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Thursday, June 11, 2009


Homophobic, anti-gay marriage spokesmodel Carrie Prejean of Miss California fame has been fired, with Donald Trump’s blessing, according to Rod 2.0.
Donald Trump "removing" Miss California (Carrie Prejean)'s title and sash in Tit for Tat photo!

Further details are not immediately available to me, as my Internet connection is down. However, you can go to the always informative Rod 2.0 for details. My guess is she was let go for dereliction of duties. Bravo! I had to say it!

Funniest Line Ever: from a vintage episode of Just Shoot Me on Comedy Central: “But, Dad, Nina’s sucking the life out of you.” A disgruntled Dad replies, “Hey, what we do behind closed doors is nobody’s business but our own.”

Another Funniest Line Ever: same show. After a nurse brings medication to Dad, Nina grabs the cup and takes the tablets, to which the nurse says, “Those weren’t for you!” Nina quickly retorts, “Oh, sorry. How much do I owe you?”

Photo of Craig Olejnik, good-looking star of Canadian movies and NBC TV series The Listener

Good news! NBC/CTV’s The Listener is on the summer schedule, with at least two shows set to be aired Thursday, June 11 (tonight) and June 18 at 9:00c. Apparently, NBC is waiting for more ratings to come in before committing further, even though thirteen episodes have already been burned. Be sure to watch and check out blue-eyed Canadian heartthrob Craig Olejnik, profiled earlier by me at this juncture. Although the premier on June 4th garnered poor reviews and was fourth in the ratings, the show has been a hit in Canada and other countries. Frankly, my dear, I could care less. I just wanta gaze at those hypnotic blue eyes all night long! See more photos and videos of Craig here.

More good news! Gay-friendly Joy Behar, while staying with
The View, has been awarded her own program on CNN, to be called The Joy Behar Show. Unlike on Larry King, where she has often been a guest host, she’ll be allowed to express her own opinion. Congratulations, Joy! We’ll be watching, at 9:00 p.m. come fall!

Funniest Line Ever: on The New Adventures with Old Christine from a herpetologist: “Would you like to have your picture taken with an albino python?” Retort: “I haven’t fallen for that line since college.”

The same episode had the herpetologist showing school kids lizards named after various living legend female stars. “Whatever you do, don’t put Barbra Streisand and Bette Midler in the same cage,” he said. “Those divas do not get along.” Does the show have gay writers? Ya think?

Adam Lamberton the current cover of Rolling Stone magazine revisited

After perusing the multi-faceted cover of Adam Lambert’s Rolling Stone picture, It occurred to me that I missed a chance at a great one-liner, i.e., “Is that a green tree python on your leg, or are you just glad to see me?”

Somebody’s a little funny at Comedy Central.
Entertainment Weekly reports the network just ordered 26 new episodes of the animated Sci Fi series, Futurama. Originally a Fox show that didn’t do well in the ratings, the comedy channel picked it up after DVD sales spiked. Personally, I think the show is dull and stupid, which seems to be what Comedy Central is into these days, unfortunately.

My Name is Earl stars Jason Lee and Jaime Pressly photo

Meanwhile Eonline.com reports TBS is negotiating with the producers of My Name is Earl, which was cancelled last month by NBC, for thirteen more episodes to be aired as early as August. Other recently cancelled shows include Medium, Life, Kath & Kim, and Knight Rider.

Although NBC executives say it’s to be expected (temporarily), ratings for The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien have dropped steadily since its premier, while numbers for the Late Show With David Letterman have inched upward.

Boy, did I luck out yesterday! Not only did my car battery die in a convenient place—the Wal-Mart parking lot—allowing me to install a new one before my ice cream melted, I got it free! The $75.00 battery had twenty days of a three year warranty left, and although my receipt had long been obliterated by mildew (despite being encased in plastic), a sticker on the side of the battery clearly stated “June 06.” I was most pleased!

The truth of the matter is I prefer shopping at independent specialty stores, but here in Oklahoma, mega-giant Wal-Mart has crushed almost all the competition, so I have little choice. Yet, lately, something strange is going on inside those unhallowed walls. The choice of brands has been slowly decreasing and the quantity of product on the shelves greatly reduced. Either Wal-Mart is trying to reduce its overhead or they’re having trouble getting merchandise. In either case, I don’t like it. Inevitably, the brands or sizes I prefer have been deleted. Our economy is in a very sorry state, I must say.

Gay friendly Janice Dickinson unhappy on "set" of I'm a Celebrity . . . Get Me Out of Here! photo

I tuned into I’m a Celebrity . . . Get Me Out of Here! last night just long enough to hear this tidbit: Lou Diamond Phillips, reading a directive from the producers, said, “Please do not urinate in the camp. It attracts rats, which in turn draws snakes.” Not only is the subject revealingly disgusting (How could you, Janice?), the information is downright inaccurate. Since when are rats attracted to human urine? Ridiculous! I’m so over that stupid show!

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