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Tuesday, January 05, 2010


January 5, 2010.
MTV News said it best when they included Lady Gaga in their Top 9 of ’09 Moments, saying “Lady Gaga made her mark. Nobody owned the airwaves and screens in 2009 like Lady Gaga. The high-concept dancing queen had one of the year's top-selling albums with The Fame and made a statement at every awards show on which she appeared, with high-tech costumes, theatrical performances and bizarre masks that failed to hide her sparkling persona. She saved some of the best for last with the November MTV debut of the mind-bending ‘Bad Romance’ video, which featured razor-blade sunglasses and sparks-spewing underwear.” Check out the MTV video at the base of this post for the whole story.

Picture of Lady Gaga with identical gay Italian twins Dan and Dean Caten, known collectively as the designers DSQUARED2, the hosts of Bravo’s new series, Launch My Line. Watch a Sneak Peak video of Lady Gaga’s upcoming appearance on the show, which is scheduled to air on Wednesday, January 6th at 10:00pm ET/PT by going to our earlier post: LADY GAGA BEST SELLING ARTIST IN WORLD! DAVID LACHAPELLE PHOTOS! FULL L.A. MONSTER BALL VIDEOS! 36 NEW PHOTOS PICTURES! 19 NEW VIDEOS! GAGA REACHES OUT TO HOMELESS YOUTH! Promotional photo

And MTV.com just listed Lady Gaga at the top their Most Stylish Stars Of 2009 list. They noted “The one lady who changed the look and feel of celebrity style is Lady Gaga. At times she looked wacky, at times her outfits were off-the-wall, but she was incredibly confident in any piece of couture she was wearing.”
Photo of Lady Gaga on The View May 2009. Even Gaga occasionally recycles her wigs (see previous image), unlike my ex, who never wore the same thing twice when he did drag! 5-8-09 picture

“Stand-out moments included the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) red carpet (including date Kermit the Frog), the Queen's Royal Variety Performance event and Billboard's fourth annual Women In Music event.” Watch the video at the bottom of this page for more information about why MTV included Lady Gaga in their Top 20 Fashionistas Under 20 List.

Picture of one of Veik's unofficial Lady Gaga Barbie Dolls, this one representing the red latex/rubber/pvc outfit she wore for the Queen of England. Photo by Veik11

We were amazed when we first saw a couple of unofficial Barbie Dolls dressed up as Lady Gaga and were delighted even further to find dozens more on the Flickr pages of Veik, a 29-year-old Beijing-based artist who does it all as a hobby.

Photo of the latest Veik Lady Gaga Barbie Doll with the new Miami Beach look she premiered on New Year's Eve 2009-2010, with yellow hair and black leather jacket with fringe and motorcycle/cop hat. Picture by Veik11

Veik recently gave an interview to Joonbug, where he explained why he chose Lady Gaga as a model. “Just look at her in those amazing wigs, makeup, and outfits! I was thinking it would be fun to make those wigs for dolls, and that a Lady Gaga doll must be interesting. Since then, I pay close attention to her music, clothes, glasses, makeup, everything! Every detail makes me love her more and more.”

Image of Lady Gaga leaving the Nobu Restaurant in Miami Beach on New Year's Eve before her show. This is the latest look Veik was going for when he made the doll pictured previously. Good job, huh! 12-31-09 photo

“I just advocate DIY (Do It yourself),” Veik explained, saying he currently has no plan to sell them. He created a page with a tutorial of how he made some of the dolls. Check it out here. He also invites questions.

Photo of Lady Gaga Barbie Doll representing Gaga's recent X Factor appearance. Veik11 picture

Veik told Joonbug he’s been playing with dolls since the age of 10. “I think of myself as more of a player than a designer,” he said. “I have taken some of my experiences playing with dolls, like doing their makeup or hair, and now take photos of them and share my experiences online through Flickr.”

