip Treacy, Sculpture by Nick Knight, Music by Lady Gaga. We miss you.

Photo of Lady Gaga helping a fan take their picture outside the Mayfair Hotel in London Monday. 2-15-10 image.

Lady Gaga dazzled the crowds outside the Earls Court Exhibition Center, where the 2010 Brit Awards were taking place, when she arrived in a three-layer white cape dress designed by Francesco Scognamiglio and a lace mask by Philip Treacy. As usual, styling was overseen by Nicola Formichetti, cotton candy hair designed by Malcolm Edwards, and her make-up painted by Billy B.

Image of Lady Gaga arriving at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre for rehearsals the day before the Brits Awards Show, wearing a faux leopard print coat with matching hose and white "cotton-ball" hair set off by a lavender hair bow. 2-15-10 photo.

Once inside Britain’s premiere awards event, Lady Gaga removed her cape to reveal a hot white lace one-legged body suit created by Alex Noble. She kept on her Malclm Edwards hair, Philip Treacy mask, and Billy B makeup throughout the rest of the evening, up to and including the Brit 2010 after party.

Close-up photo of Lady Gaga coming to the Brit 2010 Awards rehearsal Monday. 2-15-10 image.

Lady Gaga’s performance also rocked the Earls Court Exhibition Centre. She began by playing a white piano covered with a sheer cloth, set off by a huge sculpture designed by artist Nick Knight depicting Lady Gaga wearing a McQueen dress and his trademark Lobster-claw shoes.

Image of Lady Gaga arriving at the Brit 2010 Awards Show Tuesday evening wearing a billowy three-layered white gown designed by Francesco Scognamiglio and lace mask by Philip Treacy. As usual, styling was overseen by Nicola Formichetti, sky-high cotton candy hair by Malcolm Edwards, make-up by Billy B. 2-16-2010 photo.

While at the piano, Lady Gaga sang a re-worded version of “Telephone” directed at Alexander (Lee) McQueen. The she danced and played a new instrument designed by the Haus of Gaga, a giant ketar (nicknamed “Emma”), singing a special adaptation of “Dance in the Dark,” wherein she gave a shout-out to Liberace, Judy Garland, and Sylvia Plath.

Photo of Lady Gaga spreading her wings on the Red Carpet of the Brit Awards 2010. 2-16-10 picture.

Lady Gaga thanked her family, sister, designers, stylists, publicists, promoters, managers, and fans when accepting each of her three Brit Awards. Upon winning the third for Best International album, she said. “I was really excited to win the first two awards, but this means even more to me ‘cause I worked so hard on the album.”

Image of Lady Gaga on the Brit 2010 Awards Red Carpet Tuesday, showing off her white Francesco Scognamiglio dress. It reminds us of a giant cake, good enough to eat! 2-16-10 photo.

MTV.com published a fabulous review of the awards show entitled JAY-Z, LADY GAGA WIN BIG AT THE BRIT AWARDS. LILY ALLEN AND OASIS ALSO TAKE HOME TROPHIES IN LONDON. 2-16-10. By Larry Carroll, as follows (after the pic):

Picture of Lady Gaga looking yummy outside the Earls Court Exhibition Center before going inside for this year's Brit Awards Show. 2-16-10 photo.

It's Lady Gaga's world — we're all just living in it. As if fans needed any more proof, the shape-shifting songstress swept the Brit Awards on Tuesday (February 16), taking charge of the U.K.'s high-profile music ceremony while winning three key categories — and paying touching tribute to fashion icon Alexander McQueen.

Closer image of Lady Gaga on the Brit 2010 Red Carpet, showing more details of her white Philip Treacy lace mask. 2-16-10 photo.

Considered by many to be the British equivalent of the Grammys, more than 1,000 industry insiders vote for the Brit Awards. In addition to Gaga, the evening's big winners included Jay-Z, Lily Allen and Oasis — who received a special honor as their (What's the Story) Morning Glory? was named best British album of the last 30 years.

