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Monday, September 28, 2009


September 28, 2009.
Last Thursday, a broad coalition of Californians filed ballot language with the State of California for an initiative to repeal Proposition 8 in November 2010, and restore equal marriage rights for same-sex couples.
“Starting today, there is new hope for committed gay and lesbian couples who want to get married,” said John Henning, Executive Director of Love Honor Cherish, a grassroots association that is spearheading the effort to place the measure on the 2010 ballot. “We’re back on the path toward full equality.”
Love Honor Cherish is one of more than 40 organizations that support repealing Prop 8 at the next general election (November 2010). The groups include Stonewall Democrats/Los Angeles, the Latino Equality Alliance, the Mexican American Bar Association, and the San Diego Alliance for Marriage Equality, among others. For a full list, go to www.RepealProp8.com. Although some LGBT rights groups believe we should wait until 2012, there is a growing consensus that equal rights cannot be postponed that long.
Photo of John Henning, executive director of LOVE HONOR CHERISH, speaking at the LGBT Leadership Summit in San Bernardino, CA July 25, 2009 about why we can't wait to repeal Proposition 8

Come this November (2009), the broad coalition of groups supporting the initiative will begin circulating petitions to gather the 1 million signatures needed to qualify the initiative. Henning called on supporters to mobilize immediately and start raising money for the effort. “Activists across the state have spent the summer organizing and recruiting signature gatherers and donors, and we’ll be continuing that work over the next 50 days,” he said. The name gathering process will last through April 2010.

Proposition 8 was an amendment to the California Constitution passed by voters in November 2008 that reversed a California Supreme Court decision in May 2008, which held that same-sex couples were guaranteed equal marriage rights under the California Constitution. “Prop 8 passed with only 52% of the vote,” continued Henning. “In the next 14 months, with hard work and inspiration, we can change the small percentage of hearts and minds that we need to win.”

Love Honor Cherish, which was formed in May 2008 to defeat Proposition 8, has already raised over $500,000 for the No on 8 campaign, and continues to mount its own outreach and media efforts. For more information and the exact wording of the ballot initiative, visit www.LoveHonorCherish.org.

John Henning
Campaign spokesperson

Mike Roth
Press coordinator (Los Angeles)

Eric Ross
Press coordinator (San Francisco)

Sometimes the best way to open people’s hearts and minds is through humor, so enjoy and share the following videos about Proposition 8 with your friends and enemies!

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