Picture of Veik's Lady Gaga Barbie Doll shoes from X Factor and her "Bad Romance" video. Photo by Veik

He says he likes Gaga because she's a fashion leader. “I hadn't really ever known of her until this summer, when someone left a comment on one of my doll pictures, saying ‘This doll is dressed up like Lady Gaga.’ That inspired me. I had been designing hair for dolls and was looking for new inspiration."

Big animated eyes "Bad Romance" Lady Gaga/Barbie Doll picture. Veik11 photo

"I used to get a lot of inspiration from runway shows of high fashion designers," Veik continued. "So Lady Gaga became a huge inspiration. Just look at her in those amazing wigs, makeup, and outfits! I was thinking it would be fun to make those wigs for dolls, and that a Lady Gaga doll must be interesting. Since then, I pay close attention to her music, clothes, glasses, makeup, everything! Every detail makes me love her more and more.”

Photo of one of Veik's newest Barbie Dolls: Lady Gaga with her skeletal boyfriend in the "Bad Romance" video. Veik11 picture

The young man says he uses everyday materials in his work. “You can see that I use a pen cap, paper, and black nail polish to make her glasses. I want to tell other doll players that they can create their own Lady Gaga doll with very basic materials you have at home.”

Picture of a Barbie Doll as Lady Gaga in her famous bubble dress, made popular in several venues including Saturday Night Live (SNL). Veik11 photo

When asked if he plans to market the dolls, Veik said, “Right now, I just make dolls for fun. I honestly didn't expect that my photos would ever be so popular online. It's so easy to find my pictures, just Goggle ‘Veik11.’ I have thought of making money with my dolls, but I don't really know how to approach it. Maybe in online-only markets. Who knows, maybe in the future. I just like to share my toys.”

Photo of Lady Gaga-Barbie with her huge disc-like hair that she wore to a charity art function in Europe last year. Veik11 picture

Veik says his favorite Lady Gaga look is “always her next one. What's amazing about her is that she always brings us a surprise. Regardless of her music or what she wears, when we see her we're always WOW WOW WOW. I love all of her looks. If I must choose a favorite, it's her look in her music video for ‘Bad Romance.’"

Picture of one of Veik's Lady Gaga Barbie Dolls dressed in gold lame with her signature hair bow. Photo by Veik11

Veik says he hopes to inspire others to make their own dolls instead of purchasing them. “Money can't buy everything. I enjoy the process of creativity, I like making my dream come true. Each one of my works is like my own baby. I love them.”

Photo of Barbie-Lady Gaga in a skimpy black bikini/underwear with a huge black ribbon and blonde hair bow. Picture by Veik11

The doll maker wants people to enjoy his work but requests they not use his pix for advertising or commercial purpose. Read the entire interview here and check out Veik’s Flickr pages directly.

Picture of Veik's Barbie Doll with Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" look, ala mirrored mask and dress. Veik11 photo

Gaga was recently photographed and videotaped at a gay night club called Score in South Beach Florida on January 2, 2010, after her Saturday show at the James L. Knight Center. Her perplexed fans had no clue what she was up to when she tweeted earlier in the day, “Hmmmm…I wonder if I’ll score tonight.”

Photo of Lady Gaga/Barbie with pink hair, feathered mask, and see-through blouse. Picture by Veik11

Later, when Gaga went to the Lincoln Road bar with her gay buddy Perez Hilton, she drove the crowd wild by singing a few bars of “Bad Romance.” Gay blogger Eugene Ramirez filmed it while drag diva Elaine Lancaster introduced Gaga to the crowd and hung out with her for awhile. Lucky gays, huh! Check out the video of the happening at the bottom of this page.

Picture of Lady Gaga-Barbie with her MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) red-lace mask and crown look. Veik11 photo

Vh1 chose Lady Gaga’s first hit single, “Poker Face” as the #1 song in their “Top 40 Songs of 2009,” as well as the winner of the “VH1 Decade Year End #1 Video.” And Gaga’s latest video, “Bad Romance” currently reigns as #1 on Vh1’s Top 20.

