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Sunday, August 02, 2009


August 2, 2009
Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh continue to be a two-fold embarrassment to the white race and the Republican Party. In obvious attempts to hide their own prejudice, they have lashed out at President Barack Obama and Sonia Sotomayor in such ways as to expose their own deep-seated racism.

Photo of a cartoon depicting Rush Limbaugh as the face of the Republican Party
If they think they can hide their true feelings by calling the kettle black, they are sadly mistaken.
Photo of Rush Limbaugh celebrating 21 years of EIB (Excellence in Bull---t)
They both fought the success of the Obama Administration from the beginning. Glenn Beck has made a public spectacle of himself by literally crying for the future of our country while totally ignoring what the previous administration did to destroy it.
Promo photo touting Glenn Beck on Fox News, the unfair and unbalanced network
Rush Limbaugh has bemoaned the “socialistic path” and “out of control” spending of Obama while skipping over the record national debt left by the previous administration of his own boy-toy, George W. Bush. Limbaugh even went so far as to publicly admit he hoped Obama would fail as President.
Photo of a parody commericial depicting Rush Limbaugh's notorious addiction to Oxycontin
Now, the two right-wing commentators are doing all they can to sabotage President Obama’s reformation of the health care system. They are fanning the fears of the elderly by claiming the Obama plan would send out government employees to ask old people “how they would like to die,” rather than actually afford them health care.
Photo of Glenn Beck tearing his hair out on television
Such outright lies, coupled with anti-patriotic whining, embarrass my own white ass. Thank God it’s gay. Otherwise, I might also be trapped in the past with the prejudice and racism of an unsympathetic white man’s world that looks upon empathy as a dirty word.
(For more information about empathy, read my satirical news article: ULTRA-CONSERVATISM LINKED TO MISSING GENE.)

Photo of Rush Limbaugh smoking a cigar, proof that the man lives in the unhealthy past
Thank God Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are dying dinosaurs. I say, let’s pass them by and move on toward the more-evolved, enlightened world of tomorrow. We can’t silence ignorance, nor should we try, but we can and should give our whole-hearted attention to a more intelligent and lofty discourse.

Photo of Glenn Beck crying on the air to show his distaste for the liberal trend of the new America

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