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Friday, July 17, 2009


July 17, 2009
On the very same night, identical Dolce & Gabbana leopard print dresses were worn by Whitney Houston in London and Madonna in Milan. Needless to say, the press is having a field day.

Whitney Houston in London 7-14-09 photo
It was made all the more galling by the fact that Madonna was in Italy dining with the actual designers of the dress—Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana (see photo)—who apparently didn't think to furnish her with an exclusive outfit of her own.

Madonna and her boyfriend Jesus Luz with designers Domenico Dolce (l) and Stefano Gabbana (r) in Milan 7-14-09 photo

The Daily Mail Reports Whitney, 45, was given the £1,320 figure-hugging outfit to mark her return to the airwaves after seven years of drug problems. She was launching her new CD (which will hit the racks Sept 1, 2009) I Look To You at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London's Knightsbridge in what she hopes will be the beginning of a triumphant comeback. Whitney’s polished look quickly won over the crowd and they even gave her a standing ovation. See our article about her stunning evening here.

Madonna in Milan waving, her sagging arm exposed 7-14-09 photo

Across Europe, in Italy, Madonna, 50, didn't achieve quite the same effect as she stepped out in Milan with boyfriend Jesus and the two Italian designers. Madonna’s sleeveless dress was actually unflattering. It revealed rather unsightly "bingo wings" and droopy skin around her elbows in a sign age may be finally catching up with the fitness fanatic.

FYI: This May 2009 shirtless photo of Jesus Luz in Brazil reminds us to invite you to visit our page of titillating, explicit photos of Madonna and the South American male model in their nude W Magazine photo shoot

Madonna is currently in the throes of her European Sticky and Sweet tour with her children Lourdes, 12, Rocco, 8, David Banda, 3, and new addition Mercy, 4, joining her on the road, not to mention her so-called boy-toy, Jesus Luz. For more revealing photos of the Argentinean hunk, visit this page of our blog.

A spokesperson for Dolce & Gabbana wasn't able to explain who was given the dress first, saying only: “Whitney loves Dolce & Gabbana and wears it often--as does Madonna.” Hello!

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