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Friday, May 22, 2009


May 22, 2009
American Idol winner Kris Allen appeared on Jay Leno last night and was amazingly gracious and articulate. He said nobody was more shocked at the outcome than he. The mellow fellow reminded me of James Dean, even though Kris is reportedly married and heterosexual! I guess his appeal stems from that killer smile of his. It’s almost enough to exonerate him for conquering my main man Adam Lambert.

Somebody needs to tell Jimmy Fallon, whom I love by the way, to stop making gay jokes about Clay Aiken. Now that Clay has come out of the closet, the tag lines just aren’t funny. He should try the gags on Tom Cruise!

Speaking of
Clay Aiken, he appears to have lost touch with reality. Not only is he trying to charge people $29.98 a year for the privilege of joining his fan club and viewing his blog, he’s been busy trashing American Idol and Adam Lambert, of all people, whose singing he said made his “ears bleed.”

“What a wonderful, attractive man. He can perform with us anytime!” Gene Simmons of Kiss told Extra yesterday, referring to Adam Lambert. Practically the whole of Wednesday’s Extra was about Adam. They even showed revealing photos of him as a red-headed child!

Finally, the movie
Outrage is garnering some mainstream publicity. This morning, The View welcomed director Kirby Dick, whose documentary exposes politicians who are in the closet and vote against gay rights to hide their own sexual orientation, in my mind an unforgiveable crime against gay humanity. The film outs Florida Governor Charlie Crist (left, showing how much he likes pussies), former RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman, California Congressman David Dreier, and Fox News anchor Shepard Smith (right), among others. I’ve always said our people are our own worst enemies. Ever notice how the sinner always prays the loudest in church? Pathetic! Good for Kirby Dick for bringing these hypocrites to light. Here’s a link to Outrage’s official website.

Stephen Colbert, recently was named "Person Of The Year" by the US Comedy Arts Festival, said on the
Colbert Report yesterday, “Green Day is here to talk about their new album, 21st Century Breakdown. I believe it’s about Windows Vista.”

Stephen Colbert photo
Sometimes a banana
is just a banana!

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