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Saturday, July 25, 2009


July 25, 2009
Wowing fans with her sparkling tribute to Judy Garland via song and dance, Katie Homes performed a lively and lovely rendition of the Garland classic “Get Happy” on the 100th episode of So You Think You Can Dance Thursday night, July 23rd.

Photo of Katie Holmes when she had short hair
The former Dawson’s Creek star has no professional training, but the audience had no such clue, due to her slick and sexy rendition of the song. “This is an homage to Judy Garland and I am very excited about it,” she said, before the tape of her performance was shown. “I like to sing and dance so it is really fun.”

Katie Holmes singing "Get Happy" on So You Think You Can Dance photo

Katie also said the performance was meant to publicize her latest charity, the Dizzy Feet Foundation, which she co-founded with SYTYCD judge Nigel Lythgoe. The charity’s aim is to help underprivileged children become professional dancers.

Katie Holmes sassily performs "Get Happy" photo

“I think it's important to let kids experience music, dancing and singing, and the arts and also sports,” she told the show’s host, Cat Deeley. “This is the next generation. I think it is important to give them every opportunity to grow and discover what it is that they like and to have access to the best.” The Dizzy Feet Foundation also gives scholarships to dancers, choreographers and dance teachers.

Photo of Katie Holmes performing on So You Think You Can Dance

The routine began with Katie, dressed in a retro 1940s white skirt suit, stepping out of a classic car onto a pebbled street. She leaned against a lamp post and began singing the legend's famous lyrics. The scene then switches to a stage routine, with Katie dressed in a hat, black tuxedo jacket and fishnets. As she high-kicks her way through the song, she's surrounded by muscular male dancers. I wonder what her homophobic husband, Tom Cruise, would say about that!

Photo of Katie Holmes as she kicks up her heels singing and dancing Thursday night

Enjoy watching this video of Katie Holmes singing and dancing to Judy Garland’s greatest hit “Get Happy” on So You Think You Can Dance July 23, 2009:

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