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Sunday, September 06, 2009


September 6, 2009.
Oklahoma may have a savior at hand. An articulate, successful transgender woman is exploring a run against anti-gay state Representative Sally Kern and her backward, hate-inciting agenda. Attorney Brittany Novotny, who is also a community activist, has set up a
Website page to accept donations for her exploratory test, after filing Form SO-1 (Statement of Organization) with the Oklahoma State Ethics Commission to begin raising funds for her likely campaign against Kern. Click the above icons to go to her Facebook and Twitter Pages or go directly to her donation site by clicking on the button below.

Officially named "Brittany Novotny 4 HD 84 in 2010," the candidate’s committee mailing address is P.O. Box 374; Bethany, OK 73008 and they are now accepting money. Novotny can be reached for campaign purposes at
brittany4hd84@gmail.com. William Gleason of Norman, Oklahoma has been named treasurer. The LGBT community, as well as freedom-loving people everywhere, need to do all they can to help point Oklahoma into the 21st Century. We need to show the world that hate is no longer a religious value here and that empathy is now extolled as a God-like virtue. Visit Brittany Novotnoy’s Webpage today, http://www.brittany4hd84.com/, and donate what you can.
Photo of an empty Oklahoma House of Representatives chamber, which we seek to enliven with love, truth, and hope
In case you’ve been living in a cave and aren’t familiar with Sally Kern, let me expound a bit on the wing-nut’s notoriously embarrassing activities. Last year, she was secretly taped saying homosexuals are a bigger threat to America than terrorists and that gays are infiltrating city councils around the country while indoctrinating two year-olds within the school system. Last July, she issued a “Proclamation for Morality” that blamed gay marriage and other “debaucheries” for the declining economy. Then in the last couple of days she put forth a statement claiming President Obama was trying to “interrupt” and “politicize” the educational process by talking to school children about government.

Photo of proud transwoman Brittany Novotny who seeks to unseat hate-spewing Sally Kern in the Oklahoma House of Representatives

Sally and her husband Stephen Kern, pastor of the Olivet Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, are fundamentalist homophobes who have driven their own gay son into celibacy, although he claims he was never gay, “just musical.” Guilt is Sally Kern’s favorite tool in her campaign to foment ignorance and hatred. Fortunately for the LGBT community, her rantings only serve to mobilize us, much as did anti-gay Anita Bryant with her “Save the Children” crusade in the seventies. Hate proved to be Anita’s downfall, and we must see to it that her legacy is continued in Oklahoma with the defeat of Sally Kern in House District 84 in 2010.

Joe Quigley, who was reinstated to his teaching position, thanks to Brittany Novotny, emphasizes a point while speaking during the Oklahoma City GLBT State of Our Community meeting at Epworth United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City, 1-30-06 photo

According to the Dallas Voice, the Journal Record, an Oklahoma City newspaper, suggested that Kern was either a spy from Texas or Sasha Baron Cohen. They argued that she was “harming Oklahoma’s economic development efforts and that her credibility as a legislator is so eroded that even her home district constituents must be looking at her performance askance.”

The newspaper reported that Brenda K. Jones, a Republican consultant, claimed that after her first statements about gays being worse than terrorists, two companies that were about to announce a move to Oklahoma changed their plans.
Photo of Brittany Novotny. Click on the picture to go to her web page, where you can make a donation for equality
Novotny said that many people in the business community want Kern out of office. Before doing interviews, though, Novotny said she wants to lay the groundwork and get her campaign staff in place. She said she has spoken to the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund and to former Oklahoma county commissioner Jim Roth, who is gay. The district borders that of state Rep Al McAffrey, the only openly gay Democrat serving in the Oklahoma House.
Roth said Novotny has “a genuine understanding of the dignity intended for all citizens by our constitution. Her service will be a wonderful departure from the crazy, homophobic rantings of one-issue Sally Kern.” He added, “I’ve known Brittney for years and I know she’s dedicated to growing jobs, improving schools and helping people.”
Equality Project member Brittany Novotny speaks to Oklahoma County Court Clerk Patricia Presley during a National Freedom to Marry Day demonstration 6-12-09 photo
In an earlier statement to Gossip-boy.com, Novotny said, “I'm exploring a run for House District 84 because we need a representative who values all families in the district, who is dedicated to bringing good jobs to Oklahoma, and who will work tirelessly to make sure our children are getting the best education in our public schools. I believe I have the experience, drive, and determination to do that.” She also posted the declaration on her website.
Photo of Brittany Novotny as National Committeewoman for the Young Democrats of Oklahoma from their website. I added the political stuff at the bottom, which you can click if you'd like to donate to her campaign
According to Novotny, an official announcement about the race is expected in October. That will be preceded in September by two fundraising events. The first of which will be a “Kickoff Wine & Cheese Fundraiser for Brittany Novotny” on Friday, September 18, from 6:00 to 8:00 P.M. in Norman Oklahoma. Visit her Facebook page for details on this important event and to RSVP. The suggested contribution is $50.00. Sponsors include Suzette McDowell, Ted Metscher, Molly Roberts, Jean Risenhoover, Nicole Kirkpatrick, Judy Calhoun, Troy Green, Janne O'Donnell, Donna Russell, and Adam Gleason. You can receive updates on additional fundraisers by subscribing to her Tweets on Twitter.

