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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol Meltdown!

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May 20, 2009
Here’s a lin
k to a great San Francisco Chronicle article about Adam Lambert entitled, “Is he or Isn’t he?”

Loved The View this morning when Whoopi and Barbara exposed ultra conservative Glen Beck who frequently cries for our poor “liberal socialist” government on his Fox show for the lying fool that he is. He had claimed on the air that Amtrack reserved a couple of seats for the hosts of The View, displacing his friends, when nothing could be further from the truth. Was it important? No. Did it illustrate how far Mr. Beck will go to “prove” a point? Yes! Good for Whoopi and Barbara.

I am pleased to see openly gay actess
Jane Lynch starring in Fox’s new musical comedy, Glee, which debuted after American Idol last night. Best known for her deadpan delivery, you might remember her from the movie, Best in Show, where she played the editor of American Bitch magazine. She’s a veteran actress who has appeared in at least a zillion movies and television shows. In Glee, she stars as high school cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, the nemesis of the Glee Club’s optimistic director Will Shuester, performed by cutie Matthew Morrison. The premier show was hilarious! Catch it if you can. Here’s a link to a New York Times interview of Jane.

I can’t tell you how sick and tired I am hearing about “Jon and Kate” on all the tabloid TV shows. So what if they have a reality show with their eight kids on some obscure network (TLC)? So what if they now have an open relationship? Who gives a damn about these nobodies?

American Idol 2009, the final results:
It was a long show, bordering on cruelty, as they made us wait two hours for the crowning.
David Cook, last year’s winner, sang “Permanent.” I haven’t heard a thing about him all year and now I know why. He’s just not that good.

It was fun to see bikini-clad Katrina return with her new breast implants, but I kept hoping Ryan Seacrest would ask her how she felt about gay marriage! Where’s Perez Hilton when you need him?

The satirical Golden Idol Awards were funny as hell. I enjoyed revisiting the best of the worst.

The Kris Allen and Keith Urban duet “Kiss a Girl” was rather strange and not particularly memorable. I was just happy they didn’t make Adam Lambert sing those lyrics!

Though she’s a million years old, super gay-friendly Cyndi Lauper never looked better, as she
sang her duet “Time After Time” with fiery redhead Idol contestant Allison Iraheta.

Third runner-up Danny Gokey sang “Hello,” but hit several flat notes, showing why he had been eliminated. His duet with Lionel Richey also fell flat.

Adam Lambert sang “Detroit Rock City” with Kiss. What was he dressed as? A leather angel? He looked great! Oh, yeah! He sounded fantastic, too! It was all a bit weird, but then I’ve never been a Kiss fan.

I really enjoyed “Black Magic Woman” by the top thirteen finalists with Carlos Santana. Of course, Santana is entertaining without lyrics! The man can play a mean guitar!

Steve Martin playing the banjo and singing on American Idol? Well, almost. He played the banjo to a song he wrote, “Pretty Flowers,” but never did break into song himself.

I liked it when aging rock star Rod Stewart sang “Maggie,” but I could’ve done without the plaid tuxedo jacket!

I thought it was particularly fitting that for their final number, Adam and Kris sang gay icon Freddie Mercury’s “We Are the Champions,” the legendary anthem of “straight” sports teams everywhere.

Okay! We’ve finally reached the results! And the 2009 American Idol winner is: Oh, my God. It’s Kris Allen. I’m so disappointed, I can barely post the results. What a disappointment! It’s not the first time the public has made a mistake. I take solace in knowing Adam will become the biggest superstar of this era.

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