Photo of Lady Gaga posing for pictures inside the Earls Court Exhibition Centre in her white three-layered gown. 2-16-10 image.

The big story of the evening, however, was Gaga. Nominated three times, the "Poker Face" singer swept her three categories, taking home Best International Album, Best International Female Solo Artist and International Breakthrough Act Supported by MTV Viewers.

Closer image of Lady Gaga taken just before going inside for her big night at the Brit 2010 Awards Show Tuesday night. 2-16-10 image.

As expected, Lady Gaga stole the show with a daring outfit, performing in a Marge Simpson-height white wig and lace veil, accented by lace eyebrows. Less predictable, however, was her heartfelt words for one of the men who helped her become such an outrageous style icon.

Nice close-up photo of Lady Gaga's white lace Philip Treacy mask and Malcolm Edwards bouffant hair at the Brits 2010 Awards. 2-16-10 picture.

"Thank you to Lee McQueen," Gaga said with a strained voice at one point, referring to the fashion designer whose lobster-clawed shoes adorned her feet in the "Bad Romance" music video. McQueen was found dead in his London home last Thursday.

Picture of English comedian Peter Kay hosting the Brit 2010 Awards, which he said was "Twenty minutes of entertainment stretched over two hours!" 2-16-10 photo.

Of particular interest to American audiences might be the International Male Solo Artist category, which had Jay-Z triumphing over fellow heavyweights Eminem and Bruce Springsteen.

Photo of Lady Gaga at her sheer fabric-draped white piano singing a tribute to fallen design icon, Alexander (Lee) McQueen at the Brits 2010 Awards. 2-16-10 picture.

The Brits also handed out special awards honoring the past 30 years, celebrating best album, (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, and best hit song, the Spice Girls' "Wannabe/Who Do You Think You Are."

Image of Lady Gaga at the piano performing her re-worked medley of "Telephone" and "Dance in the Dark" for the Brit 2010 audience. Both she and the piano are draped in sheer fabric. 2-16-10 photo.

Winners that may be of less interest to Americans include Florence & the Machine (British Female Solo Artist, MasterCard British Album), Dizzee Rascal (British Male Solo Artist), JLS (British Breakthrough Act, British Single), Kasabian (British Group), Elle Goulding (Critics' Choice) and Robbie Williams (Outstanding Contribution Award).

Closer picture of Lady Gaga singing her tribute to Alexander "Lee" McQueen during Tuesday night's Brit 2010 gaga, which was televised on the itn network. 2-16-10.

Lily Allen, in an orange wig, took home the Best British Female trophy. "This doesn't happen to me very often," she admitted. "So thank you very much. I love you.” END.

Super close image of Lady Gaga performing "Telephone" and "Dance in the Dark" at England's entertainment event of the year, the Brit 2010 Awards Show. 2-16-10 photo.

MTV.com also printed this glowing article yesterday, Feb 16 2010, about Lady Gaga’s moving Brit Awards 2010 performance: LADY GAGA PAYS TRIBUTE TO ALEXANDER MCQUEEN AT BRIT AWARDS. (LADY GAGA STEALS THE BRITS SHOW. She performs “Dance in the Dark” and “Telephone” as a tribute to late friend and fashion icon.) By Jocelyn Vena (after the photo):

Photo of Lady Gaga on the stage of the Brit 2010 Awards after casting off the sheer fabric, leaving the piano, and transitioning into "Dance in the Dark," which she did with style. 2-16-10 picture.

Lady Gaga might have won all three Brit Awards she was nominated for Tuesday (February 16), but it was her avant-garde tribute and performance to late friend and British fashion icon Alexander McQueen that stole the show.

Image of Lady Gaga dancing for the Brit 2010 audience Tuesday evening while singing the "Dance in the Dark" portion of her medley. 2-16-10 photo.

