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Saturday, September 05, 2009


September 5, 2009.
Trey Songz, now a stunning, muscular 26 year-old singing artist, was born Tremaine Aldon Neverson on November 28, 1984, in Petersburg, Virginia. Raised a military brat, he loved hip-hop, but when his friends heard his perfect tenor voice, they pushed Trey Songz to drop rap and start crooning. He did, and after winning numerous talent shows in Petersburg, the 15-year-old singer met Troy Taylor, who had worked behind the scenes with legends Patti LaBelle, SWV, and B2K.

Trey Songz just released these bare-chested, sexy photos of himself by celebrated photographer Maya Guez, whose spectacular and unconventional pictures can be found on her official website, www.mayaguezphoto.com

Trey got his diploma and immediately moved to New Jersey to work with Taylor. Soon the singer was appearing on Kevin Lyttle's debut album and Trick Daddy's Thug Matrimony as a sideman as well as breaking out on his own with his solo cut, "About the Game," for the Coach Carter movie soundtrack. While working on his debut album, and collaborations with Lil' Kim, Trina, and Snoop Dogg, he released a few street-level mix-tapes under his alias, the Prince of Virginia.

Shirtless photo of Trey Songz showcasing his new muscles, a result of intense and vigorous workouts at the gym

Songz finally got the recognition he deserved at age 20 in 2005, when he signed with Atlantic and released the album Gotta Make It to generally positive reviews, garnering comparisons to classic soul artists. It received immediate attention because of its attractive mix of standard and modern sounds, and the album introduction by Aretha Franklin. Songz landed hits from the album with the title track “Gotta Make It” and the ballad "Gotta Go."

Shirtless photo of Trey Songz with his huge boom box

In 2007, Songz recorded his follow-up album, Trey Day, working with producers Danjahands, Stargate and R. Kelly. The first song, "Wonder Woman," was released in May, 2007 and was followed by "Can't Help But Wait" three months later. The latter song received a coveted Grammy nomination for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. That marked the validation of the faith shown Trey by the late Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun, who hailed him as one of "the most promising R&B artists we have had since we started the company 60 years ago."

Trey Songz, shirtless and muscular, poses in this photo for famous photographer Maya Guez

Now, with the 2009 release of READY, Trey Songz is more than ready to claim his place in the pantheon of R&B greats. His latest album draws music and lyrics from such accomplished producers and songwriters as Eric Hudson, Sean Garrett, Stargate, Bryan-Michael Cox, Soul Keys, Jermaine Dupri, Soundz, and long-time collaborator Troy Taylor.

Shirtless photo composite of Trey Songz as a triple threat
On the READY's first official single, "I Need A Girl," which you can listen to in full at the bottom of this post, Stargate (Tor Erik Hermansen and Mikkel S. Eriksen) deliver their signature guitar-led production. The Norwegian-born, NYC-based pair previously worked on Trey's Grammy-nominated "Can't Help But Wait," and decided to revisit their magic on READY.
Shirtless photo of Trey Songz at the mic, doing what he does best
From the street single, "Brand New," to his self-described male version of Mary J. Blige's "Be Without You" in "One Love," the Virginian draws on a range of influences to craft an album that will thrill his longtime fans. Indeed, with its blend of hip-hop, R&B, and pop, exemplified by tracks like "Black Roses," where Trey croons over a distorted guitar, READY demonstrates growth on every front.
Another shirtless photo of Trey Songz singing his heart out
With this, his third album CD, Trey displays a new vocal maturity combined with his renowned ability to twist notes and keys effortlessly, while demonstrating an increasing breadth of subject matter.
A shirtless Trey Songz pauses at the mic in this Maya Guez photo
Among Trey's numerous activities, along with fellow Atlantic artist Flo Rida, he wrote and produced for clothing giant GAP a street-smart rendition of "Jingle Bells," which proved to be a sensation during the 2008 Christmas season.
Despite rumors that Trey Songz is gay, the fact is he's into women, as this photo attempts to demonstrate. Also, check out the radio interview video at the base of this page
In August 2008, Trey added the philanthropic organization Songz For Peace to his repertoire, launching the charity with community activist Noonie Ward in Chicago's crime-ridden Southside before bringing his message to his native Petersburg.
Shirtless photo of Trey Songz, back view showing off his numerous tatoos
Songz For Peace, a youth-centered association that attracted 500 kids at its opening event, travels to different cities speaking to teens about the dangers of violence and life's positive opportunities. The group is scheduled to visit several more cities across America this year, including Washington D.C., Atlanta, and Baltimore. "The violence within the youth is rising at an alarming rate," says Trey earnestly. "I get to speak on that, and children listen to me."
Album cover photo of Trey Songz single "I Need a Girl" from the READY CD, which can be purchased from the offical http://www.treysongz.com/ website
Deftly balancing and separating his roles as artist, businessman, and philanthropist, Trey has delivered his best work to date with READY. "I've always been the underdog of my class," says Trey. "But this time nothing can stop me from achieving all that I want."
Photo of the READY alum cover, featuring another shirtless picture of Trey Songz. The CD can be purchased on his website or directly from Amazon.com for $22.99
All that, coupled with his hard-won, rock-hard body, are sure to hurl Trey Songz to the top rung of the Celebrity A-List chart. He is, without a doubt, gourmet candy for the ears and the eyes!
Photo of Trey Songz showing how he looks as good in a Tuxedo as he does shirtless. Well, almost!
Watch this officialTrey Songz video promo from www.treysongz.com for READY, which was released Sept 1 2009:

Listen to this YouTube video of Trey Songz READY full album preview with excerpts from all 17 tracks:

Watch and listen to Trey Songz as he performs with Drake the hit “Successful” from Trey’s new album READY on this MTV video:

Check out this MTV video with Trey Songz’ Official Single “I Need a Girl” from his new album READY:

And just for fun, listen to aTrey Songz interview on Sirius Radio's The Morning After with Angela Yee, wherein Trey shares his sexual fantasies and admits he "loves" oral sex and "multiple Os" on this YouTube video (NSFW):

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Anonymous said...

This up & coming rapper used to be a SCRAWNY SON OF A GUN but those
countless hours in the gym hitting the weights & the stairmaster have
done wonders to his body. Suddenly
he's carrying 'round some CHOICE
CHOCOLATE MUSCLE. This clasically
chiselled cat is suddenly not only
dinner at 8- he's dinner all
frigin' night. He needs to be given a TONGUE LASHING of the
highest order from head to toe.
Simply put- just INCREDIBLE


Thomas said...

I need to somehow GET THE DROP on
render him semi-conscious & defenseless within the confines
of my bedroom, shackle his wrists
to my shower stall, slowly &
methodically strip him to his skivies then unleash upon him my own special brand of sexual magic. He needs to be fully exploited- manhandled & manipulated then tasted to his ever-loving fullest!

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