Photo of Veik's Barbie Doll Lady Gaga wearing a dress made of Hello Kitties, a reproduction of a photo by Markus Klinko and Indrani. Picture by Veik11

MTV just posted an article on New Year's Eve entitled “Lady Gaga, New Moon, Obama Rocked 2009.” Here is what they had to say about Lady Gaga: “This was the year that the nonsense word ‘gaga’ became more than just a bit of baby-talk, when a ‘new moon’ was not just something to stare at on a cold winter's night and, perhaps most importantly, a calendar cycle that began with the inauguration of an American president unlike any this country has seen before.”

Picture of Lady Gaga/Barbie wearing her "Mickey Mouse" sunglasses and Sponge Bob blouse. Photo by Veik11

“When January dawned,” MTV continued, “if you were aware of MTV's Woman of the Year, Lady Gaga, at all, it was likely because you spent a lot of time in dank dance clubs and had started hearing her first single ‘Just Dance.’ But within months, the most outrageous pop star since Madonna had us all transfixed with her signature mix of dark disco, futuristic fashion and provocative stage shows.”

Photo of Veik's Barbie Doll Lady Gaga wearing black lace "rabbit ears," black fuzzy dress, and one black elbow-length formal glove. Veik11 picture

Said MTV, “Gaga became an instant global celebrity seemingly overnight, but it's hard to remember someone who has taken to the spotlight as quickly and as effectively as the former bar singer born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.”

Picture of Lady Gaga-Barbie with the tall braided bee-hive Gaga wore when she appeared on Australian Idol last year. Veik11 photo

“Gaga wowed us with her virtual death at the VMAs,” MTV noted. “And did it again at the AMAs with a bizarre, bottle-smashing piece of performance art and raised more than eyebrows with the provocative video for the first single from her recent The Fame Monster EP, "Bad Romance."

Photo of Lady Gaga's Barbie Doll with see-through blouse, hair bow, horn-rimmed glasses, and see-through blouse with tape x-ing out her nipples, camera in hand. Veik11 picture

“In between, Lady Gaga went from opening for the Pussycat Dolls to collaborating with fellow buzz act Wale, reaching out to her fervent gay following often, hooking up with Beyoncé, getting props from Madonna and ending the year with the over-the-top Monster Ball tour.”

Picture of Veik's Barbie Doll Lady Gaga mimicking her "sunburst hair" from the Markus Klinko & Indrani photo shoot. Photo by Veik11

MTV concluded, “Add in a hookup with Adam Lambert, a visit with the queen of England and a Billboard record for becoming the first artist in the 17-year history of the Pop Songs chart to land four #1 singles from a debut, and you have a pretty good year for Ms. Gaga.” Watch the MTV Video Report on Lady Gaga’s Year of Fame at the base of this post.

Photo of Veik's Lady Gaga Barbie with big eyes and huge red bow, another image from the Markus Klinko & Indrani photo session. Veik11 picture

Join VH1’s Lady Gaga group and enter to win a trip to New York City and tickets to The Monster Ball Tour! You MUST be 21+ years of age to join and be entered to win the VH1 & Lady Gaga Show Us YOUR Fame Monster Sweepstakes. After you are part of the group you can upload text, a photo or video that speaks to what your Fame Monster is all about and maybe even win! Here are the official rules. But you must hurry. The contest ends January 6, 2010

Picture of Barbie as Lady Gaga from the "Bad Romance" video in which Gaga and her dancers wear white crown masks. Photo by Veik11

The end of 2009 seems like a good time to revisit a May 2009 MTV.com article entitled “Lady Gaga On Success: The Turning Point For Me Was The Gay Community,” in which she said, “They'll always stand by me and I'll always stand by them.” Read the rest of the article below:

Photo of Veik's Lady Gaga/Barbie Doll with her signature hair bow, hand over mouth. Veik11 picture

“Despite a string of hit singles like ‘Just Dance’ and ‘Poker Face,’ and being embraced by everyone from Kanye West to Madonna, initially a lot of people wouldn't give Lady Gaga the time of day.”

