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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


June 9, 2009
The country’s most torrid on/off lesbian relationship is heating up again. Actress Lindsay Lohan and Disc Jockey Samantha Ronson are back together!

Photo of gay lovers Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan.

After being spotted in Heathrow Airport all googly-eyed, Lindsay fessed up and tweeted, "Leaving London but with my favorite favorite!!!- travel buddy & great news to share!! Maybe...."

Now they’re saying when Kung Fu star David Carradine died, he was dressed in nylon stockings (the female kind) from head to foot and the cord that killed him was wrapped around his genitals, hands, and neck while he was engaging in auto-erotic asphyxia activity with a woman. Marina Anderson, Carradine’s fourth wife, told Joy Behar on Larry King last night that Carradine was involved in an incestuous relationship and had a penchant for dangerous sex habits, i.e. “he engaged in deviant sex behavior that was potentially deadly.” She declined to elaborate further, as she has a book coming out soon (naturally). And they claim gays are weird! I’m not judging, but really, don’t you think heterosexuals need to learn how to play more safely?

Funniest Line Ever: Kathy Griffin from Bravo's My Life on the D-List, Season 4: “If this world were run by gays, there wouldn’t be any war. Everything would be perfect . . . and designed well!” Check out Kathy Griffin’s official website: http://www.kathygriffin.net/ Pre-buy her upcoming hardcover book, A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin for $16.50, due to be released September 29, 2009, at this Amazon.com link. Here’s a promo blurb from the hardback: “Writing with her trademark wit, the feisty comic settles a few old scores, celebrates the friends and mentors who helped her claw her way to the top, and shares insider gossip about celebrity behavior—the good, the bad, and the very ugly.”

Photo of Kathy Griffin and Bette Midler from Kathy's Season 5 episode last night
Speaking of Kathy Griffin, yesterday's premier of My Life on the D-List: Season 5, “Place Your Bette” episode with Bette Midler was a "hoot!" But I was surprised at how prudish the Divine Miss M has become. I mean, after all, the mega star did get her start in a New York City gay bathhouse! Nonetheless, she did not take kindly to Kathy’s assertion that her straight guy friends (a rare breed indeed) think Bette’s song, “The Wind Beneath my Wings,” was about passing gas. She demanded the subject be quickly changed. Come on, Bette! Lighten up! It was a joke. Here’s a link to an over-the-top Bette Midler fan site, Bootleg Betty’s “Betteheads weblog, complete with videos from last night’s Griffin show. Here's a link to Kathy's offical Bravo website page, complete with schedule. New episodes air Mondays 9:00c.
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