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Saturday, January 16, 2010


January 16, 2010.
Adam Lambert released his third official video from his debut album CD For Your Entertainment yesterday, “Whataya Want From Me.” Although it’s filled with passion and angst, the video is devoid of glam this time. It shows him wearing a black suit and pleading via song for understanding. Today we bring that video, as well as his other two official videos, “For Your Entertainment” and “Time for Miracles,” the latter from the movie 2012. Watch them all at the base of this page.

Passionate image from Adam Lambert's new video "What Do You Want From Me?" Video capture photo.
We also bring you some of Adam’s favorite YouTube video performances of his songs by other singers and the inside word on what his upcoming appearance next Tuesday, January 19, 2010, on Oprah will be like, from a woman who was in the audience when the show was recorded. We also have Oprah’s official promotional video featuring Adam and Susan Boyle, who will share the episode with Adam. Plus we'll show you the video clip of Adam and Sarah Silverman talking dirty at the Vh1's 15 Annual Critics Choice Awards!

Photo of Adam Lambert singing in his new video, "Whataya Want From Me." Video capture picture.

The VEVO website, this year’s biggest disappointment by far, finally released the video commercial Adam taped over a month ago, although we have to say it’s a big let-down. And there’s still no word on when VEVO will release the footage of Adam’s performance at the VEVO launch.

Picture of Adam Lambert and friend just before filming his so-called VEVO party/commercial. 12-8-09 photo

In keeping with our vow to boycott VEVO, we uploaded the VEVO commercial to a Blogger video, which you can watch at the base of his post. Until VEVO stops deleting official videos already posted on the Internet and screwing up fan’s blogs, we will continue our boycott of the unholy alliance of YouTube, recording labels, and artists. As we’ve mentioned before, VEVO’s own videos are slow and jerky, especially the non-YouTube ones to be found on their main website, http://www.vevo.com/. They say they've fixed the problem, but our research shows it's simply not true.

Photo of Adam Lambert singing his heart out on the "Whataya Want From Me" video. Screen capture image.

Michael Slezak at Entertainment Weekly just posted a rave review about Adam Lambert’s new video. He says in part, “Just like the song’s lyrics, the video is open to interpretation, but the sparseness of that dreamy apartment, the misty chill of the backyard scenes, the undiscarded remnants of a hastily eaten Chinese meal…they all contribute to a mood of slightly somber confusion, the idea that, yeah, even a pop star occasionally ‘needs a second to breathe,’ to learn to navigate the public and personal relationships that get inevitably altered by the sudden arrival of fame and fortune, of all the good and bad that come with 'em… ‘Whataya Want From Me’ is a smashing success! Here’s hoping we can say the same for the song as it fights for its chance at radio and on the Billboard charts.” Read the whole review here.

Picture of Adam Lambert pleading for understanding in his new official video, "Whataya Want From Me." Video capture photo.

Filming for The Oprah Show was completed in Chicago on Wednesday, January 13, 2010. Scroll down to watch the video preview, wherein Oprah calls Adam “the wild child.” The promo says, “Adam Lambert rocked American Idol's stage in 2009. Now, this glam rocker is bringing his wild style and signature vocals to The Oprah Show! Tune in Tuesday, January 19, to see Adam's first show-stopping performance of 2010.” Go to Oprah’s website for a fun Q&A article from June!

Image of Adam Lambert singing "Whataya Want From Me" in his newest release. Video capture photo.

People Magazine reports that Adam chatted with Oprah about Simon Cowell's announced departure from American Idol and its possible ramifications for the show, what life was like for him both pre-Idol and after, and his “controversial” performance at the American Music Awards (AMAs). Adam is slated to perform "Whataya Want From Me" on the show.

Picture of Adam Lambert and Oprah Winfrey arm in arm at the taping of her show. Promotional photo taken 1-13-10 for the 1-19-10 Oprah episode.

Lambert's only previous appearance on Oprah, in October of last year, featured a very brief snippet of the singer, via Skype's video chatting service. The show had asked which reality TV star the viewers most wanted to see on The Oprah Show, and American Idol 's Adam Lambert came in number one!

Photo of Adam Lambert smiling with his eyes closed on the set of the "Whataya Want From Me" video shoot. Video capture image, thanks to the Adam Lambert Network fan site.

@adamlambert tweeted at 1:26 PM on Jan 13th : “In Oprah's greenroom. Excited to meet her. Watch the show on Tuesday, Jan 19th.”

@SheriSalata Oprah executive producer tweeted at 2:15 PM on Jan 13th “watching the rehearsal...new song...is hot. adam's eyeliner particularly fab.”

