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Monday, August 10, 2009


August 10, 2009
Handsome Jack Mackenroth, who has a muscular body any gay man would love to have (in more ways than one), is much more than a popular fashion designer who became famous on Project Runway Season 4. He is an accomplished, openly gay, proud HIV-positive athlete who smoked this year at the World Outgames 2009 as a swimming competitor. He took home an amazing eight medals from the August Copenhagen games, including two gold, four silvers, and two bronze. He won the gold in the 50-meter freestyle with close to a personal best time of 26.63, and the second in a 4 x 50 freestyle relay.

Photo of shirtless Jack Mackenroth with his swimming buddies at the gay worldOutgames 2009 in Copenhagen
“I was really not expecting to win medals in all eight of my events,” Mackenroth told the media. “Needless to say, I’m ecstatic. However, it’s not just about winning medals. One of the most fun events was the Random Rainbow Relay where the meet organizers randomly picked swimmers from all different teams and we swam in a friendly relay with colored rainbow swim caps. It was a great way to meet swimmers from different countries.”

Photo of Jack Mackenroth on the cover of COMPETE magazine showing of the medals he won at the previous 5 Gay Games

With over 900 swimmers competing, the competition was stiff. (You heard me!) Several European National records were set during the meet. The events were held in a 50-meter Olympic size pool, which was frustrating to the Americans who are used to 25-yard pools. “I was concerned about my first race, the 200-meter individual medley, because it was my longest distance and I’ve been out of the pool for two years since Project Runway,” Mackenroth said. “I’ve been lifting weights but it’s no substitute for endurance training. I only started working seriously in the pool about six weeks ago. So when I won the bronze medal in the first competition, I was shocked.”

A long time model, a shirtless, muscular Jack Mackenroth poses in long underwear in this tantalizing photo

Jack Mackenroth, now a youthful 41 years-old, is no stranger to swimming competitions, gay and straight. He has taken part in the Gay Games for the last five years and has won three All-America titles. He set a record in 2006 for the breast-stroke leg of the 4 x 50 meter relay at the Masters World Championship in Stanford, California.

Proving he looks just as good in a suit as he does in the buff (well, almost), Jack Mackenroth poses with former GLAAD President Neil Giuliano, March 2009 photo

Jack, who is originally from Seattle, Washington, graduated from UC Berkeley with degrees in Fine Arts and Sociology. In 1991, he opened a menswear store in New York’s West Village, which he named “Jack,” wherein he showcased new designers along with couture brands such as Gaultier Junior, Diesel and John Richmond. He went on to design menswear for Tommy Hilfiger and Levi.

Photo of shirtless Jack Mackenroth as an angel. He can fly through my space at any time!

As a fitness and fashion model in the 90’s, Jack appeared in numerous magazines, including Paper, DNR, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Journal, Genre, Blue, and Envy. Since the airing of Project Runway, where he starred as an openly HIV-positive gay man, he has graced the covers of POZ, HIVplus, HX, Instinct, Lavender, Gloss and David magazines, and has appeared on the Today show and the Nightly News with Brian Williams.

Photo of bare-chested Jack Mackenroth in a black jock strap and white socks

Mackenroth has worked hard to combat the stigma associated with HIV by living honesty and being a role model through his personal and professional achievements. He has organized or been a part of many fundraisers for the cause.

Artsy nude photo of Jack Mackenroth in a window. Makes you want to be a peeping Tom, doesn't it?

As self-confident behind the camera as in front of it, Jack recently served as commentator for the LOGO network’s Fashion Week Fall 2009, where he attended many major shows and interviewed numerous A-list celebrities and designers. He just shot a pilot for a new TV show he’s been developing with Project Runway alumni Kevin Christiana. Jack also writes about fashion for Star magazine every week, and is the co-host of the POZ I AM Internet radio show (www.blogradio.com/poziam) with Robert Breining every Wednesday at 2 p.m. EST.

Classy naked photo of John Mackenroth with strategically placed hands (Damn it!)

For more about Jack Mackenroth and the world LGBT Outgames 2009, check out his website, his MySpace page (where one of his friends is Barack Obama), and the World Outgames 2009 website.

And the piece de resistance, a nude photo of Jack Mackenroth showcasing his tattooed derrière!

Check out “Jack Mackenroth Winning the Silver” in the 50-Meter Breaststroke Swimming Competition at the 2009 World Outgames in Copenhagen Video:

Watch this video called “Jack Mackenroth’s Reel TV,” which showcases his design career:


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