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Sunday, July 05, 2009


July 5, 2009
I’ve compiled 10 exciting videos and 19 colorful photos from 2009 Gay Pride Parades around the world for your viewing pleasure, most with hunky guys flexing and dancing. The majority of the festivities were held last weekend. There are a lot of videos out there, but most are substandard. These are the best of the best! I spent hours sifting through them. Enjoy!

New York City Pride Parade float commemorating Stonewall 6-29-09 photo

Photo of Lt Dan Choi at the San Francisco Pride Parade 2009

Half naked gay angel takes a break at the Sydney Australia Pride Festival 2009 photo

Sydney Australia Pride 2009 photo showing they have much to be proud of !

San Francisco LGBT Pride 2009 with legendary cable car photo

New York Gay Pride Parade 2009 marcher photo shows off his rainbow-colored speedo-clad body

Hunky male flag wavers at the New York Pride Parade 2009 6-29-09 photo

Photo showing there was no shortage of shirtless hot male bodies at the 2009 New York Pride Parade

New Yorkers know how to be grandiose at their Pride Parade 2009 photo

What's a Pride Parade without Dykes on Bikes? New York City 6-29-09 photo

Photo of another scantily-clad hot male at the 2009 New York Pride Parade

Even Las Vegas donned the rainbow colors for their 2009 Pride Parade photo

LA Pride 2009 photo of Erika Jayne accompanied by hot shirtless male hunks

Photo of 3 Los Angeles California Pride 2009 shirtless medics or cops? Who cares! They can save me any day!

Jerusalem Israel Pride 2009 photo

India Gay Pride Parade 2009 flaunting the rainbow colors photo

Gay Pride 2009 Barcelona Spain photo

Bogota Colombia Gay Pride reveler taking part in the 2009 celebration! 6-28-09 photo

Watch this Capital Pride 2009 Retrospective Video:
Check out West Hollywood’s Pride 2009 video (“West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade 2009 - L.A. Happens eps.#103”):
There are lots of hot shirtless bodies in this video of NYC Gay Pride Parade 2009:
I’d be a bad gay if I didn’t show you this video of Liza attending the parade in Paris (“Liza Minnelli at Paris Gay Pride 2009”) She even sings a bit!:
Check out this video of “Athens Gay Pride 2009 - Walking Together”:
Watch the half naked guys bump and grind in Berlin, Germany’s Pride Parade 2009 (“CSD 2009 Berlin”):
You have to see this video montage of rainbow images at Pride Parades around the world while dancing to the music “2009 GAY PRIDE ANTHEM: "Rainbows (Funk Avy Peak Hour Electro Mix)"- DJ STONEDOG feat. OLYNN”:
Here’s video from Brazil (“Parada Gay Pride 2009 de São Paulo - Brasil”):
Check out the shirtless guys in this Israel Pride video (“Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade 2009”):
And now for the crème de la crème (“Toronto Gay Pride by Creative Content”) hot video:

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