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Saturday, July 04, 2009


July 4, 2009
The woman many ultra-conservatives hoped would be the salvation of the Republican Party is stepping down as governor of Alaska, nearly three years ahead of her planned entrance into the Presidential race of 2012. Sarah Palin tried to explain without explaining that she didn’t think it fair to Alaskans that she remain their leader while spending her time and their resources trying to "effect change outside the governor’s office.”

The July 2 press conference in her home town of Wasilla Alaska was long and rambling, causing many critics and supporters alike to cringe, as it invoked memories of her incompetence when she ran for Vice-President with John McCain in 2008.

At one point she proved how inarticulate she is by invoking this military quotation, misattributing it to Gen. Douglas MacArthur, as she tried to intimate she was not abandoning the fight: “(McArthrur) said, ‘We’re not retreating; we are advancing in another direction.’” The quote was actually from Maj. Gen. Oliver Prince Smith.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announcing she's stepping down 7-2-09 photo

Quitting midterm is highly unusual. It set off speculation about what led her to leave so abruptly. She has had a tough year fighting with her own legislature for, among other things, her attempt to take the polar bear off the endangered species list and her crusade to empower state Wildlife agents to gas baby wolves in their dens. Another problem she encountered was trying to decline President Obama’s stimulus package money to help Alaska’s poor make their homes more energy efficient.

Photo of Sarah Palin waving goodbye to her political future 7-2-09

Some observers speculated she was tired of being the butt of media articles, as her decision to step down came on the heels of a recent unflattering article about her in Vanity Fair (Note caricature picture of Sarah Palin from the magazine at the top of this post).

One interpretation for her resignation among Republicans is that she is simply an erratic politician. “Good point guards don’t quit and walk off the floor if the going gets tough,” said John Weaver, a former senior strategist for Sen. McCain, Sarah's former running mate. “Today’s move falls further into the weirdness category; people don’t like a quitter.”

Watch the following video of her press conference 7-2-09 and you be the judge of her fitness to lead:

On a lighter note, check out this hilarious video parody of Sarah Palin singing “I Killed a Moose and I Liked It!”

Enjoy watching this Headzup Sarah Palin Resigns video parody:

In case you ever wondered how Sarah Palin feels about gay marriage, censorship, and other hot-bed issues, watch THE REPUBLICANS NEW STAR - BIGOT SARAH PALIN AND HER ANTI GAY AGENDA with Ellen Degeneres Video:

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