After the taping, Adam’s kissable keyboardist, @TommyJoeRatliff, tweeted at 4:30 PM on Jan 13th: “Oprah was a lot of fun.. Got to meet a lot of cool people after! Thanks so much guys!!!:)”

Picture of Adam Lambert singing into the mic in his new video "Whataya Want From Me." Video capture photo.

Helen, of the Adam Lambert Network website posted the following audience member review about Adam Lambert’s upcoming appearance on Oprah. It’s a reprint of an Idol Forums post written by a woman who attended the Oprah Show taping on January 13, 2010, and this is what she has to say:

“Oprah adored Adam, she hugged him numerous times. He was gorgeous, charming as always, and his voice was phenomenal today.”

Photo of Adam Lambert looking good in a black suit and tie in his video "Whataya Want From Me." Video capture image.

“As far as SuBo (Susan Boyle) goes, there is NO WAY they could equalize the segments to be the same length. Hers was vastly shorter than Adam's. Also, when Oprah first greeted Susan, she hugged her (O hugged SuBo), but Susan did NOT hug Oprah back, she literally just stood there with her hands at her side while O hugged her. It was extremely uncomfortable, and IMO it set the mood for the rest of the interview.”

Picture of Susan Boyle arriving in Chicago on Wednesday. The Indiatimes.com reports that "Britain’s Got Talent star Susan Boyle stunned travelers at Heathrow Airport after she began singing into a mop in a bizarre scene. The Scottish singer reportedly started dancing and belting out songs into a mop head in a first-class lounge while awaiting a flight to Chicago, Illinois to film her segment on The Oprah Winfrey Show. According to The Sun, the airline crew later asked the star to quiet down after she began shouting obscenities and started using the mop to clean people’s shoes. It was chaos. Susan was very restless and agitated from the minute she walked in and immediately started making a scene. Boyle was forced to dismiss reports about her fragile mental health in November after she was snapped sobbing and sucking her thumb following a performance in New York.” Photo-shopped 1-13-10 image by TMZ! Although we love Susan Boyle, photos taken since this one show she's still not as pretty as this photo!

“Susan is very hard to understand, and she has a weird sense of humor. The entire interview was painfully awkward. Oprah is a professional, and she still had a very hard time getting Susan to really talk, and then when she did I could hardly understand her. I'll bet they use subtitles for her when they show it next week. There were way more Adam fans in the audience than Susan's.”

Photo of Adam Lambert being snapped by the paparazzi while riding in a limo in his new video "Whataya Want From Me." Video capture image.

Adam's fan continues, “It's true about what everyone has said, when you're in Adam's presence you can just feel it....he radiates this light and energy unlike anyone I've ever been around before. He was so charming and lovable and sweet. My sister took me to this; she surprised me with tickets because she knows I adore him. She knew of Adam, but really nothing else. When we left today, she told me she was extremely impressed, thought his voice was beautiful, and said that she thought he was ‘gorgeous.’"

Ultra closeup picture of Adam Lambert in the "Whataya Want From Me" video. Photo courtesy of Adam Lambert Network.

“She (my sister) also said when he does his little moves and dancing on stage, he ‘exudes sex appeal.’ This is a woman who only likes country music and doesn't have a very open mind, if you know what I mean. She was most impressed with his interview, couldn't believe how composed he was, how humble and genuine he seemed, and how well-spoken he was. She told me after this that she would definitely be listening to his whole album, and that when he tours, she'd like to go with me. She considers herself a fan now.”

Image of Adam Lambert in an eerily stark apartment in the video "Whataya Want From Me." Adam reportedly tells Oprah he has had to deal with a lot of lonely moments since hitting it big. Video capture photo

“Woops, forgot to add this: My sister also couldn't believe how every time somebody came out to give Adam a sip of water, or to touch up his makeup, or whatever, Adam always thanked them before they walked away. Every. Single. Time.”

“My sister works in television, and she said nobody thinks to thank these people, certainly not every time they come out to bring you a sip of water. She couldn't believe how gracious Adam was. I told her how Adam made sure to thank the band every night on Idol, and that this was normal behavior for him. She said it just proves to her that he really is just a good guy. "

Photo of Adam Lambert with host Frida Lay at a drag show he attended after taping The Oprah Winfrey Show. Details below. 1-13-10 picture.

After the filming, Adam caught a drag show—"Drag Race," touted as the American Idol for female impersonators, at Roscoe's Tavern and Cafe in Boystown Chicago. Apparently, they have an amateur drag contest every Tuesday at 11pm in Roscoe’s front bar. Boystown is a district within Chicago and boasts one of the largest LGBT communities in the nation. Adam reportedly arrived at show time with five people and was "incredibly pleasant." According to justenjusten.com, who first reported the sighting, Lambert dined at the Pingpong restaurant earlier that night.

