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Thursday, August 27, 2009


August 27, 2009.
Reveling in the label “hate-spewing,” because God “also hates,” a seriously misguided, publicity-seeking preacher in Phoenix Arizona has been recorded comparing “child predator faggots” to Hitler and
telling his congregation, "When I go to bed at night, Steven L. Anderson will pray for (the ‘socialistic devil’) Barack Obama to die and go to hell." This pathetic self-appointed apostle is so proud of his loathing, he has even posted videos of his own abhorrent sermons on his church’s Blog.
Photo of dim-witted Steven L. Anderson, who believes every word of the Bible should be taken literally, including commands to stone adulterers
As the son of a preacher man, I know firsthand how hate can damage the psyches of young people. However, this Baptist minister takes following the Bible to the point of absurdity. When confronted about the fact that the Bible also says in Leviticus that says you can kill your children if they "curse" you, Anderson admitted this was true and even embraced it. He also said adulterers should be stoned but thinks “The government should do the stoning. You know, like they used to in Afghanistan n'stuff."

Cartoon taken from the Faithful Word Baptist Church's unofficial website, where Pastor Anderson "frequently participates in the discussions here." I'm not sure what it means, but I know I don't like it.

"I believe that every homosexual in the world is a deviant, is evil, and is a predator that is out to recruit others through molestation, through rape. It's in the news,” Anderson went on to say. “I would keep my kids away from them. They're deviants. They're not normal. I am saying that Barney Frank's perverted, and he's sick, and I would put him in the category of other homosexuals. Do I think that homosexuality should be against the law? Well, it's against God's law." He also declared he wouldn’t pray for a “faggot” any more than he would pray for Hitler.

Photo of Steven L. Anderson preaching hate as a guest speaker in a church more opulent than his own

The only good news about this reckless pastor of the Faithful Word Baptist Church is he only has about a hundred members and less than half of them show up on any given Sunday to hear him condemn people who are different from his own self-righteous God-like self.

Photo promoting automatic rifles from the "unofficial" Faithful Word Baptist Church website, in which Anderson regularly "participates."

In a related report, an armed protestor at a Phoenix Obama town hall event has been confirmed to be a memeber of Anderson's congregation, proving how the Faithful Word Baptist Church is indeed inciting people to violence. Read about it here. Or see the video at the bottom of this post.

Photo of the Faithful Word Baptist "Church," which is little more than a storefront

If you haven’t had enough hate, you can visit the Faithful Word Baptist’s unofficial website as well as the official injudicious website.

Watch this MSNBC video report on the violence-inciting Baptist preacher Steven Anderson:

Listen to this unbelievable video interview of the crazy hate-consumed, publicity-seeking pastor, Steven L. Anderson:

Check out these interviews with one of Anderson’s gun-toting followers and a hate-filled sermon by Anderson, wherein he calls for the death of Obama and compares gays to Hitler:


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