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Saturday, September 19, 2009


September 19, 2009.
Does one-issue, same-sex marriage opponent Carrie Prejean disgust herself? After being introduced by the intolerant National Organization for Marriage (NOM) President Maggie Gallagher, the has-been beauty queen told the Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C. yesterday that she’s “Never seen anything like it . . . I am so disgusted by the way some people can be so intolerant. It disgusts me. It disgusts me.”

Photo of "Value Village Voters" promotional logo with half-naked Carrie Prejean picture. Apparently it's okay to pose topless if it's for God and against gay marriage
Naturally, the former Miss California, who was fired for failing to keep her obligations, not, as she claims, for being against gay marriage, fails to see the irony in her words.

Photo of Carrie Prejean from last night's Retard Conference, where she was the Religious Right's Darling because of her "struggle" to save marriage from Godless gays

It seems the light shining from God has blinded her so that she can’t see her own narrow-mindedness regarding her answer to Perez Hilton at the Miss USA Pageant when she said marriage should be between a man and a woman. “I’m so proud of the answer that I gave. God chose me for that moment . . . God had a plan for me that day,” she told members of the Family Research Council and Focus on the Family, the far right conservative groups behind the gathering, to a smattering of applause.

Photo of Carrie Prejean giving her God-inspired answer against same-sex marriage to Billy Bush at the 2009 Miss USA Pageant in Las Vegas 4-29-09

Like all anti-gay marriage organizations, they back up their prejudice by referring to the Bible’s Very Old Testament passage that calls homosexuality an “abomination.” And like all fundamentalists, they pick and choose which words to obey, ignoring verses that say owning slaves and slaughtering children is okay.

Photo of Carrie Prejean waving goodbye to her career

“I am not a hater of anyone . . . I am not,” Ms Prejean remarked with a straight face. “This is not a matter of me hating any particular group . . . or me being a bigot, or a racist or whatever you want to call me. It’s not about that. It’s just I was a woman who stood up for the truth and people don’t want to admit that.”

Did Carrie Prejean stand up for the truth when she told Miss California USA officials her blouse accidentally blew open, as in these topless photos, which are floating all over the Internet?

“I know that God had called me for such a time as this,” the self-styled savior of the world continued. “And even though . . . sob, sob . . . and even though . . . sob . . . I didn’t win the crown that night, I know the Lord has so much of a bigger crown in Heaven for me . . . Thank you for praying for me and being with me in this battle.”

Photo of Maggie Gallagher, President of the ultra-bigoted National Organization for Marriage at last night's Conference for Hate in Washington D.C. She wants to save holy matrimony for heterosexual breeders, so they can continue their agenda to overpopulate the world unabated.

Listen to Maggie Gallagher rap about hating gay marriage before introducing the Miss USA loser, Carrie Prejean, to the Values Voter Summit audience of chauvinists. Video by RightWingWatch.org:

Watch Carrie Prejean preach prejudice in this video from the Value Voters Summit (sponsored by the notorious Family Research Council) Part 1 of COMEDY GOLD By MOXNews.com ("Unfair and Biased") September 18, 2009 via C-SPAN:

Check out the Part 2 video of Carrie Prejean spewing bias at the Values Voter Summit (put on by the insufferable Family Research Council) COMEDY GOLD by MOXNews.com ("Unfair and Biased") September 18, 2009 via C-SPAN:

Watch what Rachel Maddow had to say about the Republican Values Voter Summit on this hilarious MSNBC video:

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