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Thursday, July 02, 2009


July 2, 2009
The chief of the Los Angeles United School District (LAUSD) is having a conniption fit over comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's magazine photo shoot with high school football players. Superintendent Ramon Cortines held a press conference to vocalize his fury over the GQ photos taken at Birmingham High School that feature the Borat star in his new incarnation as gay Austrian fashionista Brüno.

Photo of Brüno "playing football" with Birmingham High School team
The nude GQ cover story shows pictures of Cohen wearing shoulder pads, tight red shorts, a glittery athletic cup and little else as he poses with football players at the school in the San Fernando Valley.

Cortines says the district has "allowed our students to be used." Local district superintendent Jean Brown said she's trying to determine who was responsible.

Brüno running with Birmingham football team photo

Dailynews.com in Los Angeles reports Brown said Birmingham High School administrators will be disciplined for allowing student athletes to appear in the suggestive GQ magazine layout with Brüno star Sacha Baron Cohen.

While parental consent was granted for the April 16 photo shoot, LAUSD Schools chief Ramon Cortines said the forms lacked "specificity" about the nature of the pictures. The chief said "appropriate personnel action" would be taken against Birmingham's principal, Marsha Coates, and athletic director, Richard Prizant. But he said personnel matters were confidential and he could not specify the disciplinary actions. "Rules were broken. The principal is ultimately responsible, but I also hold accountable the athletic director, who is also the school's filming coordinator and was present when the pictures were taken," Cortines said. "I also want parents to know that this district will allow no one to take advantage of our students."

Photo of Brüno playing with the Birmingham High football team

District officials said they did not know if Birmingham students will appear in the Brüno film, due out July 10. They also hope to learn more about how the shoot was allowed to occur when they speak to students who return to campus in the fall. The Office of Inspector General is looking at whether GQ's publishing company, Conde Nast, gave the school any donations above and beyond any payments given to the school for filming on campus. "I also believe the film and production companies share some responsibility," Cortines said adding that he plans to ban the companies from filming on any district property for a year.

Seliger Studios, which organized the photo shoot, declined comment.

Photo of Brüno leading the Birmingham High School football team in calisthenics

Somebody needs to tell those school officials to take a chill pill. Really, Mary! It was all in fun and those football players got to see their mugs in a national magazine!

Meanwhile, Brüno has been a busy feaxmosexual stereotype, as usual. I'll be posting a new video later today called, "See Brüno's Erection!" Meanwhile, check out this new video:

Brüno gets dressed down for wearing Dolce & Gabbana to the Alabama National Guard video:
Bruno Exclusive Clip


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