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Friday, June 05, 2009


Nude naked photo of Eminem by renouned gay photographer/video producer David LaChapelle. Check out more nude photos of the rapper below.

June 4, 2009.
I don’t much care for the way the new animated “comedy” on ABC, The Goode Family (a series which attempts to make fun of political correctness), stereotypes lesbians by portraying them as radical butched-up crazies. Although the program is from animation royalty, Mike Judge, best known for producing King of the Hill and Beavis and Butt-head, he misses the mark with this one.

The “Animals or Else” group portrayed on Wednesday’s show demeaned gays in general and lesbians in particular. And the show isn’t even funny. Where the hell is GLAAD? The issue is probably moot, though. The program is so dumb and boring, it’ll probably be canceled before anything can be done.

Gay icon Elton John and rapper Eminem holding hands at the 2001 Grammy Awards

Rapper Eminem has come a long way since his early homophobic days. He told a reporter he was “thrilled” with the way they pulled off the MTV Movie Awards Bruno “stunt.” He added he’s a big fan of Sacha Baron Cohen and that once he and his body guards returned to his hotel room, they “laughed over and over for three hours.”

Photo of rapper Eminem from the set of his 3 A.M. video shoot, totally nude except for white socks and tennis shoes. This picture hightlights his naked butt.

Another photo of Emimen from the 3 A.M. video set. This time he's dressed in a skimpy g-string

Photo from Emimem's 3 A.M. nude video shoot showing him grabbing his own naked ass cheeks

Promotional photo of Eminem with hands down his pants

Gay-friendly Joy Behar of The View continues to be one of the funniest women on day time TV. Today’s Friday Comedy Montage was hilarious, especially the bit about Barbara Walters wearing the same designer dress over and over. I laughed aloud when they showed the various pictures of Barbara wearing it when Washington crossed the Delaware, at The Last Supper, and other places that made fun of her age. Keep up the good work, Joy! We love you!

The New York Times has published an article about the fall prime-time lineup for 2009-2010. There will be ten new sitcoms, many starring familiar actors, including Courteney Cox Arquette in Cougar Town on ABC, Chevy Chase in Community on NBC, Jenna Elfman in Accidentally on Purpose on CBS, and Kelsey Grammer in Hank on ABC.

New dramas with a touch of comedy include Eastwick on ABC, Glee on Fox Broadcasting, and Parenthood on NBC. Fresh science fiction and fantasy series will be Day One on NBC, Flash Forward and V on ABC; Human Target and Past Life on Fox, and The Vampire Diaries on CW, owned by CBS and
Time Warner. And, don’t forget Jay Leno’s NBC comedy talk show at 10 p.m. Monday through Friday. Here’s a link to the whole news item.

Craig Olejnik as Toby Logan on The Listener. There's nothing like a man in uniform!

I’m in love! Even though the plot to the premier of NBC’s The Listener Thursday night was a bit thin, I couldn’t stop watching the mesmerizing blue eyes of Craig Olejnik. He plays Toby Logan, a 25-year-old telepathic paramedic who uses his secret ability to help people in crisis.

NBC photo of Craig Olejnik from The Listener TV series

Apparently, the show is a hit in Canada, where over twelve episodes already produced are currently showing on that country’s CTV network, unlike in the US, where the only info available is vague, saying that it’ll be on the fall schedule and little else.

Craig Olejnik looks great in a T-shirt or uniform. Promo photo

Thirty-year old, good-looking Craig Olejnik was born on June 1, 1979 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Canadian actor is also a writer, producer and director. Having started his acting career at fourteen, Olejnik has several movies under his belt, including Runaway, Wolf Lake, Margret’s Museum, Teen Sorcery, In God’s Country. So Weird: Mr. Magnetism, and Thir13en Ghosts.

Photographic montage showing Craig Olejnik now and as an ugly duckling

Olejnik began producing with the film, Interview with a Zombie. Future roles include The Timekeeper, currently under production, due to be released later this year.

Don't stare at this photo of Craig Olejnik too long or he'll hypnotise you!

Keep your eyes glued on the career of this newcomer . . . or try not to. If you’re a gay man with a libido and a penchant for beauty, it’s not possible!

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