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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Whoopi Goldberg Words of Wisdom

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May 19, 2009
American Idol the Final Two:
According to Ryan Seacrest, tonight’s show could’ve been subtitled, “Kris the Acoustic Crooner vs. Adam the Glam Rocker.” Each contestant did three numbers.

For their first songs,

*Adam Lambert sang “Mad World.” Great soul-filled rendition! “Haunting!” said Paula and she was right on. Adam proved he could sing without screaming!
*Kris Allen sang “Ain’t No Sunshine.” Excellent performance, I must say. Heartfelt! Simon said Kris won the first round, but I wouldn’t go that far.

For the second numbers,
*Adam Lambert sang “Change is Gonna Come.” Wow! When he screamed the lyrics, “My change is gonna come,” I got chills! Loved the sharkskin suit, too! “Iconic!” shouted Paula, who once again hit the nail on the old head.
*Kris Allen sang “What’s Goin’ On?” Mediocre. Lackluster. Great topical lyrics, but the song didn’t provide enough musical range. Even Simon ceded this round to Adam.

And for the third tune, both sang the same one, penned by Idol judge Kara DioGuardi.
*Adam Lambert sang “No Boundaries.” This song by was not a good choice. Although the words were great, the music fell flat. Adam performed the best he could with a substandard song.
*Kris Allen also sang “No Boundaries.” I have to say Kris did a better job with this tune, but I still didn’t like it.

Overall, I have to say Adam won hands down. By the way, have I told you what a cute couple Adam and Kris make? A man can dream, can’t he? Don’t forget to vote, vote, vote, kiddies! This is an important election for the GLBT community!
The New York Times has an interesting article about American Idol today. Stephen Holden writes, “The overhyped media question of the moment is whether the country is ready to hand the crown to an androgynous, seemingly gay 27-year-old fireball from San Diego.” Read the whole story here. I’ll be back later with my take on tonight’s show.

Laughable is the only way to describe the controversy surrounding Britney Spears’ new song, “If You Seek Amy.” The conservative, censor-loving Parental Television Council (PTC) claims the title, if sung really fast, sounds like, “F---k Me.” I listened to the song and didn’t get that from it. Although the tune isn’t that great, thanks to the PTC, it’s now guaranteed to go platinum! And that makes me happy because I hate censorship.

Good News Dept:
WebMD reports a molecule in green tea, EGCG , may block the transmission of the AIDS virus. Studies now underway to determine the natural compound’s effectiveness in anti-HIV gels show great promise.
May 18, 2009
Words of Wisdom from Whoopi Goldberg on today’s The View: “If you don’t believe in gay marriage, then don’t marry a gay person.”

“Thank God for the gay community! They stood beside me when no one else would.”—Joan Rivers on BBC America's Graham Norton Show Saturday night, May 16.

Lisa Rinna, best known for her appearances on Days of Our Lives and Dancing with the Stars, revealed this afternoon on The Doctors that her huge signature lips are the result of silicone surgery gone bad. We should all have such bad luck! Check out her new book,
Rinnavation: Getting Your Best Life Ever.

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