Picture of Veik's Lady Gaga Barbie Doll in Gaga's famous Kermit the Frog outfit, a little get-up she wore on German TV during her European tour last July. Photo by Veik11

"'Some people didn't get it. Some people still don't get it,' Gaga told MTV News on the set of Wale's video for ‘Chillin.’ ‘I read reviews sometimes and I'm like, 'Wow, that guy really doesn't f---ing like me.' Like, they really don't get it, but that's cool. You've got to create some kind of stir. You've got to say something that's got to upset some people, and that's the risk-taking that makes music so fun."

Photo of Lady Gaga's Barbie wearing horn-rimmed sunglasses and hair bow, naked but for tape over her breasts Veik11 picture

“Lady Gaga added that before her songs became radio staples, she was hard-pressed to convince anyone to play them on the radio. ‘The real struggle is that they didn't want to play my music on the radio,’ she explained to MTV. ‘We fought and we fought and I played every club. I had chicken dinner with every program director I could get my hands on.’"

Near shirtless picture of doll-designer Veik himself clowing around, giving new meaning to the term "playing with dolls!" LOL! Photo by Veik11

MTV continued, “Those days may be behind Gaga, but while she was trying to schmooze people to love her, there was a group of fans out there who didn't need any chicken to be convinced.”

Photo of Veik's Lady Gaga Barbie Doll with gyroscopic orb headdress and long braided hair. Picture by Veik11

"'The turning point for me was the gay community,' Lady Gaga said. ‘I've got so many gay fans and they're so loyal to me and they really lifted me up. They'll always stand by me and I'll always stand by them. It's not an easy thing to create a fanbase . . . Being invited to play the 2008 SanFrancisco Pride rally (Watch the video at the bottom of this page), that was a real turning point for me as an artist."

Picture of Lady Gaga/Barbie in a black lace corset, sunglasses, and long blonde hair.

“While her star has been rising in recent months,” MTV said, “Particularly thanks to her remarkable appearance on American Idol—Gaga says she feels her audience is an army of outsiders.”

Photo of Veik's Lady Gaga Barbie Doll wearing her bone-inspired mask from the American Music Awards (AMAs) and Monster Ball Tour. Veik11 picture

"It's funny because some friends of mine from New York, they all came out to see [last weekend's] show in New York. And they all said to me, 'Gaga your fans are all of the misfits. They are all of the kids in school that everybody makes fun of,'" she explained. "All of the weird kids, the artistic kids, all the bad ones. And I love that, because that's who I was. We're all together and they get it. It's our own little world.”

Photo of Barbie/Lady Gaga with purple yarn-like bee-hive hair. Picture by Veik11

"Whether I've got a #1 record or nobody knows who the hell I am, I'm going to still make music," she concluded. "It's always fun for me."

Picture of Lady Gaga-Barbie in black with oversized sunglasses and black crown, one of many unusual outfits from the "Bad Romance" video. Veik11 photo

And now she’s the biggest super star in the world! MTV posted this article by Jocelyn Vena just last Tuesday, December 29 2009: “Lady Gaga Wants 'New Sonic Energy And Lyrical Style' On Next Album," in which Gaga says, "I've evolved, but artists should evolve.” The rest of the piece reads as follows: as shown below:

Photo of Veik's Lady Gaga Barbie with fire spewing out of her breasts, a recreation of Gaga's amazing Canadian 2009 MuchMusic Awards performance. The sparks were "heard" around the world! Picture by Veik11

“The Lady Gaga of today isn't the same Lady Gaga who released ‘Just Dance’ off her album The Fame in 2008. This Lady Gaga promises that when she releases her next LP, the follow-up to her recent release The Fame Monster, it will be completely different than what her fans are used to.”