The star took to the stage in all white and sat at her piano before kicking off her performance with an acoustic version of her song "Telephone." "This is for Alexander McQueen," she told the crowd. The stage was decked out in white, and perched on a pedestal was a statue of what seemed to be Gaga wearing a piano skirt and the now-famous McQueen lobster-claw heels she wore in her "Bad Romance" video.

Photo of Lady Gaga on the Brit Awards 2010 Earls Court Exhibition Center stage wearing her white Alex Noble one-legged lace body suit. 2-16-10 image.

She then got up from her piano as the disco groove of "Dance in the Dark" boomed throughout the room. In her lace bodysuit and over-the-top bouffant wig, she took to a giant keytar and dazzled the crowd with a techno rendition of the track. She then listed off names of fallen icons like Sylvia Plath and Judy Garland.

Picture of Lady Gaga dancing to the beat of "Dance in the Dark" during her Brit 2010 performance Tuesday night. February 16, 2010 photo.

The pop star arrived to the show dressed in a white dress and the same wig she wore onstage later that night. According to reports, Gaga retooled her whole performance to pay tribute to McQueen at the show.

Image of Lady Gaga playing her giant Haus of Gaga ketar ("Emma") during her reworded Brit 2010 Awards performance of "Telephone" and "Dance in the Dark." 2-16-10 photo.

She later tweeted, "Tonight's performance is inspired by our friend. Mask by Phillip Treacy, Sculpture by Nick Knight, Music by Lady Gaga. We miss you."

Picture of Lady Gaga wrapping up her emotional tribute to Alexander McQueen at the UK's Brit 2010 Awards Show Tuesday evening. 2-16-10 photo.

Last week, after news broke about McQueen's death, she tweeted a photo of the two of them as a tribute to her late friend. END.

This is the twitpic photo of the two of them hugging that Lady Gaga tweeted about soon after Alexander "Lee" McQueen's suicide.

Word had leaked out earlier in the week (on Monday) that Lady Gaga, the new Queen of Pop, was planning to pay tribute to fashion designer Alexander McQueen with her performance at the BRIT Awards this year.

Image of Lady Gaga giving the "Monster claw" sign while going to the Brit 2010 Awards podium to accept her first award of the evening, for International Breakthrough Act. 2-16-10 photo.

The "Poker Face" hit-maker admitted that she is still upset over McQueen’s tragic suicide on Thursday, February 11, 2010, on the eve of his beloved mother’s funeral. “I am still in shock and I just can’t believe how sad it all is,” Gaga said.

Image of Lady Gaga accepting her Best International Breakthrough Act Brit 2010 award Tuesday night in the Earls Court Exhibition Center. 2-16-10 photo.

The 23-year-old singer also noted that McQueen had a big influence on some of her outrageous outfits which are as famous as her hit songs, the Sun reported online. “It’s horrible news. He was a big influence on a lot of my outfits but far more than that he was a really lovely guy with a good heart.” Gaga was the “unofficial muse” for McQueen’s unconventional creations, according to the designer’s publicist.

Picture of Lady Gaga going to the Brit 2010 Awards stage to accept her second award of the evening for Best International Female Solo Artist. February 16, 2010 photo.

The Mirror printed an article early on Monday that turned out to be mostly false, entitled, LADY GAGA’S BRITS PERFORMANCE AT RISK AS CHERYL COLE TAKES HER SLOT. They claimed Lady Gaga irked the Brit 2010 organizers in the run-up to the prestigious music awards by constantly altering her theatrical stage show.

Photo of Lady Gaga raising her Best International Female Solo Artist award in the air at the Brit 2010 Awards Show, while thanking a multitude of people. 2-16-10 image.

Quote unquote: “Brits bosses got so fed up with all the messing around that they have now handed her 9pm primetime appearance to singer Cheryl Cole – and given GaGa, 23, a much smaller slot.”

Picture of Lady Gaga hugging Akon (Aliaune Badera Akon Thiam - the man credited with much of her success for signing her to his record label Kon Live Distribution when others dropped her), seconds after learning she had won her third Brit 2010 award, this time for Best International Album. 2-16-10 photo.

