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Sunday, June 21, 2009


June 21, 2009
That kinky story about Nevada Republican John Ensign’s nine month liaison with the wife of an aide just gets messier and messier. It seems last Monday, June 15, Doug Hampton, the husband of the woman implicated in the affair, sent a 1,000-word letter (via email) to Fox News anchorwoman Megyn Kelly, accusing Ensign of "heinous conduct and pursuit" of his wife, Cindy Hampton. "Senator Ensign's relentless pursuit of my wife led to our dismissal in April of 2008," Doug Hampton wrote. "The actions of Senator Ensign have ruined our lives and careers and left my family in shambles."

Photo of Doug Hampton, who has eluded reporters ever since story broke

Though Doug Hampton asked Fox News to expose the senator's "unethical behavior and immoral choice," Fox refused, saying only that Hampton "seemed evasive and not credible, thus we didn't pursue it." I don’t suppose it had anything to do with Ensign’s conservative party affiliation, possibly, by any chance, now could’ve it? Hampton was then forced to approach the Las Vegas Sun, who finally broke the story about the Senator’s hypocrisy.

John Ensign holds press conference about affair 6-16-09 photo

In case you need reminding, Republican Senator John Ensign of Nevada is the guy who called Senator Larry Craig a “disgrace,” demanding he resign after Craig was arrested in an airport men’s room. Ensign voted to impeach Bill Clinton because of the “immoral” Monica Lewinsky affair. The man was also a big supporter of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). In 2004, he gave a speech on the sanctity of marriage, which he posted on his website, as follows: “Marriage recognizes the ideal of a father and mother living together to raise their children. Marriage is the cornerstone on which our society was founded. For those who say that the Constitution is so sacred that we cannot or should not adopt the Federal Marriage Amendment, I would simply point out that marriage, and the sanctity of that institution, predates the American Constitution and the founding of our nation. Marriage, as a social institution, predates every other institution on which ordered society in America has relied.”

Photo of Republican Senator John Ensign, who was being tapped as a possible presidential candidate before scandal became public

Apparently the whole sordid matter was common knowledge among Republican insiders. Hampton wrote that several of Ensign’s “peers,” including Republican Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma, knew about the affair as early as February 2008.

Wife Darlene and Senator John Ensign photo in happier days

And now, suddenly, in an obvious ploy to counteract the negative impact of the revelation on his career, Ensign has announced—loudly—that Doug Hampton tried to bribe him! But how credible can that accusation be when the Las Vegas authorities (police and FBI) say they are not even investigating the matter. Ensign, 51, said he intends to remain in the Senate, though he did resign as Republican Policy Committee head, the number four spot in the Party. So much for Fox News being “fair and balanced.” They are obviously very selective about what they report. Read the entire damning Associated Press article on Yahoo News.

Promo photo for ABC's Impact mini-series

If you’re in need of a laugh, tune into ABC’s new mini-series, Impact, beginning Sunday night. It seems the moon has been knocked off its orbit by a brown dwarf (No, I’m not talking about Brüno’s pigmy lover!) and is due to hit earth in—horrors—exactly 39 days! Truly destined to become a classic comedy through no intention of its own. Read the hilarious New York Times review.

Photo of Gail Collins OP-ED New York Times columnist

Speaking of humor and The New York Times, you have to read the latest OP-ED editorial entitled “A Nation of Candidates” by Gail Collins. Among other anecdotes, it contains these juicy tidbits about possible Republican contenders for President 2012: “The two biggest names are Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin, one of whom has too many ideas while the other has no ideas whatsoever,” and “Once you've eliminated the ones with sex scandals, there aren't very many left.”

Jason Lee and Jaime Pressly, stars of My Name is Earl photo

Apparently, that deal between TBS and the producers of My Name is Earl to film thirteen more episodes after the show was cancelled by NBC fell through. Sadly, the series is officially dead, but for rerun Heaven, natch.

Gilles Marini in his infamous naked shower scene from Sex and the City movie

Too Cheap To Go to Theater Dept: I couldn’t believe it. When watching Sex and the City—the movie—during the free DirectTV premium promo this weekend, something incredible happened. There he was in all his naked glory—Gilles Marini of Dancing with the Stars—taking a shower when the camera kindly took a dive and showed us his you know what! Brief nudity, my foot! Thank God for TeVo! It was no small endeavor, I must say! Now I understand why the movie had so many gay fans! Of course, co-star Jennifer Hudson’s sound track didn’t hurt either! Please forgive all the exclamation points, but I cannot help myself!! You can find the naked photo(s) and the SATC video shower scene of Gilles showing it all—offensive to some, eye-candy to others—here.

Check out this well-made satire on traditional marriage:

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