Picture of Lady Gaga/Barbie Doll and her mummy look taken from an outtake photo by Ellen von Unwerth for OUT Magazine, the original of which is shown below. Veik11 photo

"Well, I'm going to write new music . . . that's the beauty of writing your own music—you don't have to rely on songwriters and producers to write hit songs for you," she told MTV News. "So I'm going to write a new album and I'm going to have new ideas."

Outtake photo of Lady Gaga wrapped like a mummy wearing sunglasses for OUT Magazine. Picture by Ellen von Unwerth

“Gaga, who is currently on her Monster Ball Tour, thinks the trek could inspire her new album just like the last one did. ‘Most certainly I have no f---ing clue what they're going to be yet, because I'm just starting this tour, and I wrote The Fame Monster during the last tour, so . . . I assume that it will inspire some kind of new sonic energy and lyrical style,’ she explained."

Image from Lady Gaga's best selling "Poker Face" video, cited by MTV as one of the reasons they named her among the Top Fasionistas of 2009. Video capture photo

"I find The Fame Monster to be completely different than The Fame," she added. "I've evolved, but artists should evolve. In the '70s and the '60s, artists evolved all the time. From album to album, the music was changing, the feeling was changing, the artists seemed almost entirely different than who they were five or six years before." Watch the entire interview with Gaga and her producer, RedOne, among today’s videos at the base of this post.

Photo of Lady Gaga peforming "Poker Face" for CNN's televised New Year's Eve program last year (2008) at New York City's Webster Hall. Watch the clip we found of the event below. Even then, Gaga had style! 12-31-08 picture

Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” has returned to number one in the UK. The song, which first reached the top spot three weeks ago, is Gaga’s third British number one hit. As we reported before, Gaga’s “Poker Face” was England’s biggest-selling single of 2009. X Factor winner cutie Joe “Not Gay” McElderry’s “The Climb,” which was number one last week, fell to number two. However, Rage Against The Machine, his well-publicized rivals for the Christmas number one spot, have fallen way down to number 40.

Picture of Lady Gaga with her new yellow hair and festive silver dress at her sold-out New Year's Eve gig in Miami Beach Florida's Fountainbleau Hotel. 1-1-10 photo

The top ten UK singles are currently as follows (Last week’s rankings are in parenthesis):

1. (3) Lady GaGa: “Bad Romance”
2. (1) Joe McElderry: “The Climb”
3. (6) Black Eyed Peas: “Meet Me Halfway”
4. (10) Ke$ha: “Tik Tok”
5. (4) Cheryl Cole: “3 Words”
6. (5) 3OH!3 ft. Katy Perry: “Starstrukk”
7. (7) Journey: “Don’t Stop Believin”
8. (8) Rihanna: “Russian Roulette”
9. (9) Robbie Williams: “You Know Me”
10. (13) Chipmunk ft. Talay Riley: “Look For Me”

Photo of Lady Gaga singing during her Atlanta Monster Ball Concert, just before a fan hit her on the head with a bouquet of flowers, the video of which you can watch at the base of this page. 12-29-09 picture

Be sure to watch the People’s Choice Awards on CBS Wednesday, January 6, 2010 9/8C. Lady Gaga is up for Favorite Breakout Music Artist, along with Adam Lambert, Susan Boyle, Kris Allen, and Demi Lavato. Unfortunately, the voting has closed, so we can no longer vote over and over and over again! But, although there's no award for it, we can still vote for Lady Gaga on the People’s Choice Poll: Favorite Musical Phenomenon of 2009. Click here.

Picture of drag diva Elaine Lancaster (a.k.a. James Davis) clowning around at the Score Night Club, a gay bar, in Miami, carrying a "dead" Lady Gaga. Watch the video tape of the crowd going wild below! 1-2-10 photo

Visit Lady Gaga’s official website, go to her MySpace page, become a fan on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter for all things Gaga.

