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Saturday, August 15, 2009


August 15, 2009.
Kathy Griffin’s new boy-toy, Levi Johnston, was queried about what he thinks of his new status as a “gay pin-up boy” on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with gay-as-a-goose host Andy Cohen. The question was sent in by gay blogger Andy Towle of

Levi Johnston, who was dressed in camoflauge druing the Andy Cohen interview, said he was going hunting afterwards. Photo of Levi Johnston from August GQ
Levi answered with, “I think it’s great, man, um, I like my fans. Just another person . . . We got gays in Wasilla . . . Anchorage. They’re all up here.”

Photo of Watch What Happens Live's host Andy Cohen
Then Cohen asked him if he would ever consider posing nude. Johnston’s response, after an awkward pause: “It depends on the money, man!”
Photo of Levi Johnston from the Republican National Convention, where he was originally "discovered," as the boyfriend of Bristol Palin, Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin's daughter
Levi also said that Sarah wears the pants in the Palin family and that he might run for governor of Alaska someday. “I’m thinking about it, man.”
Photo of Levi Johnston showing off his nice smile
What did he say? Run for frickin’ Governor? That’s a big jump—from Kathy Griffin to the Governorship—don’t you think, man?
. Shirtless photo of Levi Johnston and his baby Tripp, from the August GQ, showing how he needs to hit the gym if he wants to be a gay poster boy. Levi, not the baby!

Try not to laugh when you watch this video of Levi Johnston (pictured above on Skype as he spoke) on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen video (If this video doesn't play on your browser, click here to go to the Bravo website):

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