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Saturday, July 04, 2009


Lt. Dan Choi, the highly decorated gay Army National Guardsman and Arabic translator who has become an articulate
spokesman against the failed "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy has been “recommended for discharge” by the military’s Federal Recognition Board simply because he is honest, i.e. openly gay. Their call for his firing came in spite of the fact that all witnesses testified the West Point graduate and Iraqi combat officer was an asset to his unit.

Choi said he plans to take his fight all the way to the Secretary of Defense and the U.S. Supreme Court, should that be necessary. His dismissal came on the heels of Defense Secretary Robert Gates telling reporters the Pentagon is investigating ways to make DADT investigations more "humane." Read that story here. In the meantime, one more competent and invaluable service member has had his life turned upside down, while the biggest victim is the US military.

Photo of Lt Dan Choi wearing his now famous "Don't Hide It" T-shirt
In the MSNBC video interview after the firing at the bottom of this post, Lt Dan Choi is asked about his “Don’t Hide” T-shirt. Here’s the link where you can buy your own, with or without an autograph for $10 and up: http://www.donthidetm.com/. 50% of the proceeds go to repealing DADT, so please help out the cause and purchase one!

Watch MSNBC’s 7-1-09 interview with Lt Dan Choi after he was recommended for dismissal, “Lt Dan Choi Kicked Out of Military for Being Gay” video:

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