Picture of Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert. The National Enquirer reports Gaga recently defended her friendship with Adam when a drunk called him a faggot in a Canadian bar. Read the whole story here. Montage photo

Here’s the latest Tweet from Lady Gaga: “To my little monsters! May your only pains in 2010 be champagnes! I love u. New years resolution: to enjoy life/warhol electroblond xgagaloo”

Picture of Adam Lambert and his keyboardist, Tommy Joe Ratliff (left, in striped shirt), at Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Concert in Los Angeles during Gaga's Nokia Theater performance. Adam later tweeted, "Gaga was amaaazing. She sounded, played and danced beautifully and the visuals were nuuuuuuuts. Such a great show." TommyJoeRatliff tweeted: Lady Gaga is amazzzzing!!! :-) 12-23-09 photo

BREAKING NEWS! Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” was just nominated for Best Song of the Year by The World Music Awards, which will take place May 18, 2010! CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR LADY GAGA!

Watch this video of Lady Gaga at the gay club Score in South Beach Florida January 2, 2010 after her show Saturday at the James L. Knight Center. Lady Gaga Tweeted “Hmmmm…I wonder if I’ll score tonight,” which meant she was going with her BFF Perez Hilton to the Score Night Club, a gay bar on Lincoln Road, where she sang a little “Bad Romance” and worked the crowd into a New Year’s frenzy:

Here’s the latest Gaga Video: Lady Gaga is Rhapsody’s 2009 Artist of the Year! Watch as the Pop Queen answers fan’s questions from The Black Box:

Check out this vintage video: Lady Gaga on CNN's New Year’s Eve Show last year (2008 ringing in 2009) singing “Poker Face” live from Webster Hall in New York City with hosts Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper:

Watch this video of the Top 9 of ‘09 MTV Report on Lady Gaga’s Year of Fame: “2009 would not have been the same without her!”

Lady Gaga One Of MTV’s Top 20 Fashionistas of 2009 (Top 20 Under 25) “The Biggest Risk Taker of the Year with her Dare-Devil Fashion” The Most Wanted Artist of 2009:

Pop Couture on Vh1: Watch as Lady Gaga gives us the inside scoop on the fashions of the Haus of Gaga and Alexander McQueen. Find out the inspirations behind her "Bad Romance" video and much more in Pop Couture!
VH1 TV Shows Music Videos Celebrity Photos News & Gossip

Watch it again, for the fashion! The MTV official video Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”:

Behind the Scenes of the “Bad Romance” video with the director, producer, and dancers:
VH1 TV Shows Music Videos Celebrity Photos News & Gossip

From May 2009 MTV.com Lady Gaga On Success: “The Turning Point For Me Was The Gay Community! They'll always stand by me and I'll always stand by them,” Gaga says of her gay fans:

Check out this NTV video: Lady Gaga's producer RedOne recently spoke to MTV News, teasing about what the duo have in store for the next album. "I don't want to say, because you always want to shock people," he said. "And you don't want to let people know, so that when they hear it, they go, 'Oh my God.'"

Here's the video of Lady Gaga at the 2008 San Francisco Pride Festival's main stage singing “Just Dance,” a “turning point” in her career that she alludes to in the above video:

Check out this video of Lady Gaga getting hit in the head with flowers by an overzealous fan while singing “Poker Face” on Tuesday during her Atlanta Monster Ball Concert at the Fox Theater 12-29-09 but she didn’t miss a beat!

Watch this Video of Lady Gaga at The Atlanta Georgia Monster Ball singing in the Fox Theater: the full performance of “Poker Face” 12-28-09:

Check out this video of Lady Gaga at The Atlanta Georgia Monster Ball singing in the Fox Theater “Paparazzi” with metal rings in hair (part 1 of 2) 12/28/09:

Watch this video of Lady Gaga at The Atlanta Georgia Monster Ball singing in the Fox Theater “Paparazzi” with metal rings in hair (part 2 of 2) 12/28/09:

Photo of the rare Pink Lily of the Valley convallaria rosea growing in Oklahoma's Zone 7 from the author's free flower photo website http://www.freefishcaretips.com/photos41

Also visit http://www.galechesterwhittington.com/ for free humor, short stories, poems, and book excerpts from the award-winning gay author

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