Image of Adam Lambert posing with fans at Roscoe's Tavern and Cafe. 1-13-10 photo

Last Wednesday, January 13, 2010, GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, announced its nominees for the 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards.

The GLAAD Awards seek to highlight shows, movies, music and other media platforms that provided “fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and the issues that affect their lives,” according to GLAAD’s Web site.

Picture of Adam Lambert and Justen, who was the first to report Adam's attendance at Roscoe's Drag Race on his website. 1-13-10 photo

Two of our favorite pop stars, Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga, are among GLAAD nominees. Gaga, Lambert, singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile, heavy metal band Otep, and Beth Ditto's band Gossip are all nominated in the awards' Outstanding Music Artist category. Fox's Glee is among the nominees for Outstanding Comedy Series, along with LOGO's Beautiful People, ABC Family's Greek, ABC's Modern Family, and Showtime's United States of Tara.

Three different GLAAD Media Awards ceremonies will be held. The New York awards take place on March 13th at the Marriott Marquis. The Los Angeles ceremony is scheduled for April 17th at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, and the San Francisco Awards will be handed out on June 5th at the Westin St. Francis. Emmy-award winning writer/comedian Bruce Vilanch will host the San Francisco ceremony, while Tony-award winning actor Alan Cumming takes leads the ceremonies for the New York event. For the complete Media Awards nominations list visit the GLAAD website.

Watch the 21st annual GLAAD Media Awards announcement via this official YouTube video:

Adam Lambert presented at the 15th Annual Critics Choice Movie Awards on VH1 last night, January 15, 2010. The awards are bestowed annually by the Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA) to honor the finest in cinematic achievement. Emmy and Tony Award winning gay-friendly actress Kristin Chenoweth took the stage at the Hollywood Palladium and did a great job hosting the live event. The BFCA is the largest film critics' organization in the United States and Canada, representing more than 200 television, radio and online critics.

Photo of Adam Lambert looking dapper in sport coat, tie, and vest on the red carpet of the Critics Choice Awards Show. 1-15-10 picture.

Comedienne Sarah Silverman shared the podium with Adam. She immediately complained, saying, “I’m sick of it; it’s so stupid,” to which Adam replied, “Sarah, are you all right?”

Picture of Sarah Silverman and Adam Lambert presenting the trophy for Best Comedy on last night's Critics Choice Awards. Adam never looked better. Love the hair! January 15, 2010 photo

Answered Sarah, “I’m sick of people stressing over the fact that I’m straight. I love penis.” Adam quipped, “Who doesn’t?” Watch the whole clip at the base of this page.

Photo of Adam Lambert posing with fans in Hollywood California at the Hotel Cafe, where he attended Creepshow to support friends Ferris, Allison, and Ely. 1-9-10 picture.

After Lady Gaga cancelled her Indiana Monster Ball Tour concert on Thursday because of sickness, @adamlambert tweeted this to @ladygaga on 1-14-10: "I'm sure they will understand. You are a glam warrior! Get some rest diva. Sometimes ya gotta listen to your body."

Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball at Purdue University was cancelled right before she went on stage. Purdue students inside the Elliott Hall of Music said police escorted the person who appeared on stage to announce the news after opening acts Jason DeRulo and Semi Precious Weapons performed. The reason given was she collapsed from sudden illness, later diagnosed as being caused by an irregular heartbeat due to dehydration and exhaustion. It's no wonder; the diva has been everywhere lately.

Fan photo of Adam Lambert as The Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. Cleverly photo-shopped picture by Sunshine1.

The college crowd, who had been looking forward to seeing Gaga, was reportedly in shock after hearing the announcement. Jeanne Norberg from the Purdue News Service said the concert will be rescheduled for January 26. Since then more dates have been cancelled and rescheduled. More about that tomorrow when we publish photos and videos of Lady Gaga’s Oprah performance and interview from Friday's The Oprah Winfrey Show.

@adamlambert also tweeted this on 1-14-10: “Sony Brazil confirmed that they are releasing my debut album For Your Entertainment on Jan 25, 2010.” Here's our response: Apparently, people in other countries haven’t been able to buy Adam’s new album CD. That sucks big time, as it puts a big crimp on the sales. What the hell’s wrong with Sony, anyway? They need to get on the ball!

