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Sunday, July 19, 2009


July 18, 2009
Singer Amy Winehouse and her estranged husband Blake Fielder-Civil were granted a divorced Thursday, July 16, 2009, bringing to an end a train wreck relationship steeped in drugs, drama, and violence.

Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil in happier times photo
According to The Daily Mail, the couple, who have not spoken in months, were given a decree nisi at the Family Division of the High Court in London in just 75 seconds. Neither party was present for the proceedings.
Photo of Amy Winehouse proving that blondes don't always have more fun!
According to court documents, Mr Fielder-Civil filed for the divorce on the grounds of her adultery, which may go some way to explain the pop singer's tearful reaction when she arrived in the UK earlier this week.

Recent photo of Amy Winehouse after rest and recuperation

In divorce papers before the court it was stated that Fielder-Civil “finds it intolerable to live with the respondent.” In a question and answer style document Fielder Civil was asked to “State briefly your reasons for saying that the respondent has committed the adultery alleged.”

Amy Winehouse in tears at Gatwick airport after returning from St Lucia to face her divorce 7-14-09 photo

He answered: “The respondent confessed the adultery to me in April 2008,” and that since then he and Winehouse have not lived in the same household. Fielder-Civil, whose address is given as Claypole, Newark, described himself as a music video producer. The name of the person with whom the singer is alleged to have committed adultery is stated as “not known.”

Vintage photo of Amy Winehouse with her signature beehive hairdo

In a separate divorce document Winehouse was asked, “Do you admit the adultery alleged in the petition?” The star answered, “Yes.” She also stated that she did not object to paying the cost of the proceedings.

There's a reason Amy Winehouse never looked better than in this photo. It's actually a picture of her double--a wax statue at the Madame Tussauds museum, as is the photo at the top of this post

Winehouse says she received the divorce petition in April this year while in St Lucia. The decree absolute will be granted after six weeks and a day, according to British marriage laws. It is expected Fielder-Civil will try to stake a claim on part of her estimated £10million fortune.

An early photo of Amy Winehouse before she started doing drugs and wearing bad makeup

The star has been working on her third album for the past two years but has so far failed to impress record company bosses with what she has come up with. (Check out the video of her new song "Puppy Love" below!) She has also launched her own record label, which is expected to release its first album, recorded by her 13-year-old goddaughter Dionne Bromfield, later this year. Yes, you heard me!

Amy Winehouse after and before drugs photos

The Back To Black star returned from a rest in St Lucia looking a lot healthier than when she left for the Caribbean late last year. Before that, she was often photographed covered in cuts and scabs while looking painfully thin as drug abuse ravaged her body. Unfortunately, word on the street says she continued the party lifestyle on St Lucia and has turned to drink, often ending up in hospitals because of her binging. The singer has been living in two villas that come with their own butler and maid, costing her record company about £2,000 a night each.

Photo of Amy Winehouse facing arrest after allegedly attacking 2 men, following a drugs and alcohol binge in April of 2008

She married former grammar school mate Fielder-Civil in 2007 in a small ceremony in Miami, Florida. The couple had a turbulent love affair predicated around their shared drug abuse.

Amy Winehouse leaving a pub with Mick Whitnall, guitarist in Pete Doherty's group Babyshambles 2008 photo

They were often photographed looking dishevelled, bloodied and miserable during frequent nights out as their drug abuse spiraled out of control.

Amy Winehouse after visiting Bar Tok pub, where she screamed, "I am a legend. Get these people out of here. I want to do drugs!" 2008 photo

In May 2008 the Crown Prosecution Service decided not to prosecute Miss Winehouse after she was filmed smoking crack cocaine. Video footage of her appearing to snort cocaine was handed to police in January and she has been in and out of rehab since then.

Poor Amy Winehouse. This photo shows she's just not photogenic!

Mr Fielder-Civil was jailed last year after admitting to assaulting a pub landlord and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. He has been released and is now expecting a child later this year with Gileen Morris, a 31-year-old blonde he met in rehab last year.

Photo of Amy Winehouse after winning several 2008 Grammies, this one for "Rehab"

Miss Winehouse is said to have written a song called “Ultimate Betrayal” about the affair.

Listen (if you can stand it) to this video of AMY WINEHOUSE’s - NEW 2009 SONG "PUPPY LOVE" for her upcoming third album:

Watch this video of vintage Amy Winehouse “Love is a Losing Game” 2006:

Enjoy this video of Amy Winehouse’s best hit—"Rehab" Live on David Letterman:


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