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Friday, July 03, 2009


July 3, 2009 Underwear giant Armani just released two new photos of their new ad campaign featuring David and Victoria (Posh) Beckham posing in their skivvies. As I’ve told you before, David is very LGBT friendly, having told Sports Illustrated, “Being a gay icon is a great honor for me. I'm quite sure of my feminine side, and I've not got a problem with that at all. These days it's the norm, and it should be." He even posed nude for England's biggest gay magazine, Attitude, in 2007! Enjoy looking at the following 10 photos and watching the video tribute to David Beckham at the bottom of this post!

One of the new 2009 photos of almost nude David and Victoria Beckham in the new underwear ad campaign .
Second new 2009 photo of the nearly naked Beckhams posing in Armani underwear .
Classic photo of shirtless David Beckham when he played soccer for England .
2009's most widely circulated photo of a nearly nude David Beckham posing for his Armani underwear ad campaign launched earlier this year .
Another 2009 shirtless David Beckham in Armani underwear photo .
I'm not sure where this nearly nude photo is from, but who cares? David Beckham's backside is hot!

Watch this DAVID BECKHAM SHIRTLESS Hot Pictures Video:

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