Sally Kern reading her "Proclamation of Bigotry," July 2009 photo

Novotny is an Oklahoma City attorney who began a private practice in 2007 specializing in civil rights and employment law. After receiving a sociology degree at the University of Science & Arts in Chickasha, OK, she obtained her law degree from the University of California—Hastings College of Law in 2005. Since returning to Oklahoma, she has been active with the Young Democrats of Oklahoma as legal adviser and vice chair of the women’s caucus. She has also participated in highly visible roles during civil actions for LGBT rights. Recently, she began in-house counsel work with the American Federation of Government Employees, Local 916.

Cartoon of Sally Kern depicting her as cuckoo, while reading her "Proclamation on Morality." She has become a national joke, much to the embarrassment of all freedom-loving Oklahomans

In June, Novotny successfully argued on behalf of plaintiff Keith Kimmel in the “I’m Gay” license plate issue, which forced the Oklahoma Tax Commission to issue a car tag with those words. Administrative Judge Jay Harrington found for the plaintiff and made a number of reformative recommendations to the OTC, which have now gone to the state agency’s commissioners for review.

Photo of Mat Staver, California's Pro-Proposition 8 attorney, with Sally Kern, showing how she hob-nobs with some of the most hateful people on the planet

Brittany also scored a victory August 25 in her representation of Joe Quigley, an Oklahoma teacher who had been fired in May for being outspoken and openly gay. Upon ordering his reinstatement, Oklahoma County District Judge Barbara Swinton said, “I am a parent and have children in the Oklahoma City Public Schools. As a parent I want to apologize to you for what you have had to put up with to educate our children.”

Swinton then went on to declare the Oklahoma City schools had wrongfully terminated Quigley and they had presented no evidence that he had neglected his teaching duties, as the district was claiming.

Sally Kern was photographed last year with Richard Dick Bott, president of the Bott Radio Network, in which Kern serves on the advisory board. Bott is a notorious anti-black figure with a long, shameful history with Apartheid. He used his fundamentalist radio stations in the United States to spread the white supremacist message while the racist South African regime was in power.

On November 15, 2008, Brittany Novotny gave a rousing speech at a City Hall rally for Marriage Equality. Among the many point she made, were, “What are ‘conservative Oklahoma values’ anyway? I’m an Oklahoman, and I always thought that the values I shared with my fellow Oklahomans were the values of hard work, generosity, and treating others like I want to be treated. Oklahoma bills itself as being in the ‘heartland,’ but conservative politicians have been stirring people up with hatred, bigotry, and divisiveness. These are not the Oklahoma values that I was raised with.” Read the entire inspiring oratory at Gossip-Boy.com.

To read our previous columns on Sally Kern, click here. Scroll down past this article, as all Sally Kern posts will show up. You'll find some hilarious videos there.

Please do what you can to help the ongoing struggle for LGBT rights. Okahoma deserves better than Sally Kern. Oklahoma deserves Brittany Novotny!

Andrew Speno Fox 25 News anchor photo, who interviewed Brittany Novotny in May of this year. Watch the two videos below.

Watch Tulsa’s Fox 25 News Report on Brittany Novotny and her transgender story (“Changing Genders”) May 20 2009 Part I:

Check out the Part 2 video of the Fox 25 News Report on Brittany Novotny:

In case you missed it, here’s a refresher video of Sally Kern Exposing the Homosexual Agenda:

Check out this funny YouTube video as Ellen Degeneres calls Sally Kern:

Watch Oklahoma Representative Ryan Kiesel's video response to Rep. Sally Kern's so-called "Proclamation on Morality" July 4 2009.

Listen to Citizen Reaction to Sally Kern’s original remarks on this Tulsa World video:


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