Picture of Tommy Joe Ratliff, Adam Lambert's keyboardist, posing with fans. Is that Sarah Palin's long-lost sister on the right? Janury 2010 photo

@TommyJoeRatliff tweeted this just yesterday, 1-15-10: “A group of AI/Adam fans are raising money for Haiti. Be a sweetheart and RT this link http://tinyurl.com/ontdai-haiti

Adam Lambert’s album For Your Entertainment is up for Musiqtone Album of the Year! Go to http://musiqtone.com/music/musiclounge/ and vote up to 50 times a day. Adam just rose to the top of the heap! Keep voting until January 31, 2010!

January 29th is Adam Lambert’s 28th birthday. There is a fan movement afoot to give Adam a present by purchasing his newest song, “Whataya Want From Me,” thereby pushing up sales to celebrate the release of the video. Click here to get it from iTunes for $1.29. The video itself, not just the song, will be available on iTunes January 26th. Buy the Collector’s Edition of Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment debut album, with lots of extras, including an awesome picture book, three instant downloads, and a bonus track, for $24.99. click here.

Visit Adam Lambert’s official website, MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter pages. To check out our previous photos and videos of Adam, click here and here and here and here. (The pages are too long to load all at once!)

Photo of Adam Lambert at the AOL Sessions, where he taped several songs the other day. 1-8-10 picture.


Join the best fan sit on the ‘Net: the Adam Lambert Network.

Watch Adam Lambert’s brand new official video “Whataya Want From Me.” Directed by Diane Martel. No glam this time. Just a lot of angst and passion! Click here to get it from iTunes for $1.29. The video itself, not just the song, will be available on iTunes January 26th. Buy the Collector’s Edition of the For Your Entertainment album here.

Check out this video: Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment” official video. Click here to get it from iTunes for $1.29. Buy the Collector’s Edition of the For Your Entertainment album here:

Watch Adam Lambert’s first official video “Time for Miracles,” theme song for the flick 2012. Click here to get it from iTunes for $1.29. Buy the Collector’s Edition of the For Your Entertainment album here:

Here’s the video of Adam Lambert presenting at the 15th Annual Critics Choice Movie Awards on VH1 last night, January 15, 2010. “Sarah Silverman and Adam Lambert Love Penis!” clip. Sarah and Adam present the award for Best Comedy at the 15th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards. She immediately complained, saying, “I’m sick of it; it’s so stupid,” to which Adam replied, “Sarah, are you all right?” Answered Sarah, “I’m sick of people stressing over the fact that I’m straight. I love penis.” Adam quipped, “Who doesn’t?”

Check out this video: Adam Lambert's hotel party commercial for VEVO! This is what the fans waited over a month patiently for?? It’s highly disturbing not to mention disappointing! We still haven’t seen his actual performance from the VEVO launch. BOYCOTT VEVO because they are screwing up 1000s of blogs by deleting offical videos already posted on fan websites!

Adam Lambert VEVO Commercial Hotel Party 12-8-09

Watch this official Oprah promotional TV spot for Adam Lambert and Susan Boyle’s upcoming Tuesday appearance this coming Tuesday, January 19, 2010:

Adam Lambert on Oprah - The Promo for 1-19-10

Check out this video: Showtime Promo with Adam Lambert Singing “For Your Entertainment” in the background in their TV commercial for the Golden Globes:

Showtime Golden Globe Promo featuring Adam Lambert's "For Your Entertainment" in background

Listen to this video: Adam Lambert on 101.9 The Mix WTMX-FM Chicago Radio on January 13, 2010 around 10am. He called from Oprah's green room on the day of the taping. This is audio only:

Adam Lambert Chicago Radio Interview 1-13-10

Watch this American Idol clip video: A New Star Was Born—Was it Adam Lambert or Kris Allen?–from American Idol 9’s Monday premiere, January 11, 2010:

Find more videos like this on Adam Lambert Network

Check out this video: Adam Lambert talked with Billboard at Z100's Jingle Ball December 2009 concert event about American Idol 2009 and 2010 and what’s in store for him in the coming year:

Adam tweeted this about the following video on 1-14-10: @adamlambert “Wow!!! This is beautiful!!! WWFM!! http://bit.ly/4Y96Wg.”
Watch the video: “Whataya Want From Me: Adam Lambert Music Video Cover by Love and Logic”:

Adam also tweeted about this video on 1-14-10: @adamlambert “Great video!! @cassidyhaley http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9MjoKPZKq8” Check out the video: "DAYLIGHT BREAKS": the music video by Cassidy Haley from her first EP Little Boys and Dinasaurs:

Image of purple-lavender Oklahoma native wild flower Prairie Verbena (verbena bipinnatifida) growing in Oklahoma's Zone 7 from the author's free flower photo website http://www.freefishcaretips.com/photos17

Also visit http://www.galechesterwhittington.com for free humor, short stories, poems, and book excerpts from the award-winning gay author

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