“Not only that, but the stage sets have changed so much that she has been whacked with a £100,000 bill for all the wasted work. And insiders fear she is jeopardizing her chance of winning Best International Newcomer, Best International Female and Best International Album with all her infuriating changes.”

Photo of an exuberant Lady Gaga accepting her Brit 2010 Best International Album award. She said, "I was really excited to win the first two awards, but this means even more to me 'cause I worked so hard on the album!" 2-16-10 image.

The Mirror continued, “A source tells us: ‘Lady GaGa wanted her stage show to be as big and as theatrical as her Grammys one, an idea which the Brits bosses loved. The plan was for a London-themed backdrop with models of all the major monuments.”

Picture of Lady Gaga back on the Brit 2010 Awards Red Carpet posing with her three hard-won Brit trophies. February 16, 2010 photo.

"GaGa would arrive onstage on a pimped-up green Rolls-Royce and sing Poker Face and Telephone. But the Rolls-Royce is now gathering dust backstage after she changed her mind and ditched the plans. Saddened by the sudden death of her fashion designer pal Alexander McQueen, Gaga decided to ditch her glitzy spectacular for a somber tribute.”

Image of a very happy Lady Gaga raising her three Brit 2010 Awards high in a victory gesture. 2-16-10 photo.

The Mirror's “spy” added “She changed everything saying she wanted to sing the ballad Bad Romance – just her dressed in black on a piano with images of Alexander McQueen behind her. Thankfully, her aides persuaded her that it could appear crass.

Picture of Lady Gaga showing off her three Brit 2010 Awards to photographers after her triumphant appearance on the televised London-based itn network awards program. February 16, 2010 image.

They were worried it would look like she was cashing in on his death. So on Monday morning she changed everything yet again and promised to stump up the bill for the new stage, which is easily in the £100,000s.”

Closeup photo of Lady Gaga proudly exhibiting her three Brit 2010 Awards for the benefit of the paparazzi. 2-16-10 picture.

“Now her show will be much more scaled down and Cheryl is taking her place in the running order. Now everyone is worried she might lose out on an award over all the hassle.”

Photo of Lady Gaga arriving at the Brits 2010 Awards after party with her body guards wearing her silver spike-studded Haus of Gaga Little Monsters jacket, Philip Treacy lace mask, and towering Malcolm Edwards cotton candy hair. February 16, 2010 image.

As we all know now, her venue was not changed and the Brits obviously still love Gaga to death! So, "Screw uou, Daily Mirror," for scaring Gaga’s fans by printing false information!

Picture of Lady Gaga posing at the Brit 2010 after party with one of her comrades, still wearing her lacy Alex Noble body suit. 2-16-10 photo.

MTV.com printed this article Wednesday morning, Feb 17 2010, about Lady Gaga’s opening act: SEMI PRECIOUS WEAPONS REMEMBER WHEN LADY GAGA OPENED FOR THEM! “She was fun and partied,” Cole Whittle says of Gaga's early days in New York. By Jocelyn Vena, with reporting by Daniel Montalto. Read the article after the picture:

Image of Lady Gaga kissing her friend at the Brit 2010 Awards after party. We would imagine the delighted Gaga kissed a lot of people at that party! 2-16-10 photo.

Long before Lady Gaga had the Semi Precious Weapons open for her on her Monster Ball Tour, she was supposed to hit the road with Kanye West. So the glam-rock trio might owe West a "thank you" for deciding not to tour with Gaga.

Another photo of Lady Gaga enjoying herself at the Brits after party with an English alum. 2-16-10 picture.

"She had us open for her," lead singer Justin Tranter, who makes a cameo in Gaga's forthcoming "Telephone" video, told MTV News. "We knew that she always wanted us to open for her for this tour. She put her foot down. I don't care what anybody says, we pretty much owe our lives to Gaga."

Picture of Lady Gaga clowning around with another UK buddy at the Brit 2010 Awards after party. 2-16-10 photo.

"And Kanye," bandmate Cole Whittle jokingly added.

Image of the London Times front page the day after the Brit 2010 Awards Show with Lady Gaga on the cover and the headline, "McQueen and I: Lady Gaga Turns the Brits into a Memorial Service." 2-17-10 photo.

Semi Precious Weapons go back years with Gaga — all the way back to the days when she had to depend on them to fill the tiny Manhattan venues she used to play long before she was the Grammy-winning phenom she is today.

Picture of the just released official cover of "Telephone The Remixes." Remixes for Gaga's latest single, "Telephone" featuring Beyoncé, will be available at iTunes and all digital retailers on March 2, 2010! These set of mixes come from the likes of Kaskade, Crookers, DJ Dan, Alpheabeat, Passion Pit and more! You can also check out an exclusive set of dub and club versions of these mixes on Masterbeat, also available on March 2! Stock photo.

"When we met her, we were doing shows here bringing, like, 300 people or so, and we were looking for bands to open for us," Whittle recalled. "They were all boring, but she was fun and partied, and her and [Gaga's performing partner] Lady Starlight had a really cool show. We were like, 'I'd much rather see this than some hipster band.'"

New image of Lady Gaga from the soon-to-be released "Telephone" video she made with Beyonce. Video capture photo.

So they opted to do the upcoming pop star a favor and have her join them for their shows. Despite the fact that she was playing to very small crowds, she was beyond thankful for the spot.

Second new photo of Lady Gaga in the "Telephone" video. Check out that old-time telephone on her head! Video capture image.

"She was big fans of ours before we met her. She was so grateful to be playing with us, 'cause she loved us so much," Tranter said. "She was like, 'I've never seen so many people! Thank you so much for letting me open.' It's obviously a little different now.”

Third newly released picture of Lady Gaga from her upcoming video "Telephone," showing her wearing long yellow hair and white stars on a blue bikini and headband But then we already knew she was a Wonder Woman! 2-16-10 photo.

“Them tables have turned! [Back then,] it was still the most awesome thing we'd ever seen. It's still the most awesome show we ever saw. She's always been the coolest girl!" END. Watch the videos of Semi precious weapons at the base of this post, including their new self-titled video, “Semi Precious Weapons!” END

Visit the Semi Precious MySpace page for more music and information.

Picture of Lady Gaga's North American Monster Ball opening act, Semi Precious Weapons. Clockwise from top: Dan Crean on drums, Steve Pyne on guitar and backing vocals, Justin Tranter on vocals, Cole Whittle on bass. 2-12-10 photo.

Word is Lady Gaga has a new song in the works called “Fetish,” co-written with Khayat Nadir and produced by RedOne. Here’s proof from BMI Repertoire.

Those vying for music prizes at this year’s Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards have been announced. Lady Gaga is nominated for two awards, which will be held on March 27, 2010 at 8 P.M and aired live on Nickelodeon. Lady Gaga has been nominated for the Favorite Female Singer and Favorite Song (“Paparazzi”),facing off against the likes of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. You can vote for Lady Gaga beginning February 25, 2010 at Nick.com.

Picture of Fella GaGa giving Lady Gaga's “Poker Face” Gets a Teabagger Parody. Watch the video at the bottom of this page. Video capture photo.

Lady Gaga's “Poker Face” is now the second most downloaded song on iTunes ever, and "Just Dance" is #6!

Attention all UK Monsters! The updated version of the Monster Ball begins tonight (February 18, 2010) at the M.E.N. Arena in Manchester, England! The tour travels around the UK through March 5, 2010, before heading to New Zealand, Australia and Japan! Check our MONSTER BALL PAGE for some new/changed dates in Australia, and come back soon for tour updates, photos and more! Gaga said today on a radio interview that the new Monster Ball will include '”A lot of music you haven’t heard before.”

Visit Lady Gaga’s official
website, go to her MySpace page, become a fan on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter for all things Gaga.

Check out this itn video with a little information of the Brits Awards 2010:

Watch this itn News video of Lady Gaga arriving in a three-layered white dress and lace mask at the Brtis Awards 2010. 2-16-10:

Check out this itn News video: Fashion at the Brit Awards 2010 - Who was wearing what? All hail Lady Gaga! 2-16-10:

Watch this unofficial Brit 2010 video: Lady Gaga sings new versions of “Telephone” and “Dance in the Dark” dedicated to the memory of designer Alexander McQueeen. 2-16-10 (See video below in case this one gets deleted. The Brit Website published a video but it's autoplay and we couldn't turn it off. Auto play sucks for people at work and it's just plain irritating for the rest of us! (NOTE: WHEN THIS VIDEO GETS DELETED {AND IT WILL}, SIMPLY SCROLL DOWN TO THE NEXT VIDEO. I HAVE PRESERVED IT ON BLOGGER AND ALTHOUGH THE SCREEN APPEARS BLACK, THE VIDEO WORKS. JUST CLICK ON THE PLAY BUTTON!):

Same video as above on Blogger in case it gets deleted (NOTE: ALTHOUGH THE SCREEN APPEARS BLACK, THE VIDEO WORKS. JUST PRESS PLAY!):

Lady Gaga Brits 2010 "Telephone" "Dance in the Dark" 2-16-10

Check out this first official first official news report by itn: Lady Gaga Wins 3 Brits Awards 2010. 2-16-10:

Watch this second official itn News report: “Lady Gaga is queen of the Brits as she walks away with three awards, JLS also win big, while Lily Allen finally bags a Brit of her own!” 2-16-10:

Check out this video: Lady Gaga Wins International Breakthrough Artist Award (Brit Awards 2010) 2-16-10 (NOTE: ALTHOUGH THE SCREEN APPEARS BLACK, THE VIDEO WORKS. JUST PRESS PLAY!):

Lady Gaga Wins International Breakthrough Artist Award Brit Awards 2010 2-16-10

Check out this video: Lady Gaga Wins her Second Award: International Female Solo Artist Award (Brit Awards 2010) 2-16-10 (NOTE: ALTHOUGH THE SCREEN APPEARS BLACK, THE VIDEO WORKS. JUST PRESS PLAY):

Lady Gaga Wins International Female Solo Artist Award Brit Awards 2010 2-16-10

Check out this video: Lady Gaga Wins 3rd Award: Best International Album Award and tears up as she talks about how this award means the most to her because she worked so hard on it. (Brit Awards 2010) 2-16-10 (NOTE: ALTHOUGH THE SCREEN APPEARS BLACK, THE VIDEO WORKS. JUST PRESS PLAY):

Lady Gaga Wins International Album Award crying Brit Awards 2010 2-16-10

Check out this video by itn News with Lady Gaga explaining her dedication to Alexander McQueen at the Brits 2010 Awards. Triple award-winner Lady Gaga explains the reinterpretation of her song "Telephone." “I wanted to do a very, very forward performance, something I felt was a true representation of the future. I re-inspired my song ‘Telephone’ into an acoustic sort of jazz version and then I went into a song called ‘Dance in the Dark’ and I used a brand new instrument that was built by the Haus of Gaga named Emma.” Plus, Lily Allen and JLS with their Brits. 2-16-10:

Watch this official 95.8 Capital FM Radio Station in London video: BRITs 2010 - Lady Gaga interview backstage at the Brits after winning her 3 awards. The Big Top 40 Show's Rich and Kat talked with Lady Gaga backstage at the BRITs. Fresh from winning three songs, she was in typically enigmatic form. All hail the Queen of the BRITs! 2-16-10:

Check out this Associated Press video news report about Lady Gaga and the 30th annual 2010 Brit Awards: The Brits Love Lady Gaga! When asked how long it took to make her hair, Lady Gaga said, “It was made in Heaven last night with little magical angels!” Includes info about Lily Allen, Robbie Williams, former Spice Girls Geri Halliwell and Mel B. Wednesday, February 17, 2010:

And finally, watch this itn News video wrap-up about Lady Gaga and the 2010 Brits Awards: The 411 on the Brit Awards, the winners, and more. Wednesday, February 17, 2010:

Check out this MTV News video: Lady Gaga (wearing gold dress and open mask by Erickson Beamon) and Cyndi Lauper spent a great deal of time together on Wednesday promoting their new Viva Glam line of lipsticks, the proceeds from which benefit the M.A.C. AIDS Fund. When MTV News spent a few minutes with the ladies in the afternoon, the two told us how they chose the shades for their individual lipsticks. It was a spiel they had no doubt repeated over and over again all day long to many different press outlets. And that’s when Gaga let is slip: It turns out the pop provocateur used to have a mullet.“It was made out of my favorite M.A.C. color when I was living downtown in New York on the Lower East Side,” said Gaga of her lipstick shade, “and I had this very dark, sort of mullet haircut, and umm…” At this point, Cyndi interjects, just a little bit surprised. “You had a mullet?” she asks.“Yeah,” says Gaga, “and all the girls started to have their hair like mine in my neighborhood, so I used to wear this lipstick to kind of stand out.” For more information about the Viva Glam AIDS Fund campaign, go to our previous post: LADY GAGA SINGS NEW SONG FUTURE LOVE AT amFAR GALA! 6 VIDEOS! 29 PHOTOS! GAGA, CYNDI LAUPER for MAC AIDS FUND TODAY SHOW GOOD MORNING AMERICA 2-10-10!

Watch this video: Johnny Weir skating to Lady Gaga's “Poker Face” from a 2009 ice show:

Check out this funny video: Fella GaGa - Social State (Lady Gaga- “Poker Face” parody). It's ParTEA Time!!!!!! Introducing Fella GaGa, the nation's NEW VOICE OF REASON. It's time to raise hell and shake our asses for FREEDOM!!!!!!!!

The glam rockers describe the soon to be released video as “Tarantino-inspired violent melodrama.” Judging by the leaked photos and a few rumors, Beyoncé is breaking Lady Gaga out of jail in their newest video collaboration, “Telephone.” And now we know one more thing about the clip: Gaga’s pals and Monster Ball Tour opening act Semi Precious Weapons also appear in it. “We do have a cameo in the ‘Telephone’ video, which was when we walked on set and there was Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, all at once. It was pretty magical,” frontman Justin Tranter shared with MTV News. “Obviously, Gaga’s one of the greatest music visionaries of our time, and Beyoncé is one of the greatest visions of our time. She is a music visionary too.” “We die it the video!” While the glam rockers are used to Gaga's visions, Tranter was struck by the sight of Beyoncé in the flesh. "Her body is like Jessica Rabbit," he said. "It's like a cartoon. She's so hot and perfect." Although the guys couldn't say much about the plot of the video, they did share that they die in the clip. "Yeah, we are in the 'Telephone' video and we die in it," Tranter said. "And I think that's probably all I'm allowed to tell ... And, I think, what people have already talked about: It's very Tarantino-inspired, sort of like violent melodrama glamour." Semi Precious Weapons didn't seem too disappointed by their tragic end. "Oh, no! It's awesome," Tranter exclaimed. "We were honored. Gaga's like, 'And then you're going to die.' We were like, 'Yes!' The video's going to be awesome." READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE

Watch this video: Lady Gaga’s Opening Act Semi Precious Weapons (Semi Precious Weapons are a glam-rock band from New York City consisting of Justin Tranter on vocals, Stevy Pyne on guitar, Cole Whittle on bass and Dan Crean on drums) New Video Self-titled Song, “Semi Precious Weapons”:

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