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Friday, August 07, 2009


August 7, 2009.
Blond, gay, and dimpled, with style and charisma, Stephen Hampton, beat out dozens of divas vying for the friendship of Paris Hilton on her hit MTV show,
Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, in a shocking turn-about that had viewers and contenders alike cheering and crying for joy.

Photo of Tiniecia, Stephen, and Stefanie when they were the final three BFFs
Tuesday, August 4, marked the final episode, when the last two candidates, both female, were turned away in favor of Stephen, who had been dumped in the previous show after Paris said, “I just can’t see myself with a boy BFF.”

Paris Hilton hugs Stephen Hampton after eliminating him from the race photo

But as the two final contestants began bitching at each other and clawing each other’s eyes out, Paris was forced to admit she had made a terrible mistake.

Photo of Stephen Hampton reacting to the news he'd been chosen to be Paris' new Best Friend Forever (BFF). "I did not see this coming!" he said.

Stephen, an ex-Mormon, who “hits the tanning salon daily and loves to show off his chest with open-cut shirts and jackets,” admits even he was shocked. Judging from the comments on mtv.com, Stephen is loved and adored by a majority of the series' viewers.

Paris Hilton with Stephen Hampton, her new BFF photo

From remotecontrol.mtv.com, here’s Stephen’s reaction in his own words: “Ahhhhhhh! Can you believe it!? I'm Paris' new BFF! It seems like I've been in ‘somebody pinch me’ mode forever ... and it feels so, so good now that everyone can finally know how everything turned out!

“The night of the finale was magical. I (along with everyone else) assumed that my BFF Journey had ended. I was very excited to be in the finale and watch as either Tiniecia or Stefanie was crowned the new BFF.”

Paris Hilton hugging her new BFF Stephen Hampton while everyone applauds photo

“I remember when we pulled up in front of Paris' grandparents' house, Desirae turned to me and said, ‘So how you gonna feel when Paris calls your name tonight and says she wants you to be her new BFF?’ I laughed it off and said, ‘Yeah, right.’ Little did I know what would happen an hour later.”

Paris Hilton and Stephen Hampton pose for the cameras after his upset victory
“That moment when Paris said ‘I think I made a mistake,’ I remember some of the cast whispering ‘Stephen ... Stephen ... Stephen.’ And when Paris looked at me and said, ‘I want you to be my new BFF,’ my whole body started tingling. I was in absolute shock. I think my knees even gave out a little! I did NOT see it coming! It was the most surreal and crazy moment of my entire life—and the fact that all the other BFFs were so supportive and happy for me meant the world to me.”
Photo of the BFF contestants dancing after Stephen won
“Later that night, after all was said and done, the BFFs and myself checked into a hotel. Obviously I shared a room with Tiniecia, my baby. We ordered a bunch of room service and hugged, and she told me she was proud of me and that Paris made the right choice. So SWEET! After we finished eating, I hopped in the shower still wearing my new ‘BFF’ necklace.”
Photo of Stephen Hampton, Paris' New BFF, and Arika celebrating after Stephen's victory
“When I got out, I went over to my phone and saw that I had 1 new text message—and it was from Paris. As I opened it, I was sooo nervous, so excited. My first text from my new BFF read ‘I love you so much. Sweet Dreams My New BFF.’ I immediately thought, ‘OMG. It's real. She means it.’ So many people tried scaring me and everyone else by saying ‘Paris doesn't really want a BFF, it's not real.’

“Guess what? It's REAL!”
Photo of Former Paris Hilton's My New BFF contenders Kaitlin, Arika, and Desirae partying at the Ecco Ultra Lounge to celibrate Stephen's win
Here’s a slide show of the 12 contestants, including the only male, Stephen:

Watch this video clip from when the show was down to the final three, including Stephen:

In case you missed it, here’s the entire final episode of Paris Hilton’s My New Best Friend on video:

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