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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


August 26, 2009.
I supposed, to live with himself, former Vice-President Dick Cheney has to rationalize the despicable, heinous torture of prisoners he ordered the CIA to engage in to “save America.” But how do you downsize threats to slaughter detainees’ children? How does one rationalize telling prisoners you are going to sexually molest their mothers and force them to watch?
How do you justify choking detainees’ carotid arteries to the point of fainting, over and over again? How can you defend staging mock executions, complete with “hooded bodies,” inferring that more prisoners will be shot if they don't talk?

This cartoon showing Dick Cheney systematically destroying the Constitution would be funny were it not true.

Under what God do you support holding a drill to the forehead of the “enemy”’ with threats to proceed? What is the excuse for repeatedly pouring water over people’s plastic-shrouded faces to make them panic and think they’re drowning for over 15 minutes at a time?

Photo of a cartoon stating "I went hunting with Dick Cheney and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt (splattered with blood)

I, for one, do not care to listen to Mr. Cheney’s pathetic defenses any longer. (He’s currently holding press conferences to defend his revolting actions as Vice-President, saying they made America “safer.”)

Photo of Karl Rove, Republican henchman who was the number two man in the George W. Bush Hierarchy, who also believed in winning "by any means necessary." This picture depicts him being arrested for corruption and lying to the American people, an action long overdue.

Cheney performed his job as if he were Hitler personified and he needs to pay, so that America can show the world we are determined it will never happen again. Former President George W. Bush also needs to be held accountable for allowing Dick Cheney to rule like the Gestapo, stomping on human rights with the impunity of cancer.

Dick Cheney sets his sights on former President George W. Bush photo

Kudos to Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. for naming a federal prosecutor to investigate abuse of prisoners held by the Central Intelligence Agency during the dark days of the Bush Administration. This is particularly significant given the C.I.A.’s interrogation videotapes destruction in 2005, which speaks volumes about the illegality of CIA’s so-called grilling “techniques,” the destruction of which is also under investigation by the Justice Department.

Photo of an Iraqi condemning Dick Cheney's incorrect assessment that "The Iraqis will welcome us with open arms and greet us with flowers," April 2003 image.

The disgusting revelations listed at the top of this post are the main reasons Attorney General Eric Holder has decided to proceed with the investigation of the Fascist Bush Administration. How could he not and still live with himself?

Photo of courageous Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr.

Photo of Mohammad Jawad, an innocent man who was held at Guantanamo Bay Prison for six years without any rights. See videos below.

Check out this video: US Attorney General Eric Holder has named federal prosecutor John Durham to conduct a preliminary review of alleged CIA prisoner-abuse cases following a recommendation from the Justice Department's ethics office to reopen the inquiries. 8-21-09:

Justice Dept names special prosecutor to review CIA abuses

Watch this Middle East News Video: In December 2007, the C.I.A. was ordered to burn all interrogations/torture video tapes of terror suspects because of pressure to release the videos, which would have implicated the U.S. Government in the torture of suspects, innocent people and prisoners, who under International laws should be kept safe from such torture:

C.I.A. Burn Torture Videos

Watch this ALCU video: Voices of Guantanamo: Most Americans have only seen Guantánamo detainees as one-dimensional caricatures. But a new American Civil Liberties Union video shows the full range of their lives before, during and after their captivity. The video, "Justice Denied: Voices from Guantánamo," is part of an ACLU initiative against the practice of detention without due process that violates fundamental principles of American justice. Despite plans to close Guantánamo, the Obama administration has continued this unconstitutional practice:

Voices